Friday, September 19, 2008

Pregame predictions

Alright folks. Prediction time. Lets do it.

I think the Aggies lose to the Miners 42-35 in a shootout. I actually think NMSU will outplay UTEP — they'll hold onto the ball longer and outgain the Miners in total yardage. In the end though, I think the El Paso team finds a way to win.

Expect a big game, numbers wise, for Holbrook. I'm thinking at least 50 attempts and at least 35 completions. Over 350 yards and three touchdowns. I also expect a couple picks, particularly if UTEP brings the heat. I think that will be the key to the game, the Miners' ability to get after the quarterback and knock him around.

Chris Williams will have a big game too. Double digit catches, well over 100 yards and two TDs. Chris is a money player and comes out when it's time to shine. He'll put on a show under the lights of the Sun Bowl.

NMSU's runners will do well but will be under-utilized. Marquell Colston goes for 80 yards and a TD and Tonny Glynn goes for 60. Brandon Perez scores from short range in this one. Marquell will catch some balls in the passing game as well.

Another key to the game is going to be UTEP QB Trevor Vittatoe. I think he'll pass for over 275 yards and two TDs. He could also create something with his legs.

He'll find receiver Jeff Moturi for over 100 yards and at least one score. Tight end Jamar Hunt will also be in the mix and could be active in the redzone. Running back Terrell Jackson will be involved running and catching the football. NMSU will need to put the clamps down on him, but it could be tough if he gets the ball in space.

Turnover battle will be key. Whoever wins that should win the game. Lots of points and no shortage of excitement in this one. I think the Aggies fall, but bounce back next week to beat UNM at home. Signing off....



Anonymous said...

I guess that tells you that you know nothing about football. NMSU is going to blow UTEP away. UTEP is not a good team. They played Texas tough, because they were up for the game. I do not think that UTEP will play with that same passion against NMSU.

Anonymous said...

First off, I dont quite understand how you pick UTEP over NMSU but would pick NMSU over UNM. We have been saying all year that if we lose tomorrow then next week we would have more Lobos than Aggies in the stands (there goes the home field advantage). I dont think UTEP is better than UNM so what is the rationale behind that?

I wont pick UTEP because well simply I'm an Aggie and you just dont pick against your team in a rivalry game. I think that it will come down to how well we move the ball and we need to keep Martinez kicking field goals. Our offense is experienced and after dealing with the fans at Nebraska they should be prepared for the Sun Bowl tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

You predictions always suck Teddy.

NMSU pounds Utep. 42-17!

Anonymous said...

No way our Miners get beat at home! Your stud QB Holbrook will, once again, throw a pick or two at a crucial time in the game which will give us the "W"! Wait, that happened the last time you all came down here!

Sure, Holbrook gets a bunch of yards cuz he throws all those 1 yard passes.

How about that Aggie defense? Where did the 3 man front D go? I heard on the radio during the Nebraska game that your new D coordinator was running a 4 man front. What gives? Stick to your guns why don't you!

We're gonna run that ball down your throat too so you might want to look at a 5 man front.

Not this year Aggies!

CrimsonAggie said...

It should be an interesting, close game. On paper, both Aggies and Miners look evenly matched. However, one stat that stands out is NMSU's rushing defense which has allowed 137.5 more yards than UTEP's D. A key for an Aggie victory is to try to shut down UTEP's running game. I saw them against the Longhorns and they can do some damage with their rush attack. The Ags should especially watch out for QB keepers and option-type plays. Overall, the Aggies need to score when they've got the chance, especially in the Red Zone. We know we've got a high-powered offense, but it needs to produce. Chris Williams and Chase should have a big game, but Chase needs to show better poise than what we saw against the Huskers.

Anonymous said...

Go Aggies, beat Utep!!!!

Anonymous said...

Teddy, you do work for the Las Cruces newspaper. For some reason you think that you work for the NY Post and hammer everything NMSU. Mumme, Ward, Boston...Why don't you try to be an Aggie fan for once. It is your job to be supportive and write about the facts and stats of the games and the respective programs. All you want to do is try to stir stuff up when you have no basis. If you only knew what the coaches at NMSU had to fight to be sucessful, you might be more understanding. Your an idiot!!

Anonymous said...

RE. Anon 8:24 Hey coach, Teddy just calls it like it like he sees it. Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. Wnat makes you think the poor old coaches at NMSU have it any harder than any other D1 program? If Mumme wasn't such an idiot mybe we would win more games! Get a clue NMSU, and fire Mumme!!

SM said...

Getting set to listen in online:

I got NMSU winning 35-30, but I think Teddy might have it right. Either way, go Aggies!!!

SM said...

Huge win, but offensive mistakes almost cost us the game. We should have blown the Miners out, especially in light of the fact that they were down to their 3rd string QB and 2nd string RB. However, a win is a win and the defense made some huge plays down the stretch.

Way to go Aggies!