Monday, October 27, 2008

Up next.....Boise

I know its hard for some to comprehend, but the Aggie football season moves on. They play a top-25 team this weekend in Boise State.

The Idaho loss was terrible but lets look at things real quick. Anything can happen in college football, particularly on the road. I really thought the team would have problems in Idaho. I didn't think they would lose but I did think they would be in for a battle. It was that and more.

Who's to say that Boise won't be in for a battle in Las Cruces? Playing on the road is tough and NMSU has been consistently inconsistent the last four seasons. I really think the team can battle the Broncos - heck I want them to. I would love to see a great game here next weekend. That's why I'm in this business to begin with.

I wrote at the beginning of the year on this blog, before the season started, that NMSU would split with their rivals. I wrote that they would split their two road games at Idaho and Utah State. I said that they would lose to San Jose State at home. I did not predict their win at Nevada. I said they would beat Hawaii at home. I said that they would lose at home to Boise State and Louisiana Tech. And I wrote that they would lose at Fresno.

The point is that I'm not terribly surprised that the Aggies are where they are right now. They will win at Utah State at the end of the year to solidify that prediction. They need to beat Louisiana Tech here. End of story. That game needs to see a positive result. And I think they'll beat Hawaii at home. That is just a tough trip for the Warriors.

That equals six wins. And if last weekend taught you anything, it's that college football is not an exact science. Teams get upset every week, everywhere. I know it is painful because it seems like the Aggies have been upended the last handful of years in games that are simply inexcusable. But its time to get off the mat. I know that if they beat Boise here that this blog will have a much different tone on it next week at this time. Lets move on and realize the season is not over yet. I know I can't wait for Saturday.


Aggie fan since '89 said...

Teddy...absolutely ridiculous post by you my friend. Instead of the "wishful" verbal diarrhea in regards to coach Mumme pulling out any wins (well, perhaps 1 is possible) for the rest of the season, I recommend speaking in terms of reality. AD Boston and coach Mumme have failed our school and community. Leadership is the key to success in any venture...sports, business, or otherwise. Coach Mumme should've been fired last year...when will this happen?

Anonymous said...

Nice try Teddy, but it ain't going to work.

The problem is with the offense. There is no disipline and that clearly reflect on Mumme's "laid back style."
The guy rides around in a golf during practice and let's the assistants do all the work!
How can the kids respect a guy like that?!

JL Dunn doesn't have a the right personell but, is respected beacause he's tough on the kids and gets really involved in the practices.

The program needs to go in another direction.

I know I sound anti Aggie but, I really hope Boise kills us so we can get rid of Mumme!!

Anonymous said...

What exactly did you drink to come up with that entry? Did you not read the 20+ responses to your last blog entry? Lets be a little bit realistic, we are not beating the Broncos, and we are not totalling 6 wins or more this season.

Anonymous said...

At this point is it really better for the Aggies to win on Saturday?

That would probably buy Mumme another year, plus cost all the WAC schools millions in shared revenue of a BCS game.

I am torn on that, as much as I would love to see the Aggies shock the nation with a win, I am hoping that if we cant go bowling, then we need to shake things up. That means a new coaching staff and enjoying the benefit of having a bcs team for the third straight year.

So much for a bowl game said...

It'd be awesome if the Ags pulled the upset, but let's be's likely not going to happen. If the offense keeps playing like it is, this will be another blowout loss to BSU. Hats off to the D because they're showing up to play. Thanks to the offensive playcalling (that I like to compare to a five-year-old playing Madden on Xbox) we continuously have to punt the ball. Mumme will try to establish a running game but that's going nowhere. Instead of wasting opportunities Mumme should stick to his game...passing! Oh yeah, but that won't work either because our line can't block for ****. Gotta feel sorry for the guys who are being coached by a clown.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ted- Six wins means bowl ELIGIBLE -not bowl GUARANTEE!! Boise St.,no.Hawaii-maybe-LA Tech?..possibly..then I would count on our nemesis Utah State to quash any hope of a 6-win season.IMHO,Shallow Hal needs to step aside and let someone who will get back to basics smash-mouth football lead this team-Az Aggie

Anonymous said...

Hey Aggie Fans. You are all right on track. Rememember though, Mumme got his contract extended last year. Why? Dr. Boston made a stupid decision, thats why. There is NO WAY Boston turns around and buys out his years on the contract and brings in a new coach. Since Boston, Mumme and Theus arrived they spent money like it was going out of style. Now, after talking with a few other sport coaches over there, Boston is telling them "Dont spend any money, but you better win." What the heck is going on over there?

Sure, we would all like to see our guys beat Boise and some others as well. We want our Aggie players to do well.

Teddy, come on now brotha!

Anonymous said...

If we can't get more than six wins, I'd rather we not beat Boise. If the Broncos can make it to another BCS game, then the Aggies benefit with a cut of the BCS payout.

Better than a trip to the Lobo Toilet Bowl in ABQ, which six wins would net an invite to.

Teddy said...

The reason Boston extended Mumme's deal in the offseason was because it is next to impossible for a program to recruit players with a lame-duck coach. Mumme's deal doesn't guarantee that he will be here next year.

ic said...

As I've stated before what does a losing program do to help recruiting? That was the main reason we were sold on mumme's extension, now what? Let recruits know now that change is coming and mediocrity wont be tolerated.

