Monday, October 12, 2009

A look back, and a look forward

DeWayne Walker and Gary Andersen addressed the WAC media today regarding the weekend game between New Mexico State and Utah State, one which saw NMSU come out on top 20-17.

"It was a big win for us, back to .500 and the first WAC win for us," Walker said. "We just want to continue to play positive ball and win more games."

Both coaches acknowledged the penalty situation during the game, where USU was flagged 12 times for nearly 130 yards, but neither said it was the deciding factor in the contest.

"It was a hard-fought football game on both sides of the football for both teams," Andersen said. "New Mexico State in the fourth quarter found ways to make plays and we didn’t. They deserved to win the football game."

Now, NMSU will face a Louisiana Tech team that lost to Nevada last weekend, but is talented none-the-less. La. Tech stands at 2-3 on the season, 1-1 in WAC play.

"Obviously they're a very well coached team," Walker said of the Bulldogs, led by head coach Derek Dooley. "They have a solid running game, a good looking defense and really solid special teams. We’ll have our hands full again playing a solid football team."

Dooley is prepared for an Aggie team that has given his club a battle the last two years, although has a much different look in 2009.

"Like every team in this league, they’re much improved in so many areas," Dooley said. "They’ve got a new coach and a new attitude. They’ve won three games already. It’s going to be a big challenge for us and we gotta get back on track."


Anonymous said...

I hope we find a QB who can throw the ball accurately by then.

Anonymous said...

LaTech is a very good team with some players that are on the team are SEC sleepers.

The Bulldogs are tough and very physical. We need to play smart and keep it close in order to have a chance.
Go Aggies!

Anonymous said...

3-3 sounds decent on paper, but I really want to see how the Aggies are going to hold up against Nevada, Fresno, Boise, Ohio more bottom 10 teams from this point on. If the Aggiest think they can compete with the big boys, this is their chance to prove it.

Anonymous said...

If we can some how mange to get 200 yards passing and no turnovers I think the aggies win. If we can't get the passing game going it will be tough.

If we can pull this game out we just have to win 2 of the last 4 to got bowling!!!

I know it is a little early to talk about. But CDW is the real deal.

Anonymous said...

Walker has established a solid formula for winning games. The run first, run second, run third attack is working well and the kids have bought into it.

The defense understands that it must by at it's best each week in order for us to win, and they have been turning in SOLID performances lately. (SDSU game offense placed the defense in some tough spots)

The offense is coming around because the offense is now becoming comfortable in it's own skin, but the offense still must throw the ball downfield to keep defenses honest.

Anonymous said...

In regards to the earlier quote "I hope we can find a quarterback that can throw the ball accurately by then", All I have to say is give Walls time-he will deliver. The more he passed in HS, the more accurate he became.He is a very low risk QB-and EXTREMELY smart folks. His sophomore year he would over and under throw at times,but by late in his undefeated junior campaign,I watched him go like 22-25 for nearly 400yds to shock a powerhouse program known for winning state championships.

Anonymous said...

The Aggies have just barely beaten very weak teams...nothing has been established by anyone yet. The offensive numbers have still been very ugly and the defense has made some key plays...but they have also given up big numbers to opposing offenses. Teams like Utah State and UNM might not be able to score on the Aggies; but Fresno, Boise and Ohio State will ram that ball across the goal line at will if the defense doesn't stop letting people in the red zone.

I wish the Aggies nothing but success, but people are getting a little over excited right now.

Anonymous said...

I think Fleming and Walls need to enjoy the playing time while they can. Next year Rust will come in and shake things up a bit. His high school video highlights look really impressive. I wouldn't be surprised if Walker brought Rust out of his redshirt season soon. I also wouldn't be surprised if Fleming and Walls did not finish their eligibility at NM State.

Anonymous said...

What's the deal w/ Marquell Colston?!! Beating your girlfriend and throwing her and daughter is in-excusable!

This isn't Utep or Unm where, players and coaches go around beating on people.
NMSU has higher standards!

Please send that bad apple back to Little Rock!

Anonymous said...

Evidently NM State does not have higher standards...look at Jahmar Young, he's still on the basketball team. It's becoming acceptable for NM State student-athletes to beat on women, attempt sexually assault them and make derogatory remarks about gay people.

Anonymous said...

Lets get with some specifics - From the first 6 games, the Aggies need to hold a team under 19 points and then they need to narrowly outscore them. There is no way they can hold Fresno, OSU, Nevada, and Boise under 19 so those games are out. It is possible to hold La Tech, SJSU, and Hawaii to 19 because of injuries, etc. Unfortunately, these 3 games are on the road which makes it tougher. Hawaii might be the best possibility because Alexander is done for the season. Or we can hope for some major rainstorm that slows everyone down. My guess is we can get 1 more win and if we do, I will be happy with the season. A good start for a new coach who seems to be doing it the right way.

Big Al

Anonymous said...

