Friday, August 7, 2009

Pretty cool

The New Mexico State Aggie football team sent this message out last night....

“We need people to man the sticks (Friday) at practice. "The sticks"---- yardage markers. Who's ready to help the Aggies (Friday)? Your chance to get close to this team. Practice starts at 3.”

I know it's short notice, but this seems like a pretty cool deal. If I were a fan, I'd do it. Why not? It's actually fairly interactive.

Also, for those who don't know, the Aggie football team has a facebook page under “Aggies Pigskin”

It's another opportunity for fans to get closer to the team and get some information on the program. In case anyone was interested.


Anonymous said...

It's a little late and unfortunately, I live in El Trasho, TX but, it's good to hear Coach Walker continues to involve the community into his program.

The difference in attitude both on & off the field is night & day!!

Go Aggies...kick some @ss!!!

Anonymous said...

Why didn't Earnest Wilson get consideration for HC?
Gotta get that JuCo into camp