Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Football game

People are wondering what's up with the rescheduling of the Nicholls game.

I addressed this in my story yesterday. Coach Mumme told me on Tuesday that NMSU is looking to possibly fill their bye week on Oct. 4 with a game. To me, this seems unlikely, but you don't know. He also said that the team ends this season the last week of November — they go to Utah State on the 29. NMSU could play a game the first week of December, something they did last year. Will the makeup game be with Nicholls or another school, that is still to be determined. Hal also said that it was possible that the team will just have to play 11 games and live with it, although added that the program would prefer to play a makeup game if possible. We'll keep you posted on the topic, you have my word.

As far as my article yesterday, the main topic was on the team's woeful road record the last three seasons. NMSU had won just one game in the span, at dreadful Utah State none-the-less. I think the Aggies will have to pocket at least two games away from Las Cruces this year. Lets face it, they lost Nicholls State here, Boise State will be a real challenge at home as will La Tech and I think San Jose State will be a thorn in the side as well.

Winning away is possible the way the schedule stacks up. The Aggies are better than Idaho and Utah State. They go to Moscow and Logan this season. I don't think they'll beat Nevada away and Fresno seems unlikely. What about UTEP. It will definitely be a hard-fought game but I think the Aggies can win there. It's more than possible. I'm actually really looking forward to that game. If you aren't, I'll just assume you just don't care about Aggie football.

Anyway, I think most will agree NMSU will need to steal some games away. Good teams win on the road, period. Here's the article for those interested...


Anonymous said...

NMSU needs to win at least three road games this year.

We haven't won in the Sun Bowl since 1994 and we haven't swept our rivals since 2002. That HAS to change this year!

I'm not saying our season revolves around Utep and Unm. A win means "iffy" fans will jump on the banwagon.
A rival loss and they rather see HS teams play!

Anonymous said...

Maybe we'll win a road game if Hal remembers to get the plane reserved this year. That way the kids will get to the destination with a little prep time instead of being up all night waiting for a plane!! Get a clue NMSU!!

Anonymous said...

Nicholl's St. last game is on 11/20.
The problem, is if they make the playoff. What then?

I really hope we get that sixth home game in December. NMSU needs the off week on 10/4 to get ready for WAC play.

What's the word on the make up game?

Anonymous said...

What is so hard about getting a game scheduled here to replace the Sept 4 game? None of these teams are playing the weekend of Dec 6: Northern AZ, Western NM, NM Highlands, Nichols State, McNeese State, and a whole bunch more. Perhaps they are trying to get a true Div 1 team to come in on Oct 4and that will be hard. Even if some team qualifies for a playoff, not all of them will, so they could be replaced by a team not in the playoffs. NAU is a definite possibility unless the Aggies are afraid of them becasue they were competitive with ASU last weekend.