Saturday, October 11, 2008

Great win for Aggies

It was a great win for the Aggies over Nevada on Saturday afternoon.

For one, the Aggies showed a lot of resiliency. This game was back and forth and Nevada has been the stronger program the last bunch of years. A strong club that runs the ball well, in Reno, where the weather, frankly, favored a team that likes to pound the ball. It was cold here this weekend. But NMSU carved up the Wolf Pack on offense and made some plays on defense.

Nevada is bad at defending the pass. The Aggies threw on them all day and weren't afraid to go for it on fourth down. They played with a ton of confidence. They went for it on fourth-and-20 and converted.

I'll admit it, I haven't seen every game this year. The last two weeks, I have gone. This week, I watched the defense closely. Is it better, is it worse, is it the same? It's hard to really tell. But I will say this, the defense is filled with a bunch of fighters that are molded after Joe Lee Dunn. They played much better in the second half. And, outside of his first quarter scoring run, the unit contained Kaepernick. The Long fumble recovery for a touchdown was fairly lucky. The ball bounced off the turf and into his arms. One sequence that stood out was in the first quarter. Nevada went downfield but NMSU stuffed them on 3rd-and-2 and forced a FG. The team also stopped them on 4th-and-1 but were flagged for a horsecollar tackle. When it was all said and done, the unit still gave up 45 points and over 300 yards on the ground but played just well enough to win.

Chase played very well. The receivers were wide open and Colston battled. He's a pretty good player. Kyle Hughes missed a short FG in the second quarter.

The San Jose State game this weekend will be huge. The team needs to win this game. And I really hope people come out in full force and support the team.


Anonymous said...

Awesome job Aggies No matter if you win or lose I'm with you. I have been with you for over fifteen years since I was an undergraduate. Somebody said that Koper whoever was better than chase they better recognize. Chase will probably get drafted and that other guy will not. Dumb butt. I will see you next week and all you haters out there stay home.

Anonymous said...

This game was the one that could either make or break or bowl hopes. USU, SJSU, Idaho and La Tech are all games that we should win and those are the 4 wins we need. It was a huge win considering it was on the road and gives the team a big morale boost.

I like the fact that for the second game we have another 100 yard rusher which shows that our coaching stuff is trying to be more than just a passing team. The pass still dominates obviously but now it gives us the chance to control the clock more. Our offense did a good job in putting points up on the board and not allowing Nevada to take over in the last minutes of the game.

The defense was well, our defense. I dont care what people say, giving up over 500 and 45 points yards is horrible. People will argue that they had some good stops but isnt that what a defense is for? To stop the offense from scoring every time they have the ball? Its hard to measure how good or bad they are since they allowed so many yards against the best rushing attack in our conference. They look better when you watch them, but stats show otherwise

I dont know what Teddy means by " I havent seen every game this year", but I think that the sportswriter who sits and blogs about our football team should at least watch all the games. And good luck to our volleyball team tomorrow vs Hawaii!


Anonymous said...

What I saw was two pretty bad defenses in action which made both offenses look pretty good. The only difference from last year's loss at Aggie Memorial was that Nevada had only one of the two running backs they had last year, and not the better one. I am looking forward to next week's game and I hope it is a good one. But 48 points against San Jose's tougher defense is unlikely, which means that our defense needs to play better than against Nevada. Also I need to point out that 6 wins only makes us bowl eligible, but does not guarantee a bowl game.

Anonymous said...

I agree that if Teddy is our sportswriter he should be watching wonder his writing gets off center so much!!

Anonymous said...

SJSU's defense is better. But there offense isn't as good as UNR. It should be a good game. 6 wins guarantees us a bowl game FWIW. The New Mexico bowl is not going to snub a bowl eligible NMSU team.

Anonymous said...

Het Teddy, if you are the writer your butt should be at the games. jump on that charter flight with the team and all the other fake fans who go with them.

Also, tell the 1st poster that he needs to take a nap. Talking about all the haters? Is he for real?

Another poster hit the nail on the head. 6 wins only allows you in to the conversation for a bowl game and makes you eligible. It doesn't mean you will get in one. And, don't you all think that the NCAA bowl people will make a program like ours have to have at least 7 wins and probably 8 before they really consider NMSU? I say that for this reason. Bowl groups look at which teams will travel so they can sell tickets and fill the stands. Heck, you lazy people can't even come to home games, so why would you think we would be given a bowl game with only 6 wins? Also, let's say our beloved Aggies finish with 6 wins and let's say, Purdue has 6 wins. Who do you think is going to the bowl?

