Friday, October 2, 2009

Keys vs. San Diego State

Here are the keys to victory for the Aggies when the team travels to San Diego State this weekend

1) Running the football: This is a key every week for the Aggies. The team will need to pound the ball on the ground and win the time of possession battle over the Aztecs. Seth Smith has had a good season so far. His first game was big, but it came with an asterisk — against a I-AA team in Prairie View A&M. He has continued to rumble though against UTEP and UNM. Now, he'll face a SDSU defense that played well against the run when the team faced Air Force last weekend. NMSU needs to at least move the chains consistently.

2) Quarterback management: In case you missed it, Jeff Fleming will start at quarterback this weekend for the Aggies. I can understand the move, simply because of how Fleming finished the UNM contest, throwing the game-winning touchdown on fourth-and-goal. Still, while Fleming made the clutch play, the running game carried the Aggies on that particular drive. And the offense, while better last weekend, has not been standout under his watch. The reality is that Trevor Walls did an alright job last weekend too. Maybe the offense needs both of their skill sets to succeed. Fleming will get the start, but if things stall out on offense, keep a close eye on how the staff manages the situation. Walls should get a fair shot again this weekend.

3) Defensive line: The Aztecs are vulnerable up front, as the offensive line had a rough game last weekend against Air Force and are shifting new personnel into key spots along the unit. It will be up to the Aggie defensive line to generate pressure on the SDSU backfield. If the NMSU front four can penetrate the line alone, it will allow the Aggies to use their linebackers in coverage and not blitz. That, alone, will be a big advantage.

4) San Diego State offense: This unit was just bad last weekend. Quarterback Ryan Lindley threw four interceptions and the ground game went nowhere. Just a hunch, but some of this can be attributed to the team's struggles on the line. Poor play up front can ground any offense. I also will say this though, I think SDSU has talent. Vincent Brown is a deadly receiver and he, alone, could be a difference maker. He's a big-play receiver who's in a zone right now.

Rocky Long: Long is a solid defensive coordinator for San Diego State and can really muddle up an offense. I don't think the Aggies need to score an abundance of points in this game, but single digits certainly won't do. The team needs to be able to move the ball effectively against SDSU, chew up the clock and cash in on their opportunities. Three-and-outs, sacks and turnovers won't do.


Anonymous said...

Flemming is the "hot" QB! I have do disagree with you Teddy on this one. How is it "understandable" that Flemming gets the start? The word back here in Southern Ohio was that there was not a QB competition this week as Walker said. I bet it gets under Rosenbach's skin every time Trevor Walls does something positive. Hey Teddy, post on your blog when you will arrive in Ohio in late October. All of us here in Waverly who follow your blog will feed you well if you stop in town. I think the whole town of Waverly got NMSU's portion of the tickets against the Buckeyes.

Anonymous said...

Fleming has had his chances (three) as a starter and really stunk it up!
He has one good drive and now he's the hot guy? C'mon!!

Walls manages the game better.
The bottom line is that NMSU wins. I just hope that Fleming is finally up to the challege.

Anonymous said...

I just dont get it. Fleming started three games in which he performed mediocre at best. One drive in which we mostly run the ball and he throws one good pass does not merit him being called the starting qb. He had his chance to prove his worth against teams with less talent and did nothing special. Walls didnt perform poorly against UNM and I dont understand why they inserted Fleming if the offense was doing poorly. If that was the case, then why was Walls never inserted when the Fleming led offense was performing poorly? I'm not a big Walls supporter by any means but I do believe that fairness needs to be considered and so far stupidity is reigning. One pass on a run dominated drive does not erase 3 mediocre games. I guess Walker decided to pull a Mangini this week.


chilero said...

We can't win if we total only 98 yards through the air again as we did last week. As bad as SDSU defense is, they'll stack the box and we go nowhere.

Gotta have a little more success through the air and a better pass rush to beat 'em.

Ags with the upset 27-24

Goooo Aggies!!


Pssst... a little secret: I think Teddy is beginning to root for the Aggies. Don't worry, Teddy, I won't tell anyone. Just our little secret, K?

