Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Walker thinks defense is coming along

Coach DeWayne Walker said that he thought the defense was coming along on schedule following Tuesday's Aggie football practice.

“The defense is really, really coming around,” Walker said. “I'm happy about it. If we keep progressing the way we are right now, this might be the type of defense I'm accustom to coaching.”

As for the offense, Walker continued to emphasize the need to just play football. Nothing flashy, just productive.

“I want our offensive guys to be like robots,” Walker said. “All they have to worry about is moving the sticks and getting first downs. Our quarterbacks need to be consistent. And our line needs to be tough up front.”

A few battles still taking place: It appears as if there are still some defensive battles taking place.

Jonte Green was practicing with the first-team defense in the secondary with Chris Buckner backing him up. Stephon Hatchett and Alphonso Powell were at the safety slots while Davon House manned the No. 1 cornerback post.

At strongside linebacker, Sam King saw significant action on Tuesday with Jamar Cotton running with the second unit. The group consisted of Cotton, middle linebacker Numi Lolohea and BJ Adolpho. Cotton made a nice play when, one-on-one with the receiver, he broke up a lob pass in the back-right corner of the endzone.

Defensive tackles: E.J. Cannon continues to see a lot of action at defensive tackle. E.J. seems primed to have a big year.

John Finau and and Vincent Federico are also seeing snaps. Branden Warner was in uniform on Tuesday but did not see much field if at all.

At defensive end, the team is going to rotate Donte Savage, Pierre Fils, Kawika Shook and Ka'ua Adolfo.

The kicking game: From my eyes, and these are just my observations, it looks like Jordan Davenport will be the team's field goal kicker this year. At least that's the way it looks in practice, where he attempted three FGs on Tuesday. He went wide-right on the first from about 40 yards out; Davon House blocked the second attempt; and the third, this one coming from between 45 and 50 yards, went through the uprights.

The tight ends: With Kyle Nelson still out, Kenny Evora and Kyle Hipp continue to see snaps in practice.

Walker said that Nelson, who was dressed in full uniform on the sideline, is on the road to recovery and the team expects him back shortly.


Anonymous said...

We are two weeks from the season opener and we still don't have a starting QB?
Someone needs to step up and take the bull by the damn horns.

Good to see Coach Walker is happy with the defense. Offensively, things needs to get much better!

Anonymous said...

I hope the kicking game is decent this year. It'd be a nice change.

Anonymous said...

Agreed with the first 2 posts. A 45 yd fg sounds nice but the fact that one was wide and the other blocked means he had a 33% avg. Nothing to really brag about. However the flip side is D. House got one so that helps the defensive side a bit.

Anonymous said...

I think this D will over be solid. I look for the o-line to come around as well I think is this team can put up 24-28 points per game then we will be ok♠