Fresno State and Boise State are going to be the top two WAC teams getting bowl bids. Does that mean one goes to Boise and the other to Hawaii, if not in BCS bowl? Does the third team go to the NM Bowl? I guess we could go there, cuz our people might drive there? Our students will all be gone for Christmas break, as will most of the community. You get the picture!

I want our Aggies in a game and I'm pulling for them, I just know how it is when our sports teams get screwed and the WAC office doesn't do much to fight for us. Look at what our volleyball team went through two years ago when they didn't get in NCAA tournament and the same went on with our womens basketball team last year when they got hosed out of both the NCAA and WNIT tournaments.
Keep working hard Aggies!

Anonymous said...

Agree - HUGE win for the Ags! This is the type of game I expect them to be involved in - lots of yards/points by both offenses. Let's face it, our D is awful: 92nd total, 115 rushing, and 105 scoring. Throw out the Alcorn game, and our rankings drop even further. So to be successful, NMSU's offense needs to be highly productive. It should surprise no one that our two losses came in our two lowest scoring games.

Unlike others who think Teddy's writing is off, I thought he made a couple really good points. Our D might have given up a ton of yards and points, but they were just good (and lucky - nice bounce into Long's hands!) enough to get the W. And the Ags actually had success running the ball!! I've said since before the season started, having a respectful rushing game would be key to Holbrook's success.

SJSU will be much tougher on D, but their offensive stats are highly unimpressive. This is another HUGE game for the Ags, and if they can eliminate turnovers, they have a legitimate chance to win the game. I hope the students and LC realize this and get out to the game.

And to the anon who thinks six wins does not guarantee a bowl game, which WAC team will go to the New Mexico Bowl if it's not a 6-win NMSU team? Six wins, and NMSU is a lock for a bowl game. Go Ags!
-Aggie Glare

Anonymous said...

I don't know about everyone else, but I'm looking forward to Saturday's game against San Jose State. I think the Aggis matchup well against them. SJSU is more of a passing team than a running team, and I think the Aggies can get some stops against them. Meanwhile, the Spartans haven't been tremendously effective against the pass. Finally, SJSU has been a better home team than road team in the past few years.

The Aggies need to be able to stop the Spartans a few times and contnue to take care of the ball and move down the field like they did at Reno.

If we can protect our home field against the middle of the pack teams, and continue to do well enough on the road, 7 and 5 or even 8 and 4 are not out of reach.

Nevada was one of the teams I though would beat us, as was Fresno. Given Fresno's difficulties the past couple of weeks, I now see that as a possible win, though it would be an upset. Idaho, Hawaii, LT, and USU all should be winnable as well. Only Boise State looks like they are the class of teh WAS, so it would be a major upset to beat them, but who knows, if the Aggies get on a roll . . . ?

Get out to Aggie Memorial on Saturday.

Teddy said...

I just want to tell everyone that I am not the everyday Aggie beat writer. It's Felix Chavez. I still try to cover the team as much as I can because I love doing it. I was able to make one road game this year and I chose Nevada because of the game last year and the QB matchup of Chase and Kaepernick. I try to make the home games and I listen to every road game on the radio. Felix has been to every game this year and he has a blog too....

Anonymous said...

I'm glad somebody else is savvy enough to realize 6-6 DOES GUARANTEE us a bowl game. 6-6, 7-5, 8-4, don't matter. IF, and I do mean IF, we are bowl eligible we will be playing in Albuquerque.

Anonymous said...

We give up 500+ yards of offense to the opponent and ya'll are jumping for joy because we won...ridiculous. We are not a good team. Please stop talking "bowl" hype. That's all it is. Our coaching staff led by Hal Mumme has yet to prove anything.

Anonymous said...

anon 7:05 --- WE WON, YOU DOLT! Of course we are happy. Why do you even follow a team you loathe so much. Mumme is securing his job, so you might as well stop watching. Oh about about that running game!

Anonymous said...

According to the NCAA,6 wins makes a team bowl ELIGIBLE only-it is NOT a guarantee of a bowl bid.That being said,GOOD JOB GUYS-keep up the good job on running the ball and racking up time of posession-just another way to play "D"-Az Aggie

Anonymous said...

Take a nap probably like you do every saturday when the Aggies play. I'm the first poster if you have so much negativity for the Aggies why do you mock them by making the comments you do about them. Stay at home HATER. If you want i'll give you my phone # and we can see who the real fan and supporter is on Saturday while I tailgate Like I did at Alcorn State when nobody was there. Think before you speak especially about a fan who supports his college and team.