Sunday, September 28, 2008

Another frustrating loss

It was another frustrating loss for the New Mexico State Aggies, who fell to New Mexico 35-24 on Saturday night.

A few things stood out immediately when looking at the box score. The first one was obvious and that was the 63 rushing attempts by the Lobos. And then the fact that they piled up 297 yards on the ground. It's not like they posed a threat to throw the ball downfield at all. NMSU just had to concern itself with defending the run. And the Aggies simply couldn't stop it.Usually when an offense is one-dimensional, it becomes easy prey. Not the case Saturday and really, it wasn't the case two weeks ago against UTEP either. The Miner backs just weren't as good as the Lobos' were.

Then I looked at NMSU's rushing numbers. I know, the team likes to throw the ball. But UNM rushes it 63 times and NMSU just 18? Common. Usually, the Aggie backs are at least involved in the passing game too. That makes the stats deceptive, simply because they are catching quick screens and dump off that are just as good as carries but are counted as receptions. Again, not Saturday. No receptions for the NMSU runners. I don't know if this is a case of them being ignored or just not playing well but something needs to change. Your backs need to be involved in the offense in some capacity. Those lopsided totals on the ground led to a lopsided total in time of possession. UNM held the ball for more than 17 minutes longer than the Aggies. The defense must have been exhausted.

The Lobos outscored the Aggies 25-7 in the second half. Halftime adjustments, or a lack there of, are critical.

A winnable game? Yes. Is the season over? Absolutely not. The Aggies will rebound and beat Alcorn State. The team needs to avoid an Arkansas Pine Bluff-like performance and take it too Alcorn from start to finish. The WAC schedule starts out tough - at Nevada-Reno. But the team returns home for San Jose State - a team the Aggies can beat in Las Cruces - and then to Idaho - a team that ranks as one of the worst, if not the worst, in the country. Lots of football left to be played in a very young season. NMSU tends to live dangerously and plays in tight games, particularly in Las Cruces. Count on at least three more this season. The team needs to find a way to win them.


SM said...

Can anyone identify a "rivalry" as one-sided as the NMSU-UNM football rivalry? One blogger last week chastised me for saying NMSU fans expect to lose to the Lobos. The blogger said, as Aggies, we should expect to beat the Lobos every year. My question is: why? What reason do we have to expect a win against the Lobos? No matter how bad the Lobos are, they almost always beat us. So please, whoever that blogger was, please identify a reason why us Aggie fans should expect to beat the Lobos?

Saturday was a textbook example of Long's superior coaching. NMSU picks up two quick scores, and long makes a few defensive adjustment and basically shuts us down the rest of the game. Predictability does not even begin to describe the Aggie offense. As long as Rocky Long is coaching the kids up north and Mumme is down here, no matter how much "experience" or "offensive talent" our team has, the Lobos will beat us every time.

Many may wonder how we can go into the Sun Bowl and beat a UTEP team in a heated environment, then get embarrased by the Lobos in our own stadium. I think it is clear at this point that the UTEP game would likely have been much different if UTEP had at least one starter at a skill position on offense. UTEP played without the starting QB, RB and top WR, and still almost beat the Aggies.

Perhaps the most disappointing aspect of the loss is that the fans stepped up and sold out Aggie Memorial, while the team did not step up. I do not believe this was one of those "must win" games, but it speaks volumes of how little things have changed since Mumme's arrival. While our fans (especially students) should always support the team (notice I say support - which means to show up - not that fans should avoid criticizing the program), it will be hard to sell tickets after a loss like that.

Silver lining: the other games have not been played. Theoretically, the Aggies can make a bowl. Realistically, well, you make the call.

Anonymous said...

Of course the season is not over, the Aggies will show up for the remaining games, but after that performance, the fans may not. My quess is another 4-8 season. But I have counted San Jose State as an Aggie loss. They have played very well so far and they sure have a better coach than the Aggies. The UNM game was a must win and the Aggies blew it.

AAD said...

Yep, another frustrating loss. I wasn’t able to make it down to see the game this year, so I signed up and watched the game on-line on Aggie Vision. I must have made a mistake because what I heard was “Lobo Vision”. It seemed that announcer Jeff Siembieda could hardly hold back his glee when the Lobos were making their comeback in the game. Moreover, I wasn’t interested in hearing about the Lobos victory over Arizona nor was I interested in hearing Mountain West Conference game scores (the Aggies play in the WAC, Jeff). As the game progressed, I was expecting to hear Mike Roberts chime in at any moment whining about a supposed bad call against the Lobos. I don’t expect a game announcer to be a sycophant like Roberts was, but at least he should show some interest in the home team. Clearly Siembieda was in the Lobo camp.

