Thursday, August 20, 2009

E.J. Cannon

I have been writing that I think E.J. is going to have a good year for the Aggies.

While there has been a lot of talk about Branden Warner, E.J. has easily been the team's top lineman in camp.

“He'e been consistent for us since day one,” DeWayne Walker said. “He's just been steady. I'll say he's been our most consistent defensive player since the spring.”

Cannon, a defensive tackle, is listed on the roster at 6-foot, 292 pounds. I'd be surprised if he's not topping 300, however. He's athletic for his size as well.

I'll have a story on E.J. in the coming days.

Defensive personnel: I asked Walker about what's going on at strongside linebacker, where Sam King has gotten more snaps recently in place of Jamar Cotton.

“I look at it like we have four starters but we can obviously put only three out there at once,” Walker said. “Right now, we'd probably go with (Jason) Scott, (Ross) Conner and King. But Cotton is right there.”

It also looks like Jonte Green will see significant playing time this year. He has been playing with the first unit the last handful of days at camp, while Chris Buckner is suiting up as the team's No. 3 cornerback.

For those wondering about Warner, he was back on the field practicing on Thursday.

It also looks like Alphonso Powell and Stephon Hatchett are leading the way at safety, although Junior Fasavalu is close behind.

The quarterbacks: I thought Trevor Walls looked good on Thursday. I actually think Walls has looked good ever since the team put on pads two weeks ago.

He threw a long touchdown pass to Todd Lee during Thursday's practice and he made some other intermediate throws that were good too. Trevor has some zip on his throws and is accurate.

Jeff Fleming also made some plays. He hit Kenny Evora on a long touchdown pass and also led an effective two-minute drill to close out practice, hitting tight end Kyle Hipp over the middle on fourth down for a TD.

“Both have there good days,” Walker said of the quarterbacks. “If we had a game tomorrow, Fleming would be the starter.

“The way I see it, we have two quarterbacks we can go into a game with.”

The end of practice: It was an eventful way to wrap up practice on Thursday.

Both first units came out for a two-minute drill. With the ball at midfield, Fleming immediately went up top for Marcus Anderson, who came down with it inside the 10. The Aggie defense held down the fort. On third down, Fleming scrambled out of the pocket and hit Anderson, who caught the ball and slid out of bounds at the 1-yard line.

The ball was placed back at the 6, and both sidelines came alive. On fourth down, Fleming dropped back and floated a pass over the line of scrimmage and into the hands of Hipp, who caught it and rumbled in. The team was going nuts. The offense converged on Hipp in the endzone.

Good way to close out the day.


Anonymous said...

Good to hear the team is practicing with some intensity. How about a report from some other positions...anything happening with the kickers? I heard there's a promising freshman walk on named Vukovich or something who's got a big leg.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see EJ being used on Defense. He has a motor and will really help us on defense.

A year ago, EJ was an offensive lineman doing pass protection??

What a difference a REAL coaching staff makes compared to Dumme and his bush league staff!

Go Aggies!

Anonymous said...

In your honest opinion is the Quarterback comparison close or do you think Walls is clearly ahead of Fleming? I hope Coach will play the best quarterback...our best chance to win games is early in the season.

Anonymous said...

We are two weeks from the season opener and we've been hearing all of these good things fro the new staff.

You will cover this years team and you also covered last years team.
Can you go into detail as to the big differences from both staffs, player/ coach attitudes, expectations, etc.? Thanks.

I'm really pumped about the future of Aggie FB!

Teddy said...

I think it is close. But I also think Walls has been slightly better.

Anonymous said...

Your blog quotes Walker as saying Fleming would be the starter if the game were today..
Why do you disagree with his opinion?

Teddy said...

What, I can't have an opinion either? I think Walls has looked good.

These two guys are going against the same defense everyday, you can analyze it to no end. The team is having a scrimmage on Saturday and we'll see how both QBs play then.

Anonymous said...

What, I can't ask why you have a different opinion?

Anonymous said...

Is 3-0 to begin season within the realm of reality?

Teddy said...

I'd be very surprised if the Aggies beat UTEP this year.