Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Attitude adjustment

Someone a few posts back asked what I thought the biggest difference was on this year's Aggie football team as opposed to years past.

It's early, although I have made some observations. I really think this group is tight-nit, more so than in the past. Todd Lee said it in my story today in the Sun-News, DeWayne Walker has brought the group together and it looks more "team" oriented.

Honestly, a lot of players I've spoken with this past month have brought up that they want to do whatever the team needs them to do. The first couple of times I figured it was just your token remark. But I do not fabricate when I say I've spoken to at least 10 players who have talked about team concept. I don't know how much collective talent this group is going to have, but playing as a team and fighting for the entire group - that's exactly what to look for out of this program. I think that attitude alone will net them a few more wins than people think they can get.

Todd Lee: Did a piece on Todd Lee today and also on Barry Huntley.

It looks like Lee is going to be a starter and you got to give him credit here. The reality was that Todd is a young player who got some experience last year although didn't do a whole lot. I do know that the past coaching staff was high on his ability. Still, a lot of coaches talk in good terms about young players that they recruited.

Coming into camp and being one of the teams better players the last handful of months says something.

As for receivers, Barry Huntley will be a backup, but he has seen considerable time this camp.

I expect the starters to be Marcus Anderson, Todd Lee and Marcus Allen.

The quarterbacks: Expect the Aggies to officially name a starting QB by early next week. Jeff Fleming has had the edge throughout camp, and that includes Saturday's scrimmage performance.

Final thought: I believe the Idaho game is going to come down to defense. Whichever defensive unit can contain the opposition fastest will win the game.

The Aggie defense has had a good camp, although it's been against the Aggie offense. The point is that nobody really knows what they have until the season starts. And even then, perspectives change.

Still, I like the NMSU defense Week 1 against Idaho. And I think the Aggies will be able to move the ball some too.


Anonymous said...

Defense is the real deal! I'm thinking the offense started slow because the defense was strong. Not the defense looked good because the offense was weak!

Anonymous said...

The change in attitude is night and day.

We went from Hal Dumme's lazy, sit on a golf cart style, with a TON of dead time during practice.
The kids lost a ton of respect for the old staff.
How can you not lose respect when you having offensive meetings and Matt Mumme is in the back of the room playing games on his cell phone?!

Coach Walker is hands on takes advantage of every minute during practice.
He and his staff lead by example and the kids will take bullet for him.

A year ago kids wouldn't even give Dumme a high 5 when they came off the field because they didn't respect him!
Now the kids will do whatever coach Walker ask!

What a difference a year makes! Thank God we have a REAL staff!

Anonymous said...

It makes sense that this is more of a "team" now than under the Mumme regime. I had always heard that in Mumme's system the QB was "the man" and could do no wrong. Throw an interception? Must have been the receiver's fault. I always thought that this practice, while maybe helping the quarterback's confidence, destroyed team unity on the offensive side of the ball. Mumme's neglect for the defense has also been well documented.

Anonymous said...

So just a little more than a week til kickoff, any word on how we did on season tickets? I donated my tickets for the first 2 games back to the program as I will be out of town. But I will be sitting in my hotel room with my macbook logged on to Aggie vision. Go Aggs!

Anonymous said...

The past four years, our team was coached by an idiot or a Dumme, if you wish!

This staff is 1st class and will take us places!
I think we will start 3-0 but, first things first, lets kick some Vandal @ss!!!

Anonymous said...

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