Monday, December 7, 2009

Rosenbach, Wilson

I was surprised when I heard that Timm Rosenbach and Earnest Wilson would not return to the Aggie football team next year, simply because Rosenabach was part of the equation.

Now, don't get me wrong. I expected some sort of a move to be made on the offensive staff. This team was bad this past season on that side of the ball - yes unwatchable. And I didn't expect everything to remain in place. I just didn't know how extreme the changes would be. Not that I disagree with the changes that were made. Like I said, something had to be done.

Heck, if the offense had been any better - just competent - I think the Aggies would have won another game this season and at least been competitive in a handful of others down the stretch. When you're a defense, and an offense just can't move the ball - can't get a first down - eventually the roof is gonna cave in. That happened a few times during the second half of the schedule.

It will be interesting to see what direction the team goes in, but I would bet that Walker will look for a coordinator that shares the same vision as the head coach. I wouldn't expect a scheme that spreads the field and throws the ball 60 to 70 percent of the time. It will be closer to 50/50, maybe even more toward the run. This team needs the offense to get first downs and eat up the clock and put 20 to 30 points on the board. That's how the Aggies are being built. And, from an offensive perspective, it really never happened this season.

NMSU is still a long ways off from a talent standpoint. This is not a deep team and the coaching staff is building from the ground-floor up. This is, what I consider, the group's first recruiting class, the one being announced in February. This is a critical period of time for the Aggie football team, because Walker is trying to build a foundation. It began when he first got here and it's still in its early stages.

Having some changes on the offensive staff isn't a bad thing. Standing pat would have been worse.


Anonymous said...

I'm hoping the Aggies throw down the field more next season. Maybe even on first down. (Heresy in Aggieland, I know.)

Anonymous said...

I love the accountability, I'm surprised at the Wilson firing, the run game seemed to be on track, Smith ran over 1,000 yards, but I understand since he was a Dumme holdover. I wonder if the firing of Rosenbach will help keep Walls in Las Cruces. Most posters thought that he would be leaving due to the lack of a passing game. But how does this impact our recruiting? We need to make some hires so that the kids know what to expect when they get here.

Aggie007 said...

I'm sad to see Ernest Wilson leaving; he was great for the student-athletes as a role model and a motivator. I wonder if he left on his own, or if he was given one year from D-Walker to find another job. Or was it somewhat of a surprise. I know his son is set to graduate from Onate in May, so I think he'll stick around Las Cruces until then ... good guy; sad to see him go.

Anonymous said...

It's good to see coach Walker wants to win NOW and not 5 years down the road. Nice to see that he's big on accountability!

I was a bit surprised about Rosenbach and Wilson but, at the same time, CDW was frustrated with the offense as were the fans and something had to be done.

I'm curious to see who our new OC will be and how much of learnng we wil have to endure? Does this put the Walls rumors to rest?

Anyways, time to enjoy the bowl games and I wait till National signing. I'm sure the staff will get us some good player!


chilero said...

I agree with the previous posters that it's refreshing to see some accountability by the head coach. I continue to be impressed with Walker's leadership. It ain't easy being the football coach at NMSU - but I feel in my bones that Walker is the right man for the job. No gimmicks, no ego - just plain hard work and a vision for success.

Teddy, what do you think we need to do offensively to be successful next year? Is it mostly the lack of size on the line. Lack of speed? QB? TEs that can catch? All of the above?

I'd love to get your diagnosis.

Teddy said...

Chilero....What's with all the love all of a sudden?
Hahaha. Just kidding.

I think the Aggie offense needs to be able to get first downs. Seriously. For all the talk of scoring touchdowns and getting points on the board, this group needs some confidence that they can move the chains at an effective rate. Under Walker, NMSU will be a team that tries to play well in all three phases of the game. The barometer will be 21 points. If the Aggies can score 21 points or higher in every contest, I believe they will be in most games. That also includes winning the time of possession battle and playing well on special teams — particularly the kicking game.

I thought that Kyle Hughes had two good games this year — @ UNM and against Utah State. Other than that, he was inconsistent. Someone as talented as him, I think he can do better and I think he needs to do better. No matter who the Aggies bring in to coach offense, they need to have a productive kicking game. This team is still building and will be a work in progress on all three sides of the ball next season. Therefore, they have to be opportunistic in that area.

