Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Offensive fireworks

This should be a high-scoring affair between the Aggies and the Wolf Pack on Saturday.

Nevada can flat out run the football. Last year, the team rolled up yardage on NMSU and I don't really see that changing. Quarterback Colin Kaepernick is a remarkable player. He makes the Wolf Pack offense go.

Whether or not the Aggies pull off the upset on the road is going to come down to Chase's play. It's going to be a track meet and Holbrook will have to air it out and put up big numbers in this one. The Wolf Pack defense is vulnerable to the pass and last year, Chase exposed them without some of the Aggies' top targets even suiting up. This one's different though, simply because it's in Reno.

Another key to the game is going to be the play of the Aggie defensive line. Joe Lee Dunn continues to mix and match along this unit, trying to find the right fit up front. If the line gets blown off the ball, the Wolf Pack will run all day. If the line controls play up front, it will help. Nevada is going to get its yardage on the ground in this one regardless, but NMSU needs to make it tough on them. The Aggies need to be physical.

The good news is that it appears as if Derrick Richardson will be back in the NMSU lineup. He's been a tackling machine early on in the season.

I really think both teams can score over 40 in this one. You just hope there isn't too much pressure on the NMSU passing game. It's a lot for an offense to have to constantly air it out in hopes of staying close.


Anonymous said...

That Kaepernick kid is a really, really, good!

UNM gave Reno fits in the NM Bowl.
Although, we still don't have the right personell on defense, we should be able to get in he backfield and give them poblems.

Chase and Co. will have a big but, will it be enough?

It's gonna be tough to get a "W" at UN Reno.

Anonymous said...

It will be close, but I think Reno will get us at their place. Check out www.aggiesportsblog for the real scoop.

Anonymous said...

Nevada's QB is a ton better than our QB. He will lead them to a win over our Aggies.

Anonymous said...

Terrible layout for that other blog, and hardly updated.

Anonymous said...

I don't think their QB is a ton better than our QB. Thats just not a smart remark. Who has a chance to be drafted in the league I guarantee it's not Nevada's QB. Stop being a hater if your an Aggie. We have a great chance of winning up there.

Anonymous said...

You know what whoever said the QB from Nevada was better is not that bright great job Chase and company. True Aggie Fan.

Anonymous said...

You mnow waht I'm a true Aggie fan I'm glad Chase had a great game eat your words blogger whoever said Koppernick is better. Leave town and be a better fan.