Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Aggie press conference quotes

Trevor Walls, quarterback
On if he’s now the team’s full-time starter
I’m not really sure. You should ask coach (Timm Rosenbach) about that one.

On Louisiana Tech's defense
They look pretty fast and athletic. They’re a good overall defense. From the film I watch, they don’t watch too much pressure but I’m sure they’re going to bring it against us. Everybody else has.

On responding to people believing the team has been a surprise
I wouldn’t really categorize us as a surprise. More as, I think we should have won a couple more games this year.

On relationship with Jeff Fleming
Me and Jeff are really good friends, we hang out a lot of the time. We’ll play video games once or twice a week. We’re friends, help each other out whenever we can, off the field, on the field, whatever we need.

On win over Utah State
That was huge. Just to get a win, any way you can get a win, you gotta be happy with it. Obviously we would have liked to have more production out of the offense, but you take what you can get. If it ends up in a win, that’s what you want to get.

Sam King, linebacker
On La. Tech’s offense
Just overall, they’re a real sound team. We’ve noticed that over the last few years, that they’ve really picked it up and established themselves as a force in the WAC. Their offense, they’ve got some really, really good running backs. Probably the best we’re going to face so far this year. Our focus is going to be on playing sound football and studying up on this team and trying to contain those running backs. They have some phenominal athletes in the backfield.

On their passing game
I haven’t really studied much in the passing game but from what I’ve seen they can take shots and their quarterback does have a good arm. They’re a solid team and I don’t doubt that we’re going to have to study up on anything they throw at us.

On last two meetings with Louisiana Tech
Last year’s game was pretty frustrating. They have been close games and this year we’ve played close games. It is a nail-biting situation. We just hope we can come out victorious. That’s football, you love it. Just like last week, it came down to the wire. It makes it more exciting at the end.

On giving up 429 yards against Utah State but holding them to 17 points
They have some amazing athletes that contributed to those yards. We bent a little bit, but we didn’t break. That’s the focus. Coach talks about overcoming adversity. Somebody might be out of position on a play and something breaks. It’s how we come back together and hold. That’s where our strengths been.

On getting the ball back for the offense
We’re a team. It’s not like we don’t feel like we contributed to their success. We feel like the team is its own success. We’re just trying to focus on working hard and building our team over this year. We’ve still got a lot of games to be. We’re just trying to be the best team that New Mexico State can be.

Kyle Hughes
Had he ever kicked a game-winning field goal before?
Yeah, one time in high school. It was probably the best game I ever had, I had four field goals that game. I had four field goals that game and the last one ended up being the game-winner as time expired. That was the highlight of mine, before Saturday.

Was he nervous
No, not really. It was a 28-yard field goal. It’s a little bit longer than an extra point. It’s gotta be a gimme. Division-I football, I’ve got to make those. I’ve got faith in my blockers, faith in my line and I knew that Trevor was gonna get the hold down. Not too much to get nervous about.

Did it go right down the middle?
Honestly, I’m not sure. I just saw that it was going in and that’s when I started getting mobbed. As soon as I see it was going in, I told Trevor good job on the hold and greet my linemen.

On his punting Saturday
Punting was alright. I was kind of freaked out by all the time I had with those guys. They gave us a safe look, they were really trying to set up the return man. He was a really good returner. I had a lot of time. It started out kind of rough but I ended up getting a couple good punts off towards the end there.

On getting better as the game went on
Just working on my steps. I just started punting so mechanically, honestly, I’m still a little unsound with that. One I got going, I just focused on mechanics and started hitting the ball good.

On his practice routine
It’s definitely just more time spent on the field. I kick a little bit more than I usually do. The coaches kind of worry about my leg getting worn out over the course of the year. The work load is just a little bit more. Work on mechanics on drills. Just staying out there a little bit longer every day.

On Marcus Anderson
That was an amazing return. It really didn’t look like he had any room to return the ball. He really made something out of nothing. It was an amazing play. Marcus “big-play” Anderson. That’s what he does. He set it up. Without that, there would be no field goal.

On handling both kicking and punting duties
Being in the game, I like it a lot personally. Being in the game, it gives me more kicks. I can stay a bit warmer during the games. I can get more reps and staying loose. I really can contribute to the wins and losses.

Is there one he likes more than the other?
No, I’m starting to get comfortable punting. I’ve always liked doing the field goals. I just like doing everything, being out there.

On his kickoffs
Last year, we had a scheme where we tried to find holes in the return. Last year, we didn’t try to kick a whole lot for touchbacks, we tried to find gaps and close in on the returners. This year, they’re letting me kick. A lot of it also is coach (Gary) Uribe has a great strength and conditioning program. I gained about 10 pounds in the offseason. A lot of it muscle. Working with coach Murphy as well. I’m starting to get ahold of a couple balls.

DeWayne Walker
On special teams units
That’s an area we must win every week. That’s the reason we hired coach Murphy with his special-teams background. With the team that we have, we knew that special teams would play a key role to our football team. It’s good to see it’s paying some dividends for us.

On Louisiana Tech running back Daniel Porter
Very good player. I know he pulled his hamstring a little bit against Reno but we’ll find out his status. He’s an exceptional football player.

On Louisiana Tech wide receiver/return man Phillip Livas
Again, explosive. he’s a little guy that can make plays, obviously as a return man but he can make plays on the fly-sweeps and screens. All those plays to get him out into space. He’s the kind of player they rely on to make explosive plays.

On their style
I think we’re very similar. As a defensive head coach, he’s structured his football team the same way we’re trying to structure our football team. He’s been a head coach longer than me. He has his team going in the right direction. He’s done a great job.

On surredering zero sacks
We’re trying to do different things with out protection and really just trying to protect our quarterbacks. I think Jason (Lenzmeier) and coach (Timm) Rosenbach have done a great job in that respect.

On Trevor’s play
He was consistent. At our quarterback position, we’re not looking for Dan Marino at this stage. We just want a guy who can manage the offense and not mess it up per-say. I felt like he got that part of his job done.

Is it safe to say he’s the full-time starter now?
Well, it’s safe to say he starts this week. We’ll tell you one week at a time.

On winning three games so far this season
That’s the beauty about this sport, right? You gotta play every week.

Have they surpassed expectations?
No, we’re not even close. This like I mentioned before, we want to win more games than we lose. That means seven. We still got a ways to go to get to that number.

On playing on ESPNU
I remember me and Dr. Boston, we were in Phoenix and we were with the head coaches and the AD’s and they had all the TV games. I was looking everywhere and I didn’t see New Mexico State anywhere. That’s nice. It’s good for the players to be honest with you. To get a chance to play on TV against a very good football team.

Will the late kickoff effect anything?
Not for me. I know coaching in the NFL, you have those Monday Night Games, and it’s at nine o’clock. You hang around the hotel every day. The players and the coaches can get a little irritated about that. But hey, all the games are over with and you’re primetime. That will be fun. All eyes on us that night.


Anonymous said...

"On Louisiana State’s defense"...? The Aggies are playing Louisiana Tech, they are not LSU I know some delusional Aggie fans like the think that they are playing an SEC team I'm sure it was just a typo.

chilero said...

You gotta love coach Walker's attitude. He's not content with just 3 wins despite the fact that's he's going to be undermanned the rest of the way.

And he even calls Nevada by their rightful name - Reno.

Anonymous said...

Anybody know where to get a gameday cowbell?