Teddy said...


Reading your question again, it looked like you wanted an answer more from a position standpoint.

I think the Aggies need a heady quarterback who can make plays. Not necessarily an all-star physically, but someone who knows what it takes to win and who can move the chains effectively (I don't know how many times I'm going to state that).

The team needs adequate pieces around Seth Smith at running back. The grey shirt Dunn seems like an interesting addition, although he also sounds like a bruiser — similar to Smith. Having runners that compliment each other's styles is important.

The wide receiver position made no impact this season. Some of that obviously has to do with the quarterback play, but I never like putting all the blame on the QB. The quarterback shoulders a lot, make no mistake, but the pass catchers also are part of the equation. I think there is some talent at this position, but adding size and skill needs to be a top priority.

The tight end position was a huge disappointment this year, although with 17 scholarships available, will the team really look to upgrade significantly here? One of two things has to happen. Either the position needs to be upgraded or the players already there have to greatly improve during the offseason. Kyle Nelson can do it physically, but he was dropping balls all year. Confidence is just as important as anything else. A reliable tight end can stabilize a struggling passing game. They didn't get that this year.

As for the line, Walker declared that he will add pieces here in the offseason. I think this was one part of the team that overachieved this past year. Still, the coaching staff wants to build depth in the trenches. I too feel as if it's important as well.

Anonymous said...

Teddy, your pretty right on in your assesment. I think the QB play needs to be better, but I think the recieving corps including the tight ends need to step up their game, I think that's the most obvious/immediate need.
I think Flemming started to settle in over the last few games and will be much better going forward. He has the tools, they just need experience. I'm sure we will be bringing in additional QB's so the competition will be there again. I just hope we can settle on one and stick with it. Experience at that position is manditory. The only place I disagree is the O line. I thought they were very average. They need to step up in pass protection. We need to have more time for play development. I hope play calling will improve with a new OC. We need schemes to get our recievers open. That did not happen this year at all, and our QB performance was hurt there. Looking forward to the changes.
Go Aggies

Anonymous said...

Being from Waverly Ohio, I can say the chances of Walls staying are better now than they were...that's for sure. The rumor mill suggests that he is awaiting the new OC and will evaluate after that. I do suspect however, that if they look to have a run based offense, or look to settle in with Fleming that he will at least "explore" other options. Let's face it, everyone here thinks Rosenbach is a jerk, and did nothing to improve Trevor's quarterback skills or his confidence.

Anonymous said...

can these two guys please take menzies with them,,,,,,,PLEASE!!!!!

NMSU Phantom said...

Anonymous 1:50 PM

Don't worry, his day is coming! That guy is shredding his own contract!

As for the Rosenbach, I am glad to hear we are moving in another direction! Walker needs to higher a teacher not just a dictator! Rosenbach was also the QB coach and it showed how bad of a coaching he did. When both positions that you are in charge of struggled that bad, what does that say about you as a coach?

Maybe Murphy, the Receivers/special teams coach, should have been shown the door as well instead of Wilson!!! Just my two cents!

Anonymous said...

Walker has a guy in mind, that is what i hear, he is a west coast guy that coached in the NFL.
He is labled as a Great recruitier innovative offensive mind and has been an Asst. at a few WAC schools and an FCS Head Coach.

Anonymous said...

No one has to be upset over Rosey leaving but Wilson is a surprise. We actually had a running game this season and thats not only because we ran the ball on every down. I think Smith is a good player but Wilson definetely helped him transition into the DI level of play. I think its a good indicator that Walker manned up and said I f'ed up with Rosey and am going to try get someone else.


Anonymous said...

I have not heard much in regards if Walls will transfer. People in this town are very quiet on this topic. However, word of Rosenbach leaving did spread like a wildfire in Waverly. I would think with Rosenbach leaving, staying in Las Cruces could be a possibility for Walls. However, two of his high school coaches were D1 QB's and I am sure they have connections. Whether they are using those connections to get him a viable transfer is unknown to me. Finally, Hal Mumme was very high on Trevor's potential as a QB. I do not know if Mumme is looking at an FCS job only being at McMurray for one year or not. But, if Hal took an FCS job, I would bet my Bengals tickets that Trevor would be following him. That is my hillbilly analysis of the situation. Maybe Teddy could tell us what Mumme's plans are because I did not keep up with him this year. I wish Trevor the best of luck in whatever he chooses to do. I know he really likes it in Las Cruces. Why wouldn't he? It is in the low 30's right now in Waverly. We have had snow, rain and some ice in probably the last 48 hours.

