Friday, December 18, 2009

Matt Ramondo

The New Mexico State Aggies will make an offer to Mayfield junior defensive tackle Matt Ramondo.

Matt had a big year last season for the Trojans and has the body to play at the college level. He is listed at 6-foot-3, 236 pounds on the website and that roster was put out prior to last season.

I spoke with Matt's mother today and she said he has received interest from UNM as well, and things should pick up steam next year, assuming he's healthy and the Trojans challenge for a state title once again.

Just an interesting tidbit of information from the recruiting front.


Anonymous said... has him 6'4 260, and has him at 6'4 272.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to change the subject but, have you heard of anyone transffering?
It's not uncommon for coaches to release players from the previous staff after one year, then go after their players.

Any word on how the OC interviews are coming along?


Anonymous said...

They Had one they really liked on Friday and One on Saturday and 3 today! that's what i have heard along the OC Front!