Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Aggie running back depth

In the wake of the Marquell Colston suspension, the Aggies have done some shifting at the running back position.

Tonny Glynn has been moved to No. 2 string while Robert Clay has been practicing with the third string. Clay was moved to safety, but has now been moved back to offense.

Donovan Roberts will also be in the mix.

So, the depth chart behind Seth Smith features Glynn, Clay/Colston. This is according to head coach DeWayne Walker.


Anonymous said...

Last week we were all talking about Seth Smith wearing down by carrying the ball too much.

With Colston's legal issues and the strong possibility he may not be back; it looks like Smith will continue to carry the load for us.
The kids a gamer and will run lie a man possesed.

IndyAg said...

"So, the depth chart behind Seth Smith features Glynn, Clay/Colston."

Teddy, I assume you meant the depth chart features Glynn, Clay/Roberts?

Anyway, have you seen either Clay or Roberts in practice? Will they be able to carry some of the load if/when they are asked to?

It's time for Glynn to step up to the plate and show what he can do. We need to give Seth Smith a breather every now and again, or we aren't going to have him for much longer. We need to keep him healthy.


Anonymous said...

I really want them to win this one because,IMHO,this will be their last win this season.NMSU is 8-57 against the rest of the season ,not counting Ohio State.They have NEVER beaten Fresno State or Hawaii,and only four wins total over Nevada and San Jose State.But,hey-it's four more wins than pass-happy Dumme got his first year-A long-suffering Aggie grad...

Kevin, Jessica, Joaquin and Kaleb said...

Does anybody know where to get an "Aggie cowbell" for 3rd down noise at the game?

Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed that LTU is a 20 point favorite in the betting. Usually the odds are pretty on, but they tend to lag behind when a team is making a move. I see the improvement in the Aggies defense as closing the odds.

I am going to make a prediction that the Aggies beat the odds more often than not for the rest of the season.

That doesn't mean I see a lot more wins, probably one or two more, but I think that losses will be closer than expected with the power programs.

Anonymous said...

KJJK, look at the NMSU bookstore for a cowbell.

Anonymous said...

Go to the daries outside of Anthony for a bull either!