Colston beating his girlfriend made the headlines on instead of seeing it as a "black eye" (pardon the pun)...I'm sure people in Las Cruces will be bragging because the town and university made the national news. Like I said before, Las Cruces and NM State are known nationally...but not for good things.

SM said...

Anon @ 5:19 - It's true that some people are getting a little too excited. I'm one of them. But I'm not sure you appreciate where the Aggies were at the beginning of the season to where they are now.

One sports writer ranked the Aggies dead last in the nation. While I disagreed that we were worse than EVERYBODY, it was hard to argue that we were much better than anybody. We came off a gawd awful season and a painful end to that season. To make it worse, we lost several high quality players from that team. Everybody knows about Chase, CW and AJ Harris, but we also lost guys like Richardson, Nick Paden, and Mike Martinez (that might have been year before last).

Coming into this year, this was the situation: 1) A brand new coach with a solid reputation for defense, but no proven track record of leadership; 2) A mediocre recruiting class (as always); 3) No QB on the roster who has taken one D-1 snap (our back-up left to SMU, where he will be a back-up for the rest of his career...great choice buddy); 4) No established run game; and 5) Very few established defenders.

With that backdrop, you can surely understand why Aggie fans like myself are very pleased with the results thus far. Not only do we have 3 wins, but we beat a rival we hadn't beat since I was a senior (2002). Also, there is a commitment to running the ball, controlling the clock, and disciplined play on defense. That has been absent the last few years under Mumme.

Are we a bit too excited? Maybe. How will we fare against Nevada, Fresno, and Boise? We'll probably lose. Heck, we might not win another game. But it is clear that Walker has installed a different work ethic and is working to bring about a winning mentality. As Aggie fans who have not seen a lot of success lately, that is something to get excited about.

Anonymous said...

Oh, you were a senior in you're young and haven't suffered through all the losing seasons like some people like me I'm much older than you and I can tell you that Walker isn't doing anything special or different from any other previous coach over the last 40 years at NM State. In fact, on the field, this looks like one of the worst Aggie teams in a while. I haven't lived in Las Cruces in several years, but it's all the same there. I've seen the highlights of Aggie games online and I was not impressed at all. I think someone like Mayfield or El Paso-Montwood could literally beat the Aggies. I know for sure Austin-Westlake High would beat

It doesn't really matter much to me. I grew up in Las Cruces but rarely travel back to see any Aggie games. I can drive right down the road and see the Texas Longhorns play in that's a football program. NM State will always be a lower echelon program.

I still find it entertaining and amusing to see how excited people in Las Cruces still get over beating bottom 10 This blog keeps me laughing all the

SM said...

Anon @ 9:46 - you clearly have never played sports if you truly believe a high school team could beat any college level team, D-1, D-2 or D-3. I live in Katy, TX, the home of arguably the best high school football in Texas. Katy HS would outright dominate Westlake, but they would get their happy behinds handed to them by a D-1 football program.

And you clearly don't understand football if all you look at is the stat sheet at the end of the game. Football comes down to discipline, ball control, and minimizing mistakes. The Aggies are winning because they are doing these things.

Your just another one of those tough guys/girls hiding behind his/her computer posting as an anonymous blogger.

Anonymous said...

lol..yeah, yeah SM. Katy is ok, but it does not have the best football in Texas. There are tons of great football programs all over Texas. Katy is a small town outside of Houston with a couple high schools that have had a few good teams...just like any other town in Texas. I've been to Katy a million times.

Anonymous said...

NM State is not a Div. I program SM, they only pose as

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't brag about living in Katy as well SM....that's almost as bad as Las about redneckville. I live in San Antonio and it's way better than Katy.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 9:46,
I'm sorry I made fun of you in high school. I didn't mean for you to run away from Las Cruces and hate everything about it. Growing up in LC, was it maybe this phrase that made you hate the city of crosses so much? "I'm sorry to say anon 9:46, but you didn't make the team." Is that why you turned to the computer to vent. To get an idea for us how old are you exactly, like Warren Woodson old or Jim Hess old?

I hope New Mexican Landry Jones gets in the game vs. Texas and waxes that longhorn a**! I love bloggers like you, because it makes me root on the Aggies that much more. You seem like a typical bandwagon fan, I bet your favorite MLB team is the yankees and NFL team is now the vikings. Stick to your roots, that's all I'm saying. Aggies, oh Aggies, the hills send back the cry, we're here to do or die! Any true Aggie fan knows the rest of this little diddy. 'Till we meet again Anon 9:46, and by the way, you still have not made the team.

Anonymous said...

The whole state of Texas is redneckville!

SM said...

I lived in SA and downtown Houston before Katy. Had a kid, moved to the burbs for a safer neighborhood. Not bragging about Katy, but the football team has won back-to-back state titles. That is very rare in Texas high school football. Yet, they would get dropped hard by any college team.