Monday, August 10, 2009

Tanner Rust

Spoke to DeWayne Walker about Tanner Rust this season and how the head coach feels about his player possibly redshirting.

It seems unlikely that it will happen, actually. Walker said that Rust has had a strong fall camp and loves the player's versatility. Walker even mentioned Rust as a possible punter if things don't work out with the Aggies' current stable of kickers.

"Right now, it seems hard to do," Walker said in regard to redshirting Rust. "With the way he's come out and competed this fall....We have thirteen games this year. He'll be used."

The offensive line: It's a revolving door right now, partly because guys are banged up.

Kyle Smith is struggling through asthma while Patrick Blount is fighting plantar fasciitis.

Dwayne Barton has come on during camp and has been lining up at tackle. The coaching staff likes David Norman, who can be seen playing tackle or guard. Norman brings versatility to the unit.

Sioeli Fakalata has been up and down thus far. Mike Grady has been on the field at center.

There have been a lot of different players getting looks along the o-line this fall.

The quarterbacks: Jeff Fleming continues seeing the majority of snaps during practice. Still, I wouldn't rule out Trevor Walls at this point. He could make a push.

The Aggie offense seems to favor a more mobile quarterback, something that Fleming and Rust are and Walls is not. But Walls is a quarterback, a drop-back passer with a big arm.

Whoever starts here needs to find a way move the offense in the right direction.

"You know, I don’t care about being pretty or getting style points," Walker said in regard to the entire offense. "We’re looking to move the chains."

The linebackers: This unit is inexperienced and will be a position to keep an eye on throughout the season.

Jason Scott remains an effective player. Good pickup last year.

Dale Lindsey is working tirelessly to get this group going. I think the top three - Jamar Cotton, Ross Conner and Scott - are serviceable. Some other guys behind them will need to step up.

The receivers: Darrius Preston caught a touchdown pass from Walls, Todd Lee caught one from Fleming. Both plays were similar, with the receivers coming back for the ball inside the 15-yard line, shaking a defender and getting into the endzone.

The kicking game: Zach Diaz and Jordan Davenport went back-and-forth during Monday's afternoon practice in the field goal department.

Freshman punter Mike Diaz was booming balls on the practice field.

And, as of now, Kyle Hughes is competing for both jobs.

Again, Walker also mentioned Rust as a possible punter.


Anonymous said...

Could be setting up some fake punts with a 3 string qb (i use that very lightly.)

Anonymous said...

Am not getting that warm and fuzzy feeling about the Aggie offense.

Anonymous said...

I'm feeling the same way. I think the defense is going to be much better, but I'm afraid the offense won't be able to move the chains and will keep the defense on the field too long.

Thomas said...

I was at practice Saturday, and I think the offense will be just fine. Defense will fall to the LB's and we will have to see what they get done and if we can generate some depth.

Anonymous said...

Pity we don't have a prove QB as we did last year. I am hoping for the best, but truly, not expecting much this year.

Defense will be better, but if our offense leaves them on the field too much, it could be a long season.

Anonymous said...

Where are the updates. Also on the article about DP, and Allen. On the online version. It doesn't show the entire article. Whats up with that.