Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A look at Idaho

It's never too early to check out the first game of the season and this one promises to be a classic. While across the country, few will care about Idaho at NMSU I, for one, think it's going to be a good game with a lot of subplots.

Lets start out with the obvious here. For both teams, this is a big game. Neither have been successful in the WAC. For the Aggies, a new coach coming on board means the team will be looking to get off on the right foot. For the Vandals, third-year coach Robb Akey needs his club to show progress. Losing to the Aggies wouldn't be a good sign.

Both clubs are actually going to have similar strengths, weaknesses and question marks as Week 1 nears.

They will both rely on the run. For NMSU, we've been over this before. Marquell Colston, Tonny Glynn, Seth Smith, these three will see carries. The Vandals have a nice threesome as well, an underrated threesome, in veteran Deonte Jackson, sophomore Princeton McCarty and Washington State transfer DeMaundray Woolridge. This should be interesting.

On the flip side, both teams have question marks at quarterback. Again, for the Aggies it's Fleming, Walls and Rust, with Fleming holding the slight edge. For the Vandals, the starting job is between incumbent Nathan Enderle and newcomer Brian Reader.

The one area I think the Aggies will hold a slight edge is on defense. NMSU has shown a new fire on D, while Idaho could have a bumpy ride on that side of the ball. Things got tougher for the Vandals recently, when the team lost safety Virdell Larkins, a productive player and an expected senior leader on the squad. Word is that Jeromy Jones will take over Larkins' post. Jones is an intriguing player as well, actually.

This game is going to come down to defense and kicking. I really believe that. I don't see either team running away with things.


The Aggies had the day off on Wednesday. They will be back on the practice field again Thursday from 3:30-5:30.


Anonymous said...

I doubt the game will be on ESPN Classic but, yes, it's an important one for both teams.

I think NMSU has the slight edge.
1) It's at home and everyone's excited about getting the Walker era on the right foot.
2). Idaho has no game film on us.

I think we win this one, 28-17 AGGIES!!

Anonymous said...

Any word on redshirting any of the underclassmen? We are pretty deep at some positions. 8 RB's, 11 WR's, 16 OL, 9 DT's, 12 LB's. Just a thought, but why waste a year of eligibilty. I understand some of his players could play this year, but for those who cant, let them continue to learn the game at the college level without losing a year.

James Hall could be the perfect example. He has a ton of talent but he's behind 2 seniors and a Jr. Let him learn the nuance of college ball and have his 4 years as a starter.

Anonymous said...

Turnovers. Like most Aggie games this game will be decided by turnovers. Hopefully the Coaches will work on this aspect of the game and teach the players when and how to tuck it better.

I'm looking and hoping for a good start for the Walker era. Go Aggies!