Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saturday scrimmage

Some thoughts from Saturday’s Aggie football scrimmage....

The team went light on tackling, with defenders not going low on ball carriers — they were wrapping up high and keeping them off the ground. The team was looking to avoid injuries.

I thought quarterback Andrew Manley looked good.

Manley connected on some long passes — he hit Taveon Rogers deep downfield when the receiver beat George Callender in coverage; Manley lofted a long pass down the left side to Kenny Turner — good ball, well placed — that went through Turner’s hands; then the quarterback hit Kemonte Bateman over the middle for a touchdown from about 20 yards out.

On all the above throws, Manley was well protected by the offensive line. And, while he’s a young player still learning the college game, Manley throws a good looking deep ball.

Middle linebacker Alexander LaVoy needs to be a more consistent tackler and get off blocks better. On any team, in any walk of football, the middle linebacker has to bring down the ball carrier consistently.

Running back Victor Johnson has stood out during August practices. He’s a big back — 5-foot-11, 223 pounds.

I do think Robert Clay needs to stay healthy and be the team’s workhorse at running back. The guys behind him right now — James Hall Jr., Brandon Betancourt and Victor Johnson — have all looked good this summer but are unproven.


Anonymous said...

I really think Clay will explode if he's healthy and i think 6 wins is reasonable teddy do u agree!!

Teddy said...

I do not think six wins will happen.

Not enough depth at defensive line or linebackers for that to happen.