Sunday, October 18, 2009

Reflecting on Saturday's game

Well, I don't have to say much about Saturday's Aggie game against Louisiana Tech. Simply put, NMSU got hammered. That's it really.

The team seemed to play poorly in all areas. La. Tech steamrolled them right from the get-go.

Does this game define the Aggies' season. Absolutely not. Any way you slice it, the team has surprised many at 3-4. There schedule gets harder. Fresno State comes to town this weekend, we won't even talk about the Ohio State game. NMSU also hosts Nevada, travels to Hawaii and San Jose State and finishes up at Boise State.

How the club responds will say a lot though. They're home for Fresno and Nevada. Being competitive in those games would help. Stealing one of them would be a major plus, although something which I believe is possible. Hawaii will forever be a difficult road trip, even if the Warriors seem vulnerable. And San Jose State is a winnable game, albeit, on the road as well.

Don't judge the Aggies entirely on their game at Louisiana Tech. See what they have in store for the remainder of the schedule. I'm not suggesting the team will win many of their remaining games. But hopefully they'll bounce back from their most recent loss and play tough football down the stretch.


Anonymous said...

Teddy-the only thing I think you have correct is that we only have a chance against Hawaii and SJSU. La Tech was also a game we had a chance to win and blew up in our face. It is probably best to hope they play hard the rest of the way and don't even worry about the possibility of wins.

Big Al

Anonymous said...

Nice write up today, Teddy!

I'm very interested in seeing how the team bounces back from being taken to the wood shed!

My biggest frustration, as is every Aggie fan, is the passing game.
The scoring is dead last in the WAC and in the country!

It's not the O'line!
Seth Smith is getting (prior to LaTech) 100yds a game and the sacks are VERY limited.

It's the QB & WR's who are sorely anemic and can't throw or catch!

I'm sorry, but I'm pretty upbeat about the team but, it's very frustrating to see the team improve in all aspects of the game and the passing still stuck in 1st gear!
We are in the 2nd half of the season still stuck in neutral. Maybe it's time for Tanner Rust to have his shot of getting the passing game out of the sand!



SM said...

I'm just glad we kept it close.

On a serious note - this game was bound to happen at some point. We have not been able to find an offensive identity, and have been relying on defense, ball control and good kicking to keep us in games.

The La Tech game was a wake up call to make us fans realize that we still have a very inexperienced team that needs to find their offense. We lack a lot of talent at key areas, and that can be placed squarely on Mumme leaving the cupboard empty.

We might not win another game, but I truly hope Aggie land gives Walker a chance. I like his philosophy, and I think once he gets his players for his system, this team will win games.

Anonymous said...

Keep Tanner on the bench, that goes for everyone who hasnt played yet. It's to late in the season to lose their redshirt status. We already exceeded most of everyones expectations. Let them redshirt and have them for the next 4 years.

Anonymous said...

Play Tanner if he's any good. Might as well get 3.5 years out of him as opposed to 4.

Anonymous said...


Really, if he's good you want to kill his year of eligibility? This team is more than a good QB away from a winning record. New system, new coach, old regime players. We want to save him especially if he's good. I still like Walls, he's just young. Give the entire team to develop.