Friday, October 17, 2008

Ticket update

17,500 tickets have been sold as of 4 p.m. on Friday. This number does not include students, which is about an additional 4,000 fans if they show in full force.

Judging from the walk up traffic, I would think that 23,500 is a very realistic number with 25,000 still within range. Very respectable for the Aggies' second conference game.


IC said...

23,000 would be great, but 25,000 would be amazing! Plus we are contributing to a great cause, as of today we've helped raise $17,500 for cancer research, let's get them the extra 8,000 and get 25,000 people in the seats.

C'mon people lets go support our Aggies!

Don't forget to vote for Chase in the Davey Obrien Award, he got jumped by Tim Tebow and dropped to 4th. Go vote!

Anonymous said...

Come on Las Cruces! Get off your butts and get to the game. We are sitting good in the WAC race, with a road win, and we have to take care of home field. We can win this game but the team needs US at the game! What else you got to do? Don't wait to see if they are going to make a play or win for you to support them. True fans are there for the team. Let's all be for our team!

2-0 in WAC play means we are sitting around the top of the league WITH a road win!
Help our team!

Anonymous said...

25,000 is a very good possibility!

C'mon people, get to the game and be loud!!

Anonymous said...

I am tired of hearing all this baloney. Go to the game because the weather is nice, the mountains are pretty, it is fun to see Keystone race around the field, and the price of all this is a bargain. You can even boo if you want. This all applies even if the Aggies are not in the race for the league championship(which they are not, by the way). The cost of a ticket is so low that we should not have empty seats for any game. Because the cost for students is $0, we should have the student section filled for every game. I buy season tickets because of all the reasons above, not because the Aggies win every year(which they do not).