As for Anon. October 28, 2008 10:57AM, while they burned money in the past, at least Theus and the Basketball team put out a winner. The Pan Am Center during his time was crazy! Mumme has never put up a winner, never even had anything resemble a winner or the type of turnaround that the basketball team had in those two years. Or continued success under Menzies. We need an overhaul and we need it now. Maybe light a fire under the team and have them fire Mumme the way UW told Willingham. If he chooses to leave then let Dunn take over in the interim. Lord knows he's done more with less talent than Mumme.

Anonymous said...

So what does the one year extension stipulate/ guarantee?

No matter the cost Shallow Hal must go.
Hasta la vista, Mumme!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Theus did win. This school, community and athletic department NEEDS football to win. We also need a football coach with the same energy and enthusiasm of Theus. We need a coach who can get people excited about the program and wanting to be a part of it, just as Theus did. Mumme is dull, he hides out and doesn't excite people. Boston should make the change. Heck, he threatened our baseball and women's basketball coaches with their jobs when it didn't need to be done so why isn't he doing the same with football. Simple answer. Mumme is HIS guy and he isn't going to admit he made a mistake. Wake up Boston.

Anonymous said...

Question...Will Boise score 50 in the first two quarters or will it take three quarters to hit half a century against the Aggies?

Anonymous said...

If it were up to me,I would be showing last year's massacre in Boise to this team and stress the point that given the way they're playing now,that the same thing will happen in front of the home crowd-does this team want to be humiliated like that in their OWN HOUSE!!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to start rooting for the other teams so that Shallow can get canned! Hire a coach that will get off his ass, and out of the golf cart to start coaching these kids fundamental football! Mumme is an arrogant knucklehead who needs to be fired now! Anything would be better than what we've got!

Anonymous said...

The good thing after we lose this Saturday, is that Mumme has one foot out the door!!

Boston needs to eat a little crow and say, "I messed up w/ Mumme and we need to go in another direction."

If he keeps Mumme around, he should also be fired!

Anonymous said...

I understand why I don't read TF's blog. It says pretty much nothing in a whole lot of words.

Anonymous said...

It seems like your more interested in hiting your predictions rather than, the good and the future of the program.

Mumme is a joke, he's arrogant and is more interested in his offensive stats than wins.
You deal with him week in and week out and know exactly what I'm talking about.

The guy needs to go!
As Herm Edwards once said, "You play to win the game," not to pad your stats!

C'mon Boston, admit you did wrong and fire Mumme!!

Anonymous said...

The problem is this... Where the Hell is Tony Samuels? Someone tell me why he is not still our coach? We were competetive at least. What do people expect? This has never been a football school. Samuels did a very good job when he was here but apparently not good enough. Air raid? Gimme a break.

Patrick Lopez said...

My honest opinion is that 6 wins is absolutely riduculous. I understand that anything can happen in the future, but from what I've seen, that win total is a major stretch. I am so tired of the rah rah rhetoric from writes at the Sun-News. All of you must be protecting some priveledged, pampered treatment you receive from NMSU.
The Hal Mumme era has been a complete failure. In 3 plus seasons, NMSU has posted a 12-34 record. Five of those wins are against I-AA schools. At 7-34, I believe we are in store for a change. Every Aggie fan that I know wants this coaching regime to end. Someone needs to let McKinley Boston know that the reason fans aren't filling up the stands is because they are sick to death of Hal Mumme and his gadget offense. What NMSU needs is a young, eager coordinator looking for the opportunity to be a head coach. Someone who is innovative and willing to be creative. Hal Mumme's offense runs the same 4 or 5 plays all game long. I love NMSU, but I will not waste any more of my money on this regime. The majority of fans see it, why can't the university?

Anonymous said...

I too "want" NMSU to compete, but like just about everyone else, that is highly unlikely. BSU has a decent pass defense (23rd). If the Air Raid offense was working the way it's advertised, I'd be somewhat optimistic. But the offense has not looked good since playing Nevada (which is ranked dead last in pass defense - 119th), so Boise should be able to slow the Ags down, if not shut them down like last year. Since we can't run the ball, and Boise has a strong scoring defense (4th nationally), we are back to totally relying on the Aggie defense to be competitive. That simply is too much to ask for, especially since our rush defense remains awful (115th). Finally, BSU has a head coach whose name often comes up when BCS schools are seeking a HC, and NMSU has Hal Mumme. It adds up to a lopsided game - unfortunately. Teddy, sure hope I'm wrong, and what me and you "want" materializes.
-Aggie Glare

Teddy said...

The bottom line is that anyone who has read this blog the last year knows that I don't favor anybody or anything. I'm just trying to be optimistic for a change. But I guess it didn't work. Oh well....

Anonymous said...

Boy has frustration taken over...again. First, was the Nevada win or the Idaho loss a fluke? You can't make the judgement based on the SJSU game nor the Boise game because they will wind up 1 and 2 in conference. The Fresno game will tell all. I will be rooting for the Aggies to win out after Boise. If we do, then that means the coach has figured out what was/is wrong and made the adjustment. If we go 7-5, we go bowling and we keep Mumme. I'll admit it, I love the passing game and I love the defense. Bring it together, stay healthy (play 2nd/3rd stringers against Boise) and win out. I refuse to tar and feathering until all is lost. Go Aggies!!!