I read where NMSU Athletics gets some operating funds directly from the New Mexico Legislature. Is this true? Just seems odd to me.


chilero said...

Thanks Teddy. A little of everything. I agree that from a position standpoint it isn't one area. However, I think with a few additions, we could be a lot further along next year than people may think.

Why the love? I'm just bought into Walker. I think he's a stand up guy, a leader and will bring success to the program. Just a feeling from someone who's followed a whole lot of wait 'til next year.

Go Aggies!

BOSS HOGG said...

The recieving corp needs to be a top priority! No one player stood out to me. Marcus Anderson was the senior leader and he did not produce as a pass catcher or a punt returner. If these guys get open the QB's have a better chance to make plays.

I liked Bullock, Lee and Coleman. I know that Coleman was switched to db because of a lack of depth, but he is an impact reciever, he has the most wiggle of any of the wr's and that is important in todays game. We also need a taller wr for possesion throws (at least 6' tall)

The db's would be fine without Coleman. With Bradley returning and the development of Jackson and maybe Caldwell?? the depth should be there in the secondary.

The program is heading in the right direction. Remember Aggie fans the WAC is tough..B State, F State, U State, Nevada and more.. Wins will not come easy in the WAC, but we can and should play much better next season.

Teddy can I get some feedback on the DB's and WR's??

BTW Teddy, you had a good season!!

Teddy said...

Boss Hogg

Thanks for the support.

As I wrote before, I felt the wide receivers made zero impact on the season. This can be attributed to the poor quarterback play but, again, I do not like to lay everything at the feet of the QB. The WRs share the blame here.

Todd Lee had the best season of the wideouts and that's not saying a whole lot - 27 catches for 280 yards and a TD. Marcus Allen was inconsistent, a presence one week and non-existent the next. Marcus Anderson had his moments and also had a big punt return against Utah State. But his numbers were down.

Much of it is the fact that Lee and Anderson, while very skilled and very fast, were recruited for Hal Mumme's system. A system that Chris Williams - another small, fast receiver - flourished in. Mumme's scheme got them the ball in space about 10 times a game and let them go to work. It wasn't a perfect system by any means but it did cater, and in some cases inflated, receivers' numbers.

I was high on Darrius Preston coming into the season - I think I mentioned him about 18 times during fall camp - but he did nothing. Same with William Bullock.

As for the defensive backs, I think the unit as a whole was average, which was an upgrade over years past. I think the group over-achieved throughout the year, I really do. Davon House turned himself into an All-WAC player while Jonte Green improved as the season went along. Stephon Hatchett, a receiver under Mumme, was moved to DB midway through 2008. I thought he played with a purpose and had a nose for the ball. Alphonso Powell rose his way up the depth chart and became a starter. One thing that stood out to me about the DBs was that they stayed healthy the whole year. NMSU didn't suffer a rash of injuries, really, at all this past year. They should consider themselves fortunate and assume that won't happen again.

One thing I liked about the defensive backs was that the group played with a bit of a swagger this year. And I think you need that, at that position, and in football in general. They played with more confidence than in years past.

When considering that the Aggies have 17 scholarships available this offseason, I think they're OK at DB for the upcoming year. Walker said they will go after a couple, and of course a team can always use more. I just see more glaring needs.

One of those needs is at receiver, where the team could use some size. Lee would be a nice piece next to a classic "No. 1" receiver. Ditto for Allen. NMSU needs a straight-up beast on the outside, someone who can make plays with his legs and has the size to win physical battles. Those types of players are tough to come by, though. It would take an exceptional recruiting effort to get one at NMSU.

BOSS HOGG said...

Thanks for the in-depth comments Teddy! The funny thing about the reciever issue is that Coach Walker's son is a WR at Oregon State. I hear he has size and can play!

Maybe dad can turn him!

He would be a great fit!!