Thursday, October 30, 2008

Saturday's game

Boise State is a great team, No. 11 in the country and the premier WAC football program in recent memory. They are also facing a reeling Aggie team that could be on the verge of imploding.

The Broncos have gotten very strong play from freshman quarterback Kellen Moore this year and have two excellent running backs — Ian Johnson and Jeremy Avery. They also have a very good defense which is playing with increased confidence this season.

NMSU is in a lot of trouble following last week's loss to Idaho. The team looked awful and now has to get up for the Broncos. NMSU's offense got shut down by one of the worst defenses in college football and now has to face BSU? It could get ugly. Here are a few things to look for as kickoff approaches:

NMSU played with absolutely no urgency last week. That is the most disheartening aspect of the game. It was, for all intents and purposes, a very winnable game, one which the team needed to capture with the understanding that they were returning to Las Cruces to face Boise. They just didn't show up. This Saturday, desperation needs to be on display. I don't know what to expect from the defense. The unit has played better in recent weeks but also has not played a team like the Broncos. Chances are they are going to get scored on often, as BSU can come after teams with their two-headed attack in the backfield. NMSU will have its hands full defending that tandem.

Offensively is really where things are going to need to get better and in a hurry. NMSU has been lackluster in back-to-back weeks moving the ball and will need to put up points in this one to make in competitive. The team needs to protect Holbrook and throw the ball downfield, challenge Boise's DBs to make plays defending NMSU's greatest weapons — the wide receivers.

If they get destroyed, Mumme's future will continue to look bleak. Again, I go back to the Nevada game. How can the team beat the Wolf Pack and then lose at Idaho? It's the inconsistency that's frustrating. I just don't see the school making a change at midseason. But another embarrassing loss, coming on homecoming weekend, and that possibility could become a reality.


Anonymous said...

Boy you sure did a 180 from your last topic.

I hope Boston makes a mid season but, since there is no University President to force his hand, it's his call and, his call alone.

Boston is clinging on to false hope.
I think we are about to suffer the worst five weeks in Aggie FB history.

You got to feel for the players but, Mumme must go!

Anonymous said...

No way Boston makes a change mid season. He'll have a hard enough time finding the money to buy him out of the "extension" he gave him just last spring. Oh, wait, maybe that is why he his telling all the coaches they can't spend money this year.

However it goes, the players are the ones playing and they are the ones who need to get their acts together and COMPETE! As a former D1 athlete, I can honestly say that we play to play and who cares what is going on above us. Athletes get four years to compete and if they choose to blow off a game or a practice thats on them and they only cheat the system. The players need to step it up and do their part.

Go Aggies.

Anonymous said...

Want some reality? NMSU is 10-55 all time against the rest of its opposition this season.NO wins against Boise,Hawaii,or Fresno St.EVER!!!

SM said...

This one could be very ugly. The sad thing is, Mumme knows he's toast after last week and the players know they are not going anywhere this year. The team will likely play with very low motivation, whereas Boise is determined to get back to a BCS game. Boise needs to blow out a team like NMSU to get a BCS Bowl Bid, and you can bet Peterson will not call off the dogs. Prediction:

Boise 56

The actual game may be a lot worse. I do believe the Boise offense will score almost everytime they have the ball and our offense will give up a couple scores as well, or at least turn the ball over in our own territory 3-4 times.

Anonymous said...

The match-up looks really bad. BSU is extremely well coached; their HC even orchestrated one of the biggest upsets in college football with a victory over Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl. NMSU has Hal Mumme, whose claim to fame is coaching the biggest QB bust in NFL history with his gimmicky air raid offense. BSU has average rushing stats, but look for them to run the ball with ease against our anemic rush defense (ranked 115th). BSU also has a strong passing offense, so they are fairly well balanced. Our scoring defense is ranked 95th, so BSU should score in the 40s at least. And for those hanging their hats on our defense stepping up the past two weeks, SJSU has the 101st ranked offense, Idaho 86th. BSU is ranked 19th. Huge difference in the competition this week.

As for our offense, BSU's D is comparable to SJSU's D. And we all saw what happened there. Felix got it partially right in his column - NMSU needs a huge advantage in the turnover ratio to stay in the game. My prediction: BSU 40 something, NMSU 14. But I'm still rooting for NMSU and hope they pull it off. Go Aggies!
-Aggie Glare

Anonymous said...

Yes if Mumme loses this game in front of a Homecoming crowd, he should be let go now and be assisgned as the new asst women cross country coach.

Anonymous said...

Write an article this week why Hal Mumme should be fired?????

IC said...

Anon. 9:30 PM, the article should be why Dumme should still have a job. The reasons for him being fired have been on display for every saturday the last 4 years. As for the assistant for the women's CC team, what did they do to deserve such a terrible fate. This guy needs to be run out of town TODAY!