Anonymous said...

This bolg should be officially renamed the


Anonymous said...

One point that should be mentioned in the QB debate is that Walls has 3 years of eligibility left after this year(one is never sure if we depend on the crack NMSU PR people)and Fleming just one. If Walls really has potential and we are probably not going to a bowl game this year or next, he should be playing for developmental purposes. Splitting time between the two is OK so they are both motivated or if an injury occurs.

Big Al

Anonymous said...

great point big al. most havent thought of that. i hope tanner rust comes in and is better than both of them but we shall see. i dont care whos at qb as long as we win. i think if walls got more time he would become a more effective passer. however, with our small and mediocre line flemmings mobility might help. but what do i know im not a D1 coach. obviously the coaches see something at practice the rest of us dont.GO AGGIES!!!

Anonymous said...

Wrong, Fleming is a RSo. 3
years inc.2009

NMSU Phantom said...

This is how I see the game shaping up!
We will run the clock down as much as we can in the first half. The score will be 7-7.
After half time Walls will enter, as the offense has only mustered 30 yards of passing in the first half. The final score will be 17-10 NMSU!

Anonymous said...

HORRIBLE, HORBIBLE. NM State would make Lynn Middle School look like an NFL team.

The Aggies have already played several bottom 10 teams and they haven't proven's no wonder the high schools in Las Cruces get more support.

The Lobo win was pure luck. I don't think people in Las Cruces should expect any more wins this season.

SM said...

A complete lie down by the Aggies in the 4th Quarter. Walker did what he could to keep these "ballplayers" in the game, but they blew it. Davon House has two penalties on a key drive where SDSU jumped ahead for good. Can we please stop overrating this guy? They did not make plays when they needed to, which shows a losers mentality. This one is not on Walker, it is on the players.

I suspected we would lose, but in absolute meltdown fashion? That was a surprise.

Anonymous said...

I am from Waverly OH, and I will without a doubt state that I am rooting for Walls.

However looking at the guy in front of him anybone from anyplace would say give him a shot.

Just to let you all know that Waverly knows something about QB play. Walls is the 4th DI QB from our school in the past 20+ years. In that time Waverly has also produced 2 other QB's at the DII& DIII level. I can assure you if he could not play at that level or the guy in front of him was better we would not be calling for Walls to start. We would be proud of him for making to that level and proud of him becasue we all know what an outstanding young man he is outside of football.

Give them the equal reps in practice or live with the guy in fornt of him.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Trever Walls is a fine young man, but there are literally dozens of quality QB's in recent years better than or equal to Walls that have come from right in New Mexico. If the Aggies are going to fail season after season, at least do it with local talent. I don't understand why NM State has to import players from California, Ohio and other places and they aren't even better than the players produced right in New Mexico.

Anonymous said...

The Walker supporters are interesting. When the Aggies do something right they give full credit to Walker, when the Aggies screw up...then Mumme's name is brought up and Walker is not to blame....according to his supporters. It doesn't matter who recruited any of the players, Walker is now responsible for the development of these players and he's not doing a very good job of it. A good coach develops players and takes responsibility for the good and the bad. Walker is paid for his services and he's not doing NM State any "favors" by being there....if it's true that Walker had other options like Teddy claimed in a previous posting, then that's his issue for not going someplace where they "deserve" him.

NM State has had many quality candidates apply that they passed over for guys like Walker and I'm tired of people having the mentality that coaches that get hired at NM State are doing Aggie fans a favor and that they shouldn't be held accountable for any of the bad things that happen. Wake up people in Las Cruces!!

Anonymous said...

I don't care that the Aggies beat the Lobos in a last second lucky throw by Fleming. The Lobos have beaten the Aggies 6 years in a row previous and they have done it with a lot of NM talent. I'd take Nathan Enriquez over Davon House any day. I saw the Lobo-Texas Tech game and Enqriquez had two interceptions and several tackles...he's a big time player...the Aggies are missing out by ignoring most of the local talent.