Sunday, October 4, 2009

Just my opinion

I don't see how the Aggies cannot start Trevor Walls this weekend against the Utah State.

The passing game has been more effective with him as the starting quarterback. Look at the San Diego State game, prior to Walls entering and after he came into the contest.

Once Walls got his opportunity, the Aggies saw their receivers become a part of the passing game downfield. Walls hit Todd Lee for a couple big gains, both coming on third down, one for a touchdown. Marcus Allen caught a ball 15-plus yards downfield. The team converted on a couple of third-and-longs.

Jeff Fleming can still be a part of the team as well. Fleming is a very good athlete who can still take snaps from under center. One thing Fleming brings to the table is mobility. Walls will get sacked more, there is no doubt. When Fleming was inserted against the Lobos, he was a change of pace back there and was able to help the offensive line with his legs. And no one can take away the play he made in that game, the winning touchdown throw. He kept his composure on the final drive of that contest. His performance there, it cannot be overlooked.

I think Fleming could be utilized throughout the offense - sometimes at quarterback, as a threat in a wildcat formation or even in the slot from time to time. I really didn't have a problem with both getting a shot last week against San Diego State. Both and Fleming and Walls both deserved chances this past weekend.

Still, I would like to see Walls get the majority of snaps in Week 6 again. He proved, once again, that he can handle the responsibilities of being the quarterback of this team.


Seth Smith has also gotten a ton of carries so far this season.

Marquell Colston and Tonny Glynn are still sitting there. They could be utilized more, particularly Glynn, who is also good as a receiver out of the backfield.

Smith will continue to be the featured back and the Aggies should stick to being a run-first team. But you don't want him wearing down. And part of being a run-oriented team is having different styles to throw at the opposition.


NMSU's defense has been better this year - a lot better.

The Aztecs really didn't put much together on Saturday - they scored on a Smith fumble and got good field position on a botched punt and a Walls interception.

NMSU could still defend the run better - the team gives up 4.7 yards per carry. They'll get a stiff test this weekend in Utah State running back Ryan Turbin, who's averaing 7.0 yards a carry with three TDs and a long run of 96 yards on the season.


Anonymous said...

While I tend to agree re Walls, he absolutely must quit giving up the long sacks. He needs to get rid of the ball since he does not have the first step quickness to elude the rush...those sacks have taken the Aggie offense out of the game too often. Maybe Rosenbach can put in a few new plays, including roll outs and the quick slant over the middle...Walls is tall enough to get it off over the line. We have two young QBs trying to find some consistency and poise....if they don't it'll be a long season.

Anonymous said...

I have always said that Walls keeps defenses, more honest.
The "hot guy" is better coming off the bench in certian situation.

I think we would have faired of better had Walls started the game but, oh well, that's NMSU pays Coach Walker and Coach Rosenbach than me.

Overall, I think the team is getting better but, we still have to play a full 4 quarters and limit those mistakes.
That really cost us a win this weekend.


Anonymous said...

Definitely we need to nail down the QB slot. The mobile QB is nice, but we need someone who can lengthen the field in there from the get go. Also, get Glynn involved. He's fast and shifty.

Utah State is much improved. They gave Texas A&M all they could handle, and they simply destroyed Hawaii.

Anonymous said...

The Aggie defense is slightly improved from last season, but it's not improved enough to make up for the big fall in offense. Mumme was an idiot, but his offense was exciting and fun to watch. Walker's style of ball is yawn city.

SM said...

With the talent level of the Aggies, I'll take Walker's "yawn city" any day before Mumme's "lots of yards but no results" offense. The goal is to keep the ball away from the other team and not put the defense in bad situations. That strategy has placed the Aggies in every game, except the Miner game. With Mumme, it was fun to see an offense rack up a lot of yards, but that did not translate into points and often put our team in bad situations.

Walker needs to stick with what he is doing. I like Walls at QB. He appears to have more talent than Flemming, but he also makes huge mistakes in terms of holding onto the ball too long and throwing pics. I hope both Walls and Flemming accept the two QB system, because that is how it needs to be this year. One of the reasons Walls looked so good when he came in at first was because SDSU's defense got into a rythm against Flemming, and the insertion of Walls frustrated that rythm. Once SDSU adjusted, they were able to contain Walls, get a 3 and out, and force an INT. Walker is doing the right thing mixing it up with the QBs.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure there is just no pleasing you anon 8:56.

Anonymous said...

