Thursday, September 4, 2008

Football makeup

Alright folks, people have been asking me so I am simply trying to provide information for the lovely fanbase here at New Mexico State University.

Things are far from definite and Felix spoke with Dr. Boston today and the Athletics Director said that the program continues to work on finding a replacement game, preferably for the team's Oct. 4 bye week.

I have heard that the school is considering North Dakota as a possible filler game. I've also heard New Hampshire floating around as a possible filler. I stress that these are not definite. But they are two teams to possibly keep an eye on as things get sorted out.


Anonymous said...

If it's going to be on 10/4 than, it has to happen pretty quick. I mean, to save on airfare, right?

North Dakota? Isn't Brain Faison the new AD?
Good ol Brian, still taking care of us!

I would preffer NMSU not play till early Decemeber.
We got three VERY physical games coming up and those boys will need a week off to get ready to make a run in WAC play!

Then again, it's already week two and our options are very limited. Damn you Wyoming!!

IC said...

What is the exchange of getting a team so late in the process. I kind of agree with anon 4:13, in that we should wait til december. Especially if we have to give UND or UNH a return game. Not that I would be worried about the outcome, but it takes away a home game in the future.

Anonymous said...

ND would be a terrible choice. They would not count to bowl eligibility. which is the only reason we should be considering a make up game.

Anonymous said...

is north dakoda fcs? or div 2? i think one win against a fcs counts toward a bowl. so if they are then a game with them would be fine. the only problem with them is arent they pretty good? if so we should be worried because we arent to far from that level.i wish boston would give us more updates. and for those of us who bought season tickets what do we get in return?

Anonymous said...

There are a couple of things to keep in mind. Yes, one FCS game win can be counted for bowl eligibility. Since UND is in the transition period from Div II to FCS, will they count. That needs to be clarified.

Regarding timing - yes for competetive purposes, it is important to have that October 4 off date. However, for bowl consideration,bowl selection decisions are being made before December 6. If we wait to play then and are not yet eligible, we run the risk of missing an invitation we might otherwise receive. Bowls can make provisional selections, but I would hate to depend on that, especially if there are other fully eligible toems to select from.

Anonymous said...

Every season the NCAA allows one game against smaller schools towards bowl eligibility.

ND is pretty good and I believe they begin transitioning to D1 next year. That's why Brian Faison left to be the AD.

I really doubt NMSU wants to return any $$ to us season ticket holders.
They will reschedule something by next week.

Let's wait another week and see what happens.

El Hombre

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Anon. 9:19 is close to the Athletic dept.

The Dec. 6 bowl deadline sounds about right.
Every year I tune in to a selections to see who's coming to the Sun Bowl, national chmp. etc.

I guess 10/4 is a good date. Heck, the only home game in October is SJSU so, now we would have two games in October vs. one, super!

It's good to hear the Athletic Dpt. Chime in and keeping us posted. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

It's a moot point, but ND would not have counted to a bowl bid.

Alcorn St. will.

Anonymous said...

The article on line spoke to the fact that we will be playing Alcorn State Oct 4. That's great and I'm sure that cost us some money. Those schools in the SWAC are always looking to play for money.

Great to have another home game in October.

Anonymous said...

Great! We now have two games in October!

I think NMSU learned their lesson w/ Ark. PB last year.
If things go well, we should get a big lead and rest the starters the second half and get them ready to make a run at the WAC!

Great job by the staff to get us an opponent w/ very little time!

Now let's get ready for Nebraska!

Anonymous said...

does anyone know how much we had to pay alcorn state to come play us? it would be pretty interesting to know since we got them on such short notice.