Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Recruiting news

DeWayne Walker addressed recruiting info at Tuesday's press conference.

The Aggie coaching staff will hit the road on Sunday for recruiting duties.
Walker said the team is in the market for a quarterback, not surprising considering the offense’s struggles this year.

“You have to,” Walker said of going after a QB. “I don’t think we have enough quarterbacks on scholarship anyway. It’s not trying to pick on Jeff (Fleming) or Trevor (Walls), it’s just a need, we need more quarterbacks on our roster.”

Walker said his team is also looking for offensive linemen, a playmaking wide receiver and possibly a difference maker at running back.

On defense, the head coach said he hopes to add linemen, a couple of junior college linebackers and a couple defensive backs.

“We’ve got some work to do,” Walker said. “We’re really just re-doing our whole roster....We gotta build this football team and this roster the way that we want it.”

NMSU has 17 scholarships available, one reason being because of the team’s APR status and another being a handful of grey shirt players on the roster that Walker is excited about.

During Tuesday’s press conference, he cited 6-foot-2, 220-pound running back Marquese Dunn as someone who the staff believes can make an impact.


Anonymous said...


Does Walker actually think that Walls will stay? Walker and Rosenbach basically sent him the message to hit the road a couple of weeks ago. On a side note, I hope all the posters had a great Thanksgiving holiday.

Waverly, Ohio

Anonymous said...

Joe, as a waverly native have you heard anything to suggest that he would leave? If so where would he go, I would assume a D2 so he wouldnt have to sit out a year.

Anonymous said...

I agree Walls will get out of there. Rosenbach will put Rust in there and then have Flemming as a back-up.

Walls kid never had a real shot, he was the only real chance for any type of a passing game. I don't think any person could understand the idea to play Flemming, no chance of a passing game which in turn shuts down your run offense. It only enhances the knowledge that Flemming was Rosenbach's shcolarship and he had to play him which cost us this year, and next year as well.

Anonymous said...

I know Tanner Rust is being groomed to be THE man. I hope it all works out for him.

As far as Walls & Fleming are concerned; please give them their walking papers and let them transffer.
They just can't play.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately and in spite of several comments here and elsewhere, there are a few who think Walls was not given a chance and could be the future of Aggie football...including a good passing attack. I disagree with both notions...Walls was given a chance and did not take advantage. If he stays, it still might work out...but no way was he shafted by Rosy or Walker...in the final analysis, he just played poorly...the stats don't lie nor do the eyes of long suffering Aggie football fans.

Walls is a great kid and I wish nothing but the best for him.

Anonymous said...

i really think that walker needs to be out on the recruiting trail trying to find a new O.C.
any high school coach should do
well at least it will be better than what they have.
or he can hold a lottery from the posters on here. and pick one of them. they seem like they no alot more than rosey does

good luck to what ever QB that gets the nod (they will need all the help they can get)

i really dont see many top notch recruits coming to nmsu a team with no offense it is not going to happen
The recruits that nmsu would attract would be better suited to go to a high powered div2 or mac school
just my two cents

Anonymous said...

Walls can transfer to I-AA or now called D-1 championship subdivision without setting out a year. I wish him the best because he never was given a real chance. I wish Rosenbach would transfer somewhere also. I will not renew my season tickets until I see some changes in the "pee-wee" offense.

Anonymous said...

Walls was never given a real chance? lol...he was given too much playing time...he's not a D-I QB, maybe D-II.

Anonymous said...

Coach Walker had only ONE month to put a staff together, recruit, get his family to Las Cruces, and was left w/ little talent.
Talk about being behind the 8 ball!!

He's had a full year to recruit and will sign some good player come February.
He was able to get three wins w/o a QB or passing game. Pretty amazing!

I think once he gets the right pieces, we'll go bowling in a couple of years!

NMSU Phantom said...

Anonymous 3:57 AM

Like the points you made and I agree with them 100%. Whatever happens with the QBs hope the best for them! As for the Rosenbach, that offense needs to change or show him the door after the game so they can look for a new coach now!

Anonymous said...

Walls given a chance? When, and where? Put in and played well in the second half at SDS, yes he threw a pick, but had the long td dropped. After that they won two games with at QB. Flemming did come in on the last drive but really only made one pass(one for the year).

You really think that the lack of any type of a passing scheme attack allowed Walls to grow? Flemming has no upside as a QB. Cannot make a read nor complete a pass. He is not one bit better going into the last week as he was in the first week. Walls has the arm, (Pass pro sucks) and hit throws. You can not jerk a kid on his first mistake in a game as was done to him. He had the upside to lead the AGGies this year and not to a bowl but at least we would have some hope. Rosenbach was locked into playing
Flemming becasue he was his scholarship, and despite his inability to play had to. Rosenbach had hurt us more than either QB.

Good God wake up. The problem in the lack of a passing plan more than QB. You can hear the people in the stands, less each game or sitting around watching the game and shout out the play calls. If a bunch of college kids can figure it out why you not think some college defensive coordinator figure it out?