It is a fine balancing act when you have two players in a key position who do not have a lot of separation between them. The coaches must know that on any given evening either Flemming or Walls may be the better option, but it is darn hard to tell until after the fact.

I personally think Walls has a better chance of taking the Aggies to more wins. He does need to mature in his decision making. If we were running an option where the QB keeper was a frequent part of the plan, I would choose Flemming. That is not the game plan that I've seen so far. Walls is more capable of hitting the long pass,which means he makes the defense have to respect that.

Whichever choince of personnel the coaches make, there willb e some advocates for the other guy as long as we are not winning. The best cure for the controversy is to win.

I think that USU will present a challenge for the Aggie defense. They have the ability to move teh ballpassing or running, and their QB is elusive. Containment will be critical. I certainly hope it willnt be a debacle like it was last year. Last year's game was painful to watch - NMSU just never seemed to have their head in the game and consequently played well below their capabilities.

Saturday's game is winnable, as was SDSU. We did not get that one. Let's hope that this time NMSU can get it together.

This is the only game on the schedule with a guaranteed win for the Aggies. The question is, Which ones?

Anonymous said...

I'm beginning to fall into the start Walls Camp too. More time with the first string team will help him too especially with the blitzing defenses. It's hard to prepare for a good pass rush when you're not getting the snaps to prepare during practice. I like Fleming too, but I think Walker had figured out the best approach during the lobo game.

Anonymous said...

Anon. 8:36
OK, so where do you stand?

The mobil QB works only if he can make his throws.
Fleming can run but, he can't throw from the pocket and most definately can't do it on the run.

Walls is good but, he does show how "green" he really is by holding on to the ball to long and taking those 15 yd sacks.

Give him more time and he's gonna be something else. As green as he is, he's better than Fleming, Aka, the "hot guy."

Ganja Boy

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:11, if Walls makes huge mistakes in throwing pics what do you call it when Fleming throws them considering he has had more than Walls?


Boss Hogg said...

We do need to use the other backs. We have three solid backs, less carries for Smith will keep him fresher. We were the better team for nearly three quarters. We need put points on the board at the end of these long drives (I'll take 3).

The Smith fumble gave them SDSU life. To that point we were controling the game. Because we do not have a quick strike offense we can not afford to give away points The Aggies are not good enough to over come multiple mistakes.

I like what I see from this team. The schedule now gets very tough. I want to see if they start to mature as a team.

Anonymous said...

After being an Aggie fan for well over 35 years and seeing all the stupid hirings and below average're absolutely right, there is no pleasing me when it comes to Aggie football. However, it his entertaining to come on this blog and see how delusional people back in Las Cruces still I appreciate where I live now so much

I live within 100 miles of 5 or 6 major Div. I-A (FBS) teams..members of the BCS that have third strings that would mop up the Aggies...but being a native Las Crucen, it's fun to see how much things really haven't changed there.

People in Las Cruces and at NM State have a lot of pride and they think they are bigger than they really are...the reality of the situation is that the Aggies belong in Division I-AA (FCS). I have friends that have graduated and played for schools like Texas, Ohio State, Oregon State...I could go on and on...they all agree and say the same thing. NM State is known on a national level, but not in a good way...they are known for having lousy football.

NM State is regularly in the bottom 10 and the only reason they meet the attendance requirements is because they literally give tickets away and play at big schools that get more people in one game than the Aggies get in an entire home season.

It's a joke, NM State will never be able to compete with the big boys, not at the rate they are going. Drop to I-AA win some games, win some conference up some confidence...maybe after a few years they can move back up..but it's not working the way it's going now. People in Las Cruces are out of touch with reality.

Anonymous said...

SM I can respect your opinion and accept your viewpoint because you explain why you disagree in an intelligent and informed manner...some of the others on here are just pure idiots and quite frankly, it's fun to antagonize

Anonymous said...

Idaho is now 4-1 on the season and they just beat a quality Colorado State team this past weekend. Everyone in the WAC has had some sort of success in recent years...everyone but the Aggies and Utah's embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

New coach came in talking about a balanced offense and now he is talking about throwing the ball more. What gives? I know they're trying. Good luck Aggies

Anonymous said...

Anon. 8:44
How could Utah St. destroyed Hawaii when they haven't played?

You mean LA Tech dstroyed Hawaii right?

Anyways, yes, Utah St. has played some pretty good teams pretty hard and will give us fits!

Teddy said...

Again, in regard to anon 2:37.

Sometimes it would be nice if people stepped out and put their names non what they write.

