Friday, January 11, 2008

Big deal

Pope is eligible although he won't play at Utah St.

Passos isn't going to be in Utah. I saw him at the Cibola, Mayfield game Friday night....


Anonymous said...

Shut up! Pope is cleared. Are you from Las Cruces? Are you a NMSU grad? Please let us have a little satisfaction of seeing a top 17 player in the country play for one time. If there is a person who has not made a mistake please step forward. Relax, he is cleared. As for Passos, we still do not know what really happened. Please, as a reporter, let us know. SUPPORT THE AGGIES!!! Teddy, if you do not like Las Cruces, LEAVE!

Anonymous said...

"Big Deal", the Aggies just beat the best team in the WAC. Passos does not make the team. Come on buddy, you write for the local newspaper, have a little support. If you don't like the Aggies, put in Felix for a sub. People, stay positive if you care!

Anonymous said...

Go back to New York, stay positive about the Aggies. Bring back Geoff Grammer!

Teddy said...

Guys, I wasn't trying to be sarcastic...Pope got cleared. I can't wait to see him play. It was a long day and someone asked about Passos earlier so I posted it. It was a great win for NMSU the other night and now they play Utah State. Big deal was what it was...A big deal.

Anonymous said...


Sorry if Aggie fans are hypersensitive but with all the off (and in) the court issues these days it nice to hear that Herb Pope has FINALLY been cleared.

In essence, Herb served a 17 game suspension for absolutely nothing but NCAA incompetence and a one game suspension for his recent DWI arrest.

It's a shame Pope has to start his Aggie career so late in the season but with all things considered it's probably better for all parties involved.


JJ said...

I dunno why you all jumped on Teddy. He was just providing information and not making any kind of judgments. We all have been waiting for Pope to be TOTALLY cleared and NOT the risky clear that the court injunction provided. Now I hope Herb can use basketball to overcome his troubles. Also I hope that he adds to the team chemistry because talent alone does not mean immediate success.

David said...

Ok, you weren't being sarcastic. Fair enough. But a BIG DEAL deserves more than one sentence, IMO.

Anonymous said...

Herb Pope geting cleared is not a big deal...this is HUGE!
This makes the court injunction a mute point bacause, now we don't expect any penalties from the NCAA when he plays.

The NCAA beat around the bush with this young man long enough! I'm glad to see his scholarship kick in and he can now concentrate on school and playing ball.

He got into some trouble during the holidays and has appologized to everyone associated w/ the university.

Hey Herb,
Appology accepted!
Please think twice when making decisions, get your degree and please avg. a double, double the rest of your Aggie career!


Anonymous said...

You guys are idiots. Rip Teddy when he deserves it, but not on this one. He was saying it is a big deal. How you can discern sarcasm from the printed word, without him actually saying "Big deal...I'm being sarcastic," is beyond me.

I've got some hairs that need splitting. Interested?

Anonymous said...

Everyone needs to relax..just give us the story teddy and allow the reader to decide. I, also am looking forward to watching Pope,
Aggies are looking good.. oh, and by the way, Reporters are not PR people for NMSU Athletics. Reporters should report stories, good, and bad.

Anonymous said...

It took the NCAA a long time to clear Pope, the question would be why? I hope that the Sun News and the University would be interested in finding out why this happened (after 18 games). By reading the Albuquerque Journal and the Sun News it appears that it was a personal matter against NMSU or Pope? I hope NMSU or the Sun News will not let it go without finding out why it took so long. If you need help in doing you job maybe the Sun News need to look for a new report.


Anonymous said...

All you anons need to chill. I think there are more posts bashing JG (aka, Teddy) than there are about NMSU hoops. Ease up a bit fellas, and keep in mind JG and Teddy likely work within a limited budget. Don't be expecting big city type coverage at the LCSN.

