Friday, September 26, 2008

Look ahead

Alright folks. It's that time of week again. Lets get some predictions.

I go with the Aggies this week, 38-27. I just don't know about the Lobos, backup QB is in, second-straight game away from Albuquerque and coming off a thrashing at the hands of Tulsa. The reality is that UNM is 1-3 on the year and is desperate for a win. I just don't know if they get one in Las Cruces.

Holbrook is Holbrook. Lots of yards, somewhere around 400, four TDs and a pick or two. The receivers do damage. A.J. Harris scores here. I think Marcus Anderson continues to play well as does Wes Neiman. Williams goes for over 100 yards again. Not really going out on the limb there.

I think the Lobos are hurt as much over the loss of their standout receivers this year — Marcus Smith and Travis Brown — than anything else. Those guys torched the Aggies in the past and their absence is being felt throughout the UNM lineup. Brad Gruner is in at QB and it will be interesting to see how the NMSU D tries to shake him up. This will be a fun game to see Joe Lee Dunn's defense and if it will go to work against an inexperienced signal caller.

The one guarantee for the Lobos is that Rodney Ferguson has a strong game on the ground. Paul Baker also could play a factor. UNM will run often, but that won't be enough to combat an explosive Aggie attack. NMSU likes to get in track meets and this feels like a game where they can distance themselves from the Lobos. Hopefully NMSU can avoid turning the ball over and can capitalize in the redzone.

Lots to look forward too. Big game for the two NM teams.


Anonymous said...

Today, we sweep our rivals.

NMSU whips the lobos, 42-20!


Anonymous said...

We gave that game away last night to UNM. That pick thrown by our all american really turned the tide on us and gave them a shot in the arm. Hollbrook has to learn to throw to the shorter receiver, who was open, and not go for those home runs in those situations. We had the game won and just needed to control the ball and the game. Yes, I know, the so called "Air Raid" offense is horrible in those situations. But we have to be able to grind it out on the run then. Until we learn to do so we will continue to give games away.just think how the UTEP game would have ended if their third string QB and third string running back hadn't run in to each other on that play where thry getting ready to score the game winning touch down. Result of the same thing. We have to run the ball.

Bet you we beat Alcorn State though!their starting QB is Alvin, with Theodore and Simon at running backs(Chipmunks)

Go Aggies.

Aggie007 said...

Unfortunately, our Aggie predictions only came true doing the first half. This was the half when Mumme employed his Aggie Air Raid offense, with long passes to AJ Harris and Marcus Anderson which resulted in TDs. But, the passing attach disappeared (along with our run defense) in the second half ... which was the half where the Lobos scored 28 points(!!!!!) and the aggies 7. See a theme here?
CONTINUE EMPLOYING SCHEMES THAT WORK!!!!!!!!!!! Tell me why C.Williams only had 80-some yards receiving. Give him 5 seconds to blast by the secondary, have Holbrook launch a bomb, and we have a TD. If he's being doubled, that means one of our other skilled receivers is open.
Also, what the h*ll is with those useless passes to the side that NEVER work? Is that just padding Holbrook's completion percentage?
Aggie fans need ANSWERS as to why the play-calling is so horrible!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Aggie007. I was completely baffled as to why if we throw long passes in the first plays of the first quarter which led to touchdowns, we stop. I understand that not every play has to go for 50-60 yards but heck if you see that our receivers did it twice why not keep doing it. Our running attack is nonexistent and 48 something yards on the ground is pathetic. I think that if Mumme kept on calling the game like he had in that first quarter we beat them easily. That last drive was horrible and that last pass Chase was not very good.

Now, I dont know why everyone was so high on our defense after stopping UTEP on the last drive. I said that our run defense was terrible and they keep on being terrible. We cant stop anyone to save our lives. Yeah they may have scored less points in the first half but they scored them when it counted. They had the ball more, ran more plays and ultimately pounded our defense. The scheme that Dunn has put in simply does not work with our type of guys. We still had a chance when we turned it over at the end and they let them score a touchdown.

What good does it do us that for the past 4 years we have given them a fight until the end? If we give them a fight or dont give them a fight, we have still lost 6 in a row. This program needs to get past this Lobo hump and it doesnt seem to be happening with Mumme. I hope that we are able to bounce back from this and beat Alcorn and get ready for Nevada.


Anonymous said...

Very tough game to loose last night. I know the Lobos ran all over our defense. Considering the Lobos started with great field postion all night, the defense held when they had to hold the Lobos to field goals. Watching QB Chase Holbrook play the last 3 years, to me it seems Holbrook's play has not improved but has gone down. Playing as an offensive lineman in college 15 years ago I have made a couple obsevations. Chase is a pocket quarterback and does not move well. Chase is already in the shotgun and needs to release the ball quicker. The receivers should have been running shorter routes knowing that Chase was been pressured. Coach Mumme mad a post game comment that he did not have the players ready. Seems I have heard this line before.

Anonymous said...

Talk about Chase Holbrook and the offense throughout the game...

“Towards the end of first quarter he [Chase Holbrook] hurt his elbow, a nerve was hit and that’s way we did not throw it much in the third quarter.”

Aggies007 said...

Well, it seems to me, and this is just me, that if your star quarterback can't THROW THE BALL very well, then you put in a quarterback (McDermott) who CAN throw the ball ... unbelievable.