Anonymous said...

It was frustrating watching the inevitable on Saturday.

The defense is still improving but, it's the offensive "3 & outs" that are killing us/ defense!!

Mumme is flat out getting out coached!!
There is still a lot of football to be played but winning four WAC games is going to be tough.

Anonymous said...

If Chase had a bum throwing elbow, why don't bring in JJ McDermott?

Heck, UNM had a second string QB and RB perform very well.

If JJ McDermott is the future and Chase is hurt, why not bring the kid in and see what he can do, right?

Terrible play selection Mumme!
Get it together or get out of town!!!!

Anonymous said...

What a disappointingly quiet crowd on Saturday night, especially on the west side of the stadium. It would have been louder with cardboard cut outs of people. That stadium should have errupted with a 14-0 lead over the Loobs, instead I had cranky geriatrics telling me to sit down the whole night. Two more quick comments: Nice play calling Mumme, and nothing like celebrating an Aggie loss with fireworks (the geriatrics made more noise for the fireworks). Yes I know it was preplanned, but prideful programs would cancel the darn thing if their team just lost to a bitter rival. And before somebody argues against my fireworks comment--you dont have any pride either, so dont bother. Just like our team---the fans in Las Cruces need to LEARN HOW TO WIN!!!!!! That starts with cheering loudly!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Must be an election year.

- Any way we can get congress to bail out the Aggies?!!

- Hey Mr. 0-4 (Mumme), "you can put lip stick on a loss but, it's still a loss."

What's the difference between playing w/ dolls and Mummes play calling?

Lip stick!

Get it together or were going to VOTE you out of office!

Frustrated Aggie Ticket Holder

Anonymous said...

Bring back Tony Samuels!
At least he had a .500 record against UNM!

Mumme sure promised a lot and as not delivered.
I think I just saw some vilutures circle the Fulton Center!

Anonymous said...

The game was close. If Long "out-coached" Mumme why did it take 4 quarters for him to win. Come on. The Aggies played a good game. The game was close and was not decided until 4:14 left to play. That is a close game. If anything, the Aggies have shown that the Rivalry is back. If you want to call three consecutive close games "one-sided" you obviously have a hidden agenda. I enjoyed the game. Yes, it was disappointing, especially the last touchdown given up, but if the Defense was worn out, atleast you know they gave it all they had. The only thing that is going to continue the progress we have had under Mumme is to buy season tickets. Seeing 30,000+ was a sight to see. Go Aggies.

Anonymous said...

Did Coach Mumme miss the lesson on offensive clock management? He left the defense out on the field to get pounded on for almost 40 minutes while the offense sputtered for 10 points in the second half.Save wear and tear on the already depleted(by now)rush defense-get a RUSHING GAME going & help out the "D"!! The sad part is ,the Low-blo's did pretty much what I would have done to counter the Air raid offense!!-Az Aggie

Anonymous said...

Who is calling the plays for NMSU? Terrible! Mumme gets out coached every game. Mumme is on his way to another ugly year if he can't turn things around; which I don't think he is capable of. What excuses does this guy have now. We heard all the other lame brain excuses from him over the last 3 years. Time to put up or shut up! Get a clue NMSU!!

Anonymous said...

I hate to agree, but as lopsided as the series is, at what point is it a rivalry? Although that said I think that is what makes it a must win, every year. Poor play calling, especially the gimmick shovel pass, and the 4 db's on defense. Everyone knew that Long was going to pound the ball, yet we got a 3 man front? I know its a 3-3-5, but make adjustments. Rocky did, why didnt Hal? With the strting qb out and the superstar RB hurt we should have run away with a BIG W, instead the 2000 loobs were louder then the whole stadium.

I'm waiting to see how many students show up at 11am this week.

Anonymous said...

"... instead I had cranky geriatrics telling me to sit down the whole night...."

And I bet you sat down just like they told you too. Obedient little boy that you are.

Anonymous said...

I commend the kids on the effort but, the pathetic Head Coach has got to go!

The play calling keeps getting worse every season and every game and the kids only do as they are told. I feel for those players.

Mumme is an absolute embarrasment to the coaching world.

Anonymous said...

The fans in Las Cruces are horrible, when it comes to the Aggies and when it comes to helping a team get over the hump! Wake up people and be part of the solution and not always adding to the problem. People here make noise ONLY when the Aggies have a lead and that's true for our mens and womens basketball teams too. Get off your butts, make noise and HELP the only NCAA division 1 teams you have here.

Aggies007 said...

Bring back Tony Samuel? Priceless ... we are left to wonder what he could've done with the resources that Mumme has at his disposal. He did decent with very little resources and was run outta town when the resources were just becoming available. I wish Boston would've given him a year to take advantage of what Mumme hasn't for 4 years. However, Mumme has certainly taken advantage of a nice fat paycheck.

