Sunday, December 27, 2009

Offensive coordinator candidates

In case you missed the story, former Minnesota offensive coordinator Mike Dunbar, Feather River College head coach Steve Mooshagian, Nebraska-Kearney offensive coordinator Russ Martin, UNLV offensive coordinator Rob Phenicie and Idaho quarterbacks coach Jonathan Smith, all interviewed for the Aggie offensive coordinator position.

All are intriguing, although when speaking with DeWayne Walker at the beginning of the search, he indicated that he was looking for experience and someone who was used to shouldering a great deal of responsibility. This would leave Dunbar as a qualified candidate and one I believe would be in line for serious consideration. He's been a lead assistant at a handful of big programs and has head coaching experience as well. With that resume, you can move him up the list.

I hear that Smith is a fast-rising assistant and might be an interesting fit. Again, he's inexperienced, with no coordinator experience. Giving him the position would be a roll of the dice.

Phenicie would have been very intriguing. Although its believed he'll be joining head coach Bobby Hauck at UNLV.

Any way you slice it, NMSU needs to hit with this hire. I don't think anyone would argue with that. I've been saying it since Walker's arrival: the team doesn't need an all-world offense. They need a competent offense that can move the chains and score 20-plus points on a consistent basis.

Looking forward to the final decision in this one.....


Anonymous said...

Dunbar has had his share of explosive offensive units in the past. Reading up on Martin, his bio on the UNK site says he was a LB coach in the 80s. But aside from some work at Baylor, it seems like he has had his whole career at lower level schools.

I thought Phenicie and Mooshagian were just hired at their schools.

As for Smith, what are the odds we steal a conference coach away? It's a step up in position and I would assume pay, but as of right now as much as it pains me to say it, Idaho is a better team than NMSU.

Any word on when they will actually name the new OC?

Teddy said...

From my understanding, they'll name the new OC within the next week.

Anonymous said...

Mooshagian has a great resume and knows and understands Walker well! he was OC at Nevada and Pitt and has a great understanding of the WAC. He was at Fresno State for 10 years and one of the top recruitiers around. He took over Feather River and they avg 390 a game a team that had only run the triple option before he implimented a spread/i backs and incorporated the past offense in August one month before the season and played for the conference championship! If you can get him you got a steal! Only concern with Dunbar is he was at Cal one year gone, Minnesota one year gone> Teddy Mooshagian was Assistant Head Coach at San Diego and coached the leading WR in the nation in 2008 in every catagory and had Josh Johnson Tampa Bay QB in 2007. You only touched the surface of his accomplishments.

Anonymous said...

Teddy, Moosh would be a awesome get for the aggies if it happens, i heard him speak at a clinic a few times and he does have boatloads of experience as you stated. everywhere he has been as an college assistant they have been successful, everywhere! Fresno, Nevada, Pitt. plus his ties to California recruititng are like none of the others, not even close.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Yes Phenice was just named OC at UNLV but Moosh was named head coach at Feather river in August. (Heard from freinds he wants to get back to D-1 as a coordinator and help build a program)

Anonymous said...

The link for Dunbar's resignation is almost a year old. I like Moosh, Ive followed him since his time in Cincinnati with the Bengals. I dont remember if it was him but I remember some mention of someone tied to the Univ. of San Diego in the past on the boards.

If coach is looking for experience
I think he goes with Dunbar. Plus there would be no buyout to pay for Dunbar.

Anonymous said...

Maybe CDW can get Moosh too as our WR coach what a catch that would be! No Pun intended!

IC said...

Kvia reported tonight that Dunbar was offered the position by coach walker. As for 5:37, that would be awesome. Esp if we could get a few wrs.

IC said...

Kvia reported tonight that Dunbar was offered the position by coach walker. As for 5:37, that would be awesome. Esp if we could get a few wrs.

Anonymous said...

would love to see Rob Phenicie get the job. He is one of the top ten in the nation on yards per play, however his former head coach is now the head coach at UNLV. It would be very odd for him to break away or not join his former head coach.

The J.C. Coaches in California really like Steve Mooshagian a lot. No statistics available like their is with BCS and FCS Schools. Walker wants to make his living by recruiting mostly California players. Coach Mooshagian (Nickname is Moose) would also help in the recruiting in California also, he is very popular with the high school coaches there.

If your story is correct, I hope he gives it to one of the two coaches. If Phenicie gets the job, I would wonder why would he come to NMSU over UNLV?

While the remaining have experience can they help with recruiting? Also I see nothing that shows they were ever in the top ten.

Can we find someone for $75,000.00 a year? Whomever it is I hope we can pay him at least $90,000.00