Tuesday, September 9, 2008

House's quote

This came over the AP wire early this morning and I thought it should be addressed.

LINCOLN, Neb. — Nate Swift is biting his tongue in response to a New Mexico State player’s comment about Nebraska’s receivers.
New Mexico State cornerback Davon House said this week that the Aggies’ secondary is well-prepared to face the Cornhuskers because “we believe our receivers are 10 times better than their receivers.”
Told of House’s comment, Swift let out a chuckle Tuesday and said he wouldn’t engage House in a war or words.
The Huskers are listed as four-touchdown favorites for Saturday’s game.

I just wanted to say that I was at this press conference and did not report the quote. The reason being, that Davon said something stupid that was taken out of context. He went on to compliment the Cornhusker WRs, saying that they were big, had good size and would be tough to match up against. Right when Davon made the statement, I thought to myself ‘what a stupid thing to say, someone could nail him for that.’ But it was not his intention. His tone wasn't condescending. He's a sophomore cornerback who has little experience in talking in front of the media. He got nailed but I feel for him. He wasn't trying to call anybody out.


Anonymous said...

Teddy your fairly new to the area. For those of us that have followed the program for many year, this is a breath of fresh air!
For many years, NMSU had to play the silent lamb in the slaughter house.

Davon's comments are part of the new swagger. I honestly wish Mumme or JL Dunn would be a bit more vocal.

Maybe not 10 times better but, he did nothing wrong. NMSU's receiving corps are the best kept secret in college FB!

Anonymous said...

Not only do I agree with House I feel as though Nebraska will have a very hard time stopping our receivers. The bad thing is that he gave Nebraska's receivers extra encouragement to outplay them.

Anonymous said...

Didn't the FAU coach call Texas out a couple weeks ago?
Bulletin board material is never good when your a major underdog.

Anyways, I back Davon 100%!!
Now he has to shutdown those WR's and make sure our receivers make him a prophet!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe someone in the NMSU athletic department should schedule sessions to teach our young players, in all sports, how to handle a press conference.

Having said that, I will go on to say; way to go Davon! Why not say what you believe to be true. This idea of "bulletin board" material is a farce. You think these kids really need that to come out and want to perform at a high level? I don't. They're gonna hook it up, regardless of what is said and what isn't said.

We had a coach here who used to make up bulletin board material for his kids because we were not real good and our opponents wouldn't ever say anything about a bad team like us. So, how much sense does that make.

Good luck guys. Go to Nebraska and punch them right in the nose!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Davon!
Now go put your $$ where your mouth is!

Time to walk the walk!

Anonymous said...

Ok so lets Sum up Aggies Atheletics

Dr. Boston McKinley (AD)
Previous Experience U OF Minnessota AD.
Result-Mediocrity and Controversy.

Hal Mumme (Head Football Coach)
Previous D1 Experience HC of U of Kentucky.
Result-Mediocrity and Liability.

Coach Menzies (Head Backetball Coach)
Previous D1 Experience Assistant coach of U of Louisville.
Result-Mediocrity and Unwanted Assistant Coach.

Net Result
Aggies becoming a D1AA Program, Unless the next President has a clue.

WIAggie said...

Yes let's sum it up

Dr. Boston McKinley (AD)
Previous Experience U OF Minnessota AD.
Result-Big Win, Best AD we've had in years

Hal Mumme (Head Football Coach)
Previous D1 Experience HC of U of Kentucky.
Result-Mixed Bag

Coach Menzies (Head Backetball Coach)
Previous D1 Experience Assistant coach of U of Louisville.
Result-Very Big Win..WAC Champion his first year.

NMSU Sports: On the Way Up...We will be the next Boise State soon

& About Devon House..He did he's part
House vs UN WR Todd Peterson, four catches for just 34 yards

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