Monday, August 17, 2009

Did anyone see Chris Williams the other night?

Chris had a strong night returning kicks for the Dolphins in their preseason game against the Jaguars.

He didn't do very well on punt returns, but he proved what most Aggie fans already knew: He can bring his big-play ability to the NFL if given a fair opportunity to make a pro team.

Chris showed a burst and was able to find the seams on kick returns against the Jags. He brought a handful of kicks beyond the 30 yards line and gave Miami strong field position.

I can say that, after watching his performance, if Chris has one more preseason game like he did the other night for the Dolphins, he will make the team. A strong kick returner is a valuable asset.

I will also say that if Chris continues to play well as a returner, he should get a shot to contribute at wideout too. Physically, he won't be a dominant receiver, but he can do things with the ball in space. I'm talking about screen passes, quick slants, end-arounds. Chris can do it. He'll get a fair shot with the Dolphins.


Anonymous said...

Chris is no fluke or product of the system. The kid can play and will be in the NFL for a few years!

Derrick Richardson (a Samuels recruit) is having a nice camp and will sign something with the Steelers.

Chase is a great kid but, a product of the system and is in a no win situation w/ Hal Dumme in DIII, McDonalds St.
I feel bad for him and hope he can play somewhere or learn under a real staff!

Anonymous said...

Chris did look good, if the Dolphins don't sign him somebody will. Derrick Richardson looked good the other night breaking up a sure TD pass. Good luck to the both of them and the rest of the Aggies this coming season.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the update on the former Aggie players. It's good to hear that a few might be playing on Sunday.

It would be nice if the Sun News posted player stats for the pro games that ex-Aggies played in.

Anonymous said...

Any word on Polo Gutierrez?

Buck Nasty said...

Is Nick Cole still w/ Philly?

Anonymous said...

Glad to see CW and Richardson have a legitimate chance of making an NFL roster.

I too feel bad for Chase.
Isn't this like the 6th straight year he's stuck with Dumme? What a bummer!

He's a great kid from a good family...he deserves better than Dumme ball! Hope things get better for him.

SM said...

CW has caught the attention of his coaches too. Check out this link:

Anonymous said...

Wow, that was an awesome link SM. Nice to see Miami fans are loving CW as well.