Monday, December 21, 2009

Two quarterbacks, one linebacker

From what I hear, the Aggies received verbal commitments from two quarterbacks and a linebacker.

One of the QBs is Andrew Manley, who hails from Wahiawa, Hawaii and went to Lelehua High School. According to, Manley received interest from a handful of competitive schools.

At 6-foot-3, 220 pounds, he's your classic drop-back, pocket passer.

Matt Christian, a quarterback from Palomar Junior College in California, is another player who has serious interest in NMSU.

Here's Christian's link to Rivals, as the website indicates that he has received interest Colorado State, Middle Tennessee State, East Carolina and Oregon State.

Finally is linebacker Dylan Davis, who is a prospect that can line up in the middle of the field. Again, a link to Rivals.

Anyway you slice it, NMSU is working hard to address its needs. Along both lines of scrimmage, under center and at linebacker. It's encouraging.


Anonymous said...

I think our top priority needs to be playmaking recievers. I hope some are coming soon.

Anonymous said...

I like the way this class is shaping up so far. Good to see the HI pipeline is still open!!

chilero said...

Great news Teddy.

Any word on our new OC?? I believe some interviews were set for this past week.

I think Santa brings us a creative, resourceful OC with a few offensive recruits attached to him.

ho Ho HO!

IC said...

Nice. If true we beat out schools in the Big 12, Big East, SEC, PAC 10 for those qbs. But why doesnt Christian have State listed as one of his schools? If the two are brought in, what does that do for the ones already here. That would give us 7 qbs on the roster. I love the depth, and we all know that is a big need position, but we also need players at other spots.

Does the fact that they are both Pro Styles qbs mean we are leaning towards a passing qb as opposed to a running qb? We were sold on Fleming because he could create plays with his legs. Are we now going after someone who can stay in the pocket and go deep?

Any word on the staff?

Anonymous said...

Manley is probably the most under recruited QB in the country. No one goes to Hawaii for QBs, even UH brings in most of their QBs from the mainland. I've watched his video on You Tube and on rivals and espn. Hes good. Hands down Hes good. Maybe it will bring some stability to our offense to have him Welcome to Cruces Mr. Manley. We have better facilities than University of Hawaii but I hope you love Mexican food.

IndyAg said...

Pocket passers are great! Now, we just need to be able to give him time to throw the football. A good running game, to go with an accurate passer should slow down the pass rush and give the O-Line a chance to get them locked up.

So far, I like the recruiting class!


Anonymous said...

I'm wondering how many of the QBs end up being wide receivers for the aggies..