Going to games now; it's embarrassing. Holbrook is good, yes. To be bluntly honest: he is NOT clutch ... he should've taken Mike Price's advice and left for the NFL last year. Heck, he should've left after his breakout sophomore year!!!! I know some of you are going to say, "You can't enter after your sophomore year. You have to be a junior." Well, given Chase's redshirt year, he could've declared.
I'm sorry for the seniors on the team. They have talent, work very hard and give everything they have (C.Williams to be specific), but when the head man is making bone-head calls, it has GOT to be frustrating.

Aggie Memorial Stadium is going to be a ghost-town for the rest of the season. Good luck (NMSU Athletics Marketing Director)Steve Macy! Maybe you'll be asking for your WAC marketing job back soon ...

Anonymous said...

Dude you are so freaking dumb. NMSU defense played good. UNM did run all over us, but the defense gave our offense every single chance to win this game. Our offense dropped the ball in this game. Poor offensive play calling was also another thing that lost us this game. don't be blaming the defense. Wake up dude.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:21---I don't think anybody is talking bad about the team. They put up a great effort, but their COACH let them down.

Anon 2:08---How was the fireworks show that you cheered on along side your grandkids?

Slim said...

Good prediction of the score, TF!
Just three points shy and reverse the winner and you had it...
Why don't the Aggies have a ROTC kid torpedo down the field on kick-offs like the other Aggies used to do and then re-instituted? It might save one of the skilled players for catching some crucial balls from Chase Holbrook?

Anonymous said...

Can we please get rid of hl Mumme. He may have an exciting offense, but he doesn't know how to win games. How do you lose that game at home to that team? especially after being up two Tds early. It can't get more clear how badly he was outcoached. He's had enogh bad seaspns and plenty of time to get his gys in there. Please get me a winner Boston.

Anonymous said...

I just visited the NMSU website and Mumme thanked the Aggie faithfull for showing up this weekend.

This is the first time he has publicly thanked the fans in his 4 years here.

Honestly, I'm not sure how to take it.
Is he that worried about his job/ attendance going down after a sure win got away?
Or, is he being sincere?

It's too bad the fans showed up in force but, his play calling did not!

It may be too little, too late coach!

El Hombre

Anonymous said...

The direction of the country will be decided in a month.
What about the direction of the FB team?

I've been pro Mumme for many years but, this past weekend has me questioning my loyalty.

We lost to Unm against a back up QB, back up RB, a 14 point headstart, at home with one of the most explosive offenses in the country!!

How does this happen??
It comes down to coaching and the atrocious play selection.

I will continue attending the games bacause, the kids are busting their butts and it is my Alma Mater.
However, Mumme is not getting it done as a coach.

I hope he get's his coaching together but, as of right now, I'm a borderline supporter of Mumme.


Anonymous said...

Yes, Tony Samuel was a great guy and he could've done better with the resources Mumme has. Hey all, don't forget he received an extension on his contract too. Does Mumme have pictures of Boston doing something?

Mumme also looks and talks like a GOOF on his TV coaches show. Have you all ever seen that joke of a show? Wow!

Holbrook does ok in this system, but he does make bad decisions in crunch time.

How is it Boise State has a redshirt freshman QB just lighting La Tech up right now on ESPN, not to mention the other teams they have beaten so far.

Yes, I would have loved to see Tony Samuel stay and work with what has been given to Mumme. By the way, when will Dr. Martin be calling for Boston to come join him at La Tech??? See ya dude!

Having said all that: Aggie fans, get your butts to the stadium for EVERY game this year! No excuses!

Anonymous said...

The Ags and their fans have to feel embarrassed after the loss to UNM.
The Ags are one dimensional on offense (air raid) and need to change it up somewhat. They are also one dimensional on the D side of the ball but I'll give Dunn some time to fully get it together.
Mumme has had his time and can't produce what he promised. I think his loyalty to Holbrook is getting in the way and he needs to open up the run. Holbrook would be more productive this way and be more attractive to the scouts for the next level.
The fireworks should only be used to celebrate a victory not a so called rivalry.

Annom EP Ag fan

Anonymous said...

Every year and every game makes it tough to defend Mumme.

I saw his post game press conference and took responsibility for getting out coached, again.

Isn't that becoming a recurring theme?

All I can say is that talented players, like, Chase, CW, AJ and Marcus Anderson don't come to NMSU very often.
If he can't win with these record breakers, how can he win with so-so players?
Heck, Tony Samuels did more with less!

It's pretty sad to see the window of opportunity closing for these great bunch of kids and Mumme is solely responsible.