Saturday, October 24, 2009


This will be a tough ballgame for NMSU.

Fresno State is loaded with talent and is always a sound team.

Fresno wins this one 30-10.


Anonymous said...

To all you bloggers on here from Ohio; Katy, Texas and even in New Mexico:

Oklahoma QB Landry Jones was 26-38, 252 yards, 2 TD's and 1INT in OU's win over nationally ranked Kansas....and Jones is a redshirt freshmen just like Walls. You might argue that Jones has more talent around him and that's true, but he also is playing on a way bigger stage with more pressure.

To you uninformed people on here, Jones IS A NEW MEXICO KID FROM ARTESIA, NM. Jones is NOT AN "EXCEPTION" BUT RATHER THE NORM for the quality of football players developed in NM.

I know NM State has some NM kids on their roster, but it would be really nice if they tried harder to land even more quality New Mexico players.

I still believe NM State can turn their program around using mostly New Mexico kids. I know some people on here have made negative statements in the past against the quality level of New Mexico prep football. It's small minded when people assume that NM does not have good prep football or good college recruits just because it's a smaller state.

I've seen Katy High School play in person and yes they are really good, but Mayfield is equally good and could probably even beat Katy on any given night. I've seen all the schools in San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, Houston and in other states like Arizona, California and there are good high school football teams/players all over, but New Mexico prep football can compete and NM players are worthy of being recruited.

Teddy said...

The Aggies did recruit Jones.

He accepted a scholarship from Oklahoma instead.

Anonymous said...

When was the last time NMSU or UNM got a 4/5 star recruit from within the state of New Mexico? I've been here a long time and for the relatively few times there has been a a 4/5 star recruit, he has always gone out of state. Landry Jones is just the latest of a small crop.

You can't blame a kid from Nowheresville, New Mexico --- population 18,000, for wanting the opportunity to play in the spotlight. Until that spotlight is shining on NMSU or UNM, that recruit will always go to the Oklahomas, So Cals, Notre Dames of the world. Those are the places with the biggest stages, brightest lights, and yes, even better educational opportunities.

Such is the reality...

So don't fool yourselves in believing that the Aggies or Lobos don't go after the top instate kids. The top instate kids just aren't interested.

Anonymous said...

From what I saw tonight, Landry would of had a tough time out there with the Aggie offense. Small receivers, dropped passes, predictable play calling, and a coaching staff that has turned the QB position into a revolving door. It's no wonder the offense cannot find a rhythm. The starting quarterback is one mistake away from getting replaced. It has happened in virtually every game so far. The starter throws a pick..... he's out. Landry has thrown 6 this year. The Aggie sytsem has him on the bench.
Although neither quarterback has set the world on fire, I gotta go with walls. When left the game in the second quarter the score was 10-3 . We even led the 1st quarter. Although Fleming seemed to move the ball more, the score did not show it.
Pick a quarterback, stick with them and throw something besides a screen pass. Im tired of explaining to my wife why we keep throwing the ball from side to side instead of down the field.
Just my two cents. I willstill support my Aggies no matter what!

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:53pm - good try, but you are not going to convince anyone with your screwy arguments. NM does not produce enough blue chip recruits to fuel a Div I program, either for UNM or for NMSU. And if there were a large number to go around, they would choose to leave the state in most cases like Jones did. And who would tell them they should not. The NM teams need good recruiting in TX and CA and a few other select states. Get off your soapbox before you fall off.

andgar said...

Something that I noticed last night was we had no receivers playing last night. only 3 played on offense. Stephon hatchet was playing both was last night for some reason they brought back to offense. Do you know if the receivers were sick or something?
I am pretty sure they were not injured because i saw a couple on the sideline and coleman played some special teams.

Anonymous said...

I couldnt agree with you more Anon 2:43. I have been saying the same thing all season long and Walker is just hell bent on Fleming coming in whenever Walls makes a mistake. Should we also put in a new coach everytime Walker makes a mistake? This is a rebuilding season, mistakes are going to happen and Fleming already had his shot at starting and nothing happened. Let Walls finish the game if he is the one who starts them. Fleming didnt put any points on the board and also failed in the red zone just like Walls did.

Anon 8:53, please dont compare NM high school football to Texas. Yes Mayield is a good team but it cannot be compared to the likes of Katy, South Lake Carroll, Euless Trinity, etc. TX has 128 in the playoffs for 5A and that simply cannot be matched by NM. Local talent wont play for a team like the Aggies or the Lobos when they have better offers out there. I dont believe NM has enough talent to warrant recruiting less in other states.


Anonymous said...

The previous blogger hit the nail on the head. Being from Waverly, Ohio I am always rooting for Trevor Walls. However, I now feel sorry for both Trevor and Jeff Fleming. I think Walker will turn the program around, but the playcalling is horrible. You can see the screen pass from a mile away and the receivers are simply too small. If my fourth-grade son can pick out the plays, then something is wrong. The pass routes are elementary at best. Our youth footballers here in Waverly at least know how to run the hitch-and-go, the curl, the seem and the deep post. I have said it before and I will say it again Walls needs to leave Las Cruces at the end of the season.

Teddy said...


Receiver No. 19 was Darrius Preston. Him and Hatchett both wear No. 19.

Anonymous said...

Well, at least we scored first and led for a quarter...woohoo!!

Man, watching the passing game stink it up has really gotten old and I'm really glad there's only one more home game left!

Don't get me wrong, I really like the way the defense and special teams have improved but, it's tough to get excited about the worst passing game in the country.

Walls/ Fleming and the butter finger four have really frustrated me!

Anonymous said...

I am concerned when Walls was taken out.NFL players make mistakes.I would like to know if Walls is playing with a lot of pressure from the coaches,one mistake and your ass is out of here.Walls always seems calm off the field.I saw some dropped passes last night,never saw anyone come out.Maybe your lacking a QB coach.Someone may be trying to make Walls look bad.

Anonymous said...

I'm also from Waverly, Ohio and this was my first chance to see Trevor play on TV. Although I was disappointed that he threw the pick 6, I don't see yanking him before the second quarter ends. I'm no armchair QB, but the play calling is simply anemic. It;s basically 2 run plays and the bubble screen on 3rd and long. I see their point of allowing the defense to keep you in the ball game, but when you go 3 and out all night long, that defense gets tired. Anyone that knows anything saw your "D" getting tired Saturday. As for Walls, I hope Walker has enough class to sart him Saturday an hour from home, even though his confidence is probably blown. I agree with my counterpart though, Trevor needs to be in a different system.

andgar said...

I know that there are two number 19 but stephon hatchet was playing both ways on saturday night. It is not good if we have to move one of your safeties back to receiver when we have other receivers that could have played