Thursday, October 2, 2008


While last week's loss was particularly disappointing, the Aggies need to rebound this week against Alcorn State.

While some fans will think that NMSU's game against the Braves is a gimme, I can't help but harken back to last season. NMSU, hosting Arkansas Pine Bluff, and narrowly escaped 20-17. That game actually hurt the Aggies in the long run. Chase Holbrook got hurt and it seemed like at that point of the year, NMSU sort of unraveled.

NMSU's loss to UNM was disheartning. It was a winnable game for the Aggies, that's what hurts the most. But it's over. Time to look forward. You just hope the team is prepared for Alcorn and takes care of business. The last thing they need is a dog fight with the Braves, right before heading into WAC play. It's a bigger game than some people may think.


Anonymous said...

Teddy's right, if the team is still thinking of what could have been, it could be another Ark. PB.

I'm not sure what the mental state of the team is but, during his post Lobo press coference, Mumme looked like someone that just received a pink slip.

I'm still fuming (so is the entire Mesilla Valley) about Saturday's game!!
NMSU needs to come out and put 100 points on the board.
That will help everyone feel better!

Anonymous said...

An 11:30 am start? Let's hope the football team shows up for the game...think breakfast tailgate party!!

Anonymous said...

I guarantee that if the Aggies don't show up prepared to take care of business, this game will be a repeat of the UNM game. The Aggies do not have the luxury of looking past anyone. With that said, I believe they will take care of business. Come on Aggies! Win this one!

Anonymous said...

I think one of the worst things about losing this game is that once more we will see how pathetic this city is when it comes to supporting the Aggies. UTEP was 0-3when they played UCF last week and yet they had plenty of people show up to their stadium. Alcorn St. should be a game where the Aggies are able to put a lot of points in the board and be exciting but more than likely people will not go. Our student body is one of the worst out there and I simply dont understand why. Unlike many other schools they get in free and still they are not a factor out there. Las Cruces only has around 80,000 people and there is nothing here that is that exciting but yet people would rather stay home than watch the Aggies. We will see the true Aggie fans out there on Saturday.

Just a comment but why is it that this blog is only dedicated to writing about the mens sports? I thought that Aggie sports included women sports as well as golf, tennis, cross country among others. People talk so much trash about the FB team but it still remains the only team talked about in this blog...


IC said...

GS, you cant compare the upcoming game to utep's game last week.

1. utep was playing a conference game.

2. it was a night game.

Now I do agree with you that LC needs to support the team, but there is a big difference in getting people to show up to a night/evening game as oppossed to a morning game. Why do you think there are so few morning games on Saturday's. The teams that do play in the morning usually do so for a t.v. broadcast, which is not the case.

Anonymous said...

I saw very little of the game, but admit I was foolish enough to bet on NMSU +3. My logic? Two teams with terrible defenses, and the favorite was playing with back-ups at key positions. I figured take the points. Thought I was smart when I saw a 14-0 score, but as you all know I ended up a loser. And I'll predict more disappointing losses in WAC play unless the defense gets better (highly doubtful with our HC D-coordinator) and we can establish an average running game. I said before the season started NMSU must make teams respect the rush to enhance our passing game. To date, it has not happened.

As for Alcorn State, I expect our guys to have an emotional let down. They played against our two rivals the past two weeks, and begin WAC play next weekend. Throw in a FCS team, and you have a classic "sandwich" game. Mumme better watch out; this game could be a very tough one.
-Aggie Glare

Anonymous said...

Aggie fans are so fake! People around here only show up if a team wins. Instead of the people here showing to assist in the building process of a team, they want to wait til they have built it. The "Journey" of college athletics is what is important and most fun, not just the finished product. Las Cruces is one of the strangest sports towns in America. How hard is it to get on board with our local division 1 teams (all sports) and help our student-athletes have a positive experience on their journey?

And yes, there are more sports on the campus of NMSU, with kids who work very hard. But, you all will never know about them because NMSU has probably the WORST marketing/advertising departments in the country. Boston always talks about a journey to excellence. Does he even know what that means? I don't think so. This journey of excellence should include all our womens teams. Our womens teams have good coaches, good kids and they find a way to win. Volleyball and womens basketball are the flag carriers, but our cross country, track, golf, swimming/diving, tennis and softball teams all do great jobs too. We fans should show more love to them and get out to their games too.

Anonymous said...

You phony Aggie fans should be ashamed of yourselves. Sitting at this Alcorn State game makes me sad for our coaches and players. You also need to know you only make it harder for the coaches of our other sports. How? Well, they all bring in recruit prospects to visit NMSU, Las Cruces and to see the atmosphere here. When they see this sad sight, why would they want to come here? This atmosphere is lousy and it keeps good players and kids from coming here. Both basketball teams had recruits on campus and they saw an empty football stadium.

Las Cruces, get on board and help the Aggies!

This is sad. Sorry NMSU coaches and players. You deserve better!