Anonymous said...

anon at 2:37. All I have to say is you are an idiot. I don't see any Aggie fan saying we are great. We know we aren't a very good football team right now. All I know is Walker is going to get this turned around, and if you don't think he is. Why don't you stop being an Aggie fan. I am tired of Aggie fans like you. So damn negitive. Go cheer for someone else. I don't care. Walker is going to get this program turned around, and I bet you still won't have anything good to say.

Anonymous said...

lol...hilarious...very entertaining. I stopped being an Aggie football fan a long time's just fun to come on here and rile up people who know nothing about

Anonymous said...

I love Aggie basketball, football needs to be ended and they need to give the money to other sports.

SM said...

Thanks, anon @ 2:44. GS, you make a valid point. Flemming makes big mistakes too. Unfortunately, I have to listen to all the games on the Internet because I live in Houston, so I don't get to see how each QB plays.

Courtesy of Jack Nixon's radio broadcase, this is what I gather: Walls has a cannon and is the QB of the future. He is able to throw downfield, and is the right QB if we need to air it out. Flemming is better on his feet, and while I don't have the statistics, it seems that he gets sacked less. Walls has taken some huge sacks.

What does all this mean? I don't know, but I think Walker is doing the right thing by giving defenses different looks. SDSU had Flemming figured out, and putting Walls in allowed us to make up a 10 point deficit. Then SDSU started to figure out Walls towards the end of the game.

Either way, the Aggies do not operate well having to play catch-up. The best way for the Aggies to win is to run the ball. I think Walker would do well to throw Colston and Glynn into the mix a bit more. The Aggies are at their best when they get 5 or 6 yards on a first down run.

Anonymous said...

Jim Bradley and Tony Samuel. Those two coaches were on the verge of turning things around for NMSU during their tenures, and the NM State admin fired them...there are so many idiots in Las Cruces, it's not hard to cheer against the Aggies...and it's so much fun to witness how delusional present Aggie fans are...get over will never successfully compete at the I-A level. Coach Walker isn't doing anything different than anyone before him and that's because NM State keeps hiring second rate assistants from has been programs like UCLA.

Anonymous said...

You know what Teddy,the comments I make aren't anywhere near as vulgar as what others make. You don't need to know my name. I can post anonymously like everyone else. Your blog would be boring without differing opinions.

Like I have posted before, this blog is about people giving their opinions...good or bad. It is not required that everyone say something positive when nothing positive is happening with Aggie football.

Teddy said...

All I'm saying is that if you're going to rip the people of Las Cruces and act like you're above the people on this board, you should put your name on the dotted line.

Anonymous said...

People in Las Cruces are not desolusional nor do we expect the football team to surpass expectations or compete for a national championship. The thing that you people who come here and talk smack dont seem to understand is that this is the best thing we have. Its one of the worst football programs of all time but we dont have anything better. And if you're coming here to check up on us then obviously you dont have something better either. And anon 7:35, you come here to rile up people who you claim know nothing about sports and yet I dont see you giving an actual sports opinion. I guess taking cheap shots is your way of compensating for your lack of sports knowledge.


Anonymous said...

Hey folks.

A blog is a place to voice opinions, not to belittle others.

There is plenty to write about that is about the game the attendance, recruiting and so on without becoming personal about other writers or even the players and coaches.

Yes, you can say that you think an action of a coach was a mistake, for example, but make it about the action, not the person. We will be impressed by your integrity.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:35

You are still an idiot. I know a lot about football. I only played it in college

Anonymous said...

What college? Or you can't tell us that either?

Anonymous said...

I played for the Lady of the Lake (go Nuns) football team and still hold many records!

How do you all like my credentials, idiots?

Anonymous said...

Our Lady of the Lake vision includes the following.

Inspired by Catholic values and the heritage of the founding Congregation of Divine Providence, Our Lady of the Lake University is a community called to transform individuals as they discover their purpose in life.

We aspire to be nationally recognized for our distinctive programs, our expertise in Mexican American culture, and our diverse graduates who lead and serve with faith and wisdom to improve the world.

Anon 3:58 claims to be an alumnus of Our lady of the Lake, but seems to be unaware that their nickname is the Saints. Oh, and by the way, they don't have a football team. Originally a women's college, they didn't go coed until 1969. They had a basketball team between 1979 and 1985, then discontinued intercollegiate athletics until 2007. A search of their website reveals no mention of an intercollegiate football team.

I suggest the rest of the patrons of this blog might want to let the dubious claims of ANON 3:58 go without response!