Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Another offensive lineman

Again, from what I gather, the Aggies have received another verbal commitment, this coming from David Grant, an offensive tackle from Navarro Junior College in Corsicana, Texas.

Grant stands at 6-foot-7 and, according to rivals.com, is 320 pounds. This is a big body coming in here.

NMSU continues to try and beef up along the offensive line.


chilero said...

Getting excited Teddy?

I know I am.

Christmas is coming a little early for our Aggie football team.

Baby steps...

Anonymous said...

Dare I say we are on track to having our best recruiting class in years?

kw said...

Another BIG offensive lineman that has said he is coming back in January is Maveu Heimuli. He has been on a Mormon mission to Brazil for 2 years. He is like 6'5" and 350 lbs. Before his mission he was a starter for 2 years blocking for Chase.

Anonymous said...

A couple, fast, sure-handed, 6'4" receivers would be nice to add to the list

Anonymous said...

Having O-linemen like these would have made a huge difference this year!

Still waiting on proto-typical size WR's to round out the package!

I believe we wasted a scholorship on adding the second QB. Should have gone to the WR spot as we will more than one!

Anonymous said...

We need 2 or 3 tall wideouts that are playmakers. That should be priority one on offense.

Anonymous said...

Teddy just a few quick questions.

Is Jeff Flemming ok after getting hurt against Boise State? Was it serious? Also with the addition of the new QB's is he still going to have a shot to compete for the starting job?

Thanks in advance,

Anonymous said...

Teddy- Apparently you will be doing any basketball comments while Jason is away, so do you have any comments on why our big men played a total of 18 min last night? Rahman has a supposed ankle tweak, and West a tweak from the prior game. Although N'doye looked good when he was in there, he only played 5 min out of the 18 min(also a tweak?). Finally, it sure appeared to me that Gillenwater was dressed out and on the bench but did not play. What was that all about(a mistaken identity on my part)? If you can provide some information, that will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Big Al

Teddy said...


I think most of the young big men — West, N'doye — are being brought along slowly. N'doye impressed me by knocking down two free throws with relative ease, nothing but net on both. He's got a nice touch.

Troy continues to try and work through his eligibility issues. I spoke with McKinley Boston yesterday and he said that there was no news on the forward — other than what we already know. He was with the team last night watching the game, which I take as a plus.

Anonymous said...


Nothing brought up about this guy? Sounds like another steal. I think he was originally signed by Texas in 2007.

Teddy said...

There was something brought up about him...See Dec. 16 post.