Big test tonight in Logan. If NMSU makes a competitive showing, I just might have to start giving Menso Menzies credit. He just might prove that I'm the menso, not him. With Pope cleared to play, things are starting to come together. I'm assuming Passos is coming back since he has been practicing. So is he qualified academically or not?? That is the question I would love posed to Menzies. If, or when, he comes back, Menzies will have all the key components in place with the latest developments regarding Pope. With the WAC tourney in LC, anything short of WAC champs will be dissapointing. Go Aggies!
-Aggie Glare

Anonymous said...

I agree with Teddy. He was being positive. He was just posting that Herb is cleared, but he won't play against Utah State, because of the one game suspention, and I hope Passos gets his crap together, because NMSU will be very tough if we have Pope, and Passos in the line-up. I don't expect us to beat Utah State tonight, but I expect us to beat Utah State, and Nevada at home in the next few weeks. I think if Passos, and Pope in the line-up will cause match-up problems, because having Passos at 6'10, Pope at 6'8, and Hawkins at
6'7. Also Pope is more of a small forward type player, so it be interesting to see how it all goes.

Anonymous said...

Teddy. Here would be a great article for you if you can get it done. Try to get a interview with Troy Gillenwater who is a player ranked highly like Pope. Both are the same type of players, and he is red-shirting this year, so don't you think that would be a good story for people in Las Cruces to see, because no everyone in Las Cruces knows that Troy Gillenwater is on campus.

Anonymous said...

No one believes you anymore Teddy. Go get a job at the National Enquirer, it's the only place that a loser like you deserves to be. Or go back to Roswell, get some experience, change your diapers, then come back and try again.

Anonymous said...

Most of you guys have such a thin skin..just report Teddy, just are doing fine. Perhaps you thin skinned fans need to remember years ago when we had a sports editor that was much harsher. That sports editor now finds himself blogging mostly about utepia matters. Get a grip, grow up and stop being crybabies..GO AGGIES!

coyote said...

I don't know why all the attention is being devoted to Passos and Iti. From what I have seen last year and this year we play better without them. For example, remember last year in the WAC finals in the last part of the game when the momentum changed in favor of NMSU when the big guys got enough fouls to take then out of the game. We may have played our best game of the year against Boise with only one of the two big guys to draw from.

We have smaller guys that are more athletic, faster, and that can outrebound Passos and Iti. The smaller guys can also catch the ball and shoot the ball. It is so frustrating to sit there see Passos and Iti standing there flat footed and watching the game while other players are rebounding. If Iti is going to play he needs to learn to position himself, get off the floor, and rebound.

I feel bad ragging on these big guys, but after watching them play for two seasons, I need to get it out of my system. Hopefully if Menzies reads this he can learn something. It takes more than height to be a serious D-1 player. Reggie didn't seem to recognize this either.

By the way, Tre Stewart had a great game against Bosie.

Does anyone remember the "good ole' days" when Neil McCarthy (in my opinion, the best coach the Aggies ever had in terms of getting the most out of the players he had to work with---also the absolute defensive coach)had smaller and very athletic teams. With the athletic ability, quickness, and McCarthy's coaching skills, even if we were down a dozen points with 30 sec to go in the game, we still were in the game and had a good chance to win.

I have been going to all the Aggie games since 1968 and have seen quite a few aggie teams play and a lot of coaches coach, including Henson's first stint here.

Marvin, just remember: "It is not always the size that counts but what you are able to do with it"

Anonymous said...

I am rejoicing. Great to have Herb on board. What a mess the NCAA made of holding him out. Herb did well in his fall classes and it still took a possible lawsuit to shake things up. These past two weeks have really been a mess for the mens basketball team and the University. The Sun News editor Teddy was even dragged through the mud. (Personally I have no problem in Teddy's reporting of the past indcidents). Ok everybody let us all wake up. This was just a bad dream and we all woke up this morning and Las Cruces and NMSU are still standing. Will see all of you Thursday at PAC.

Anonymous said...

Time Warner does not have the game on!!
They got a 2006 Utep vs. NMSU WBB game! WTF!

The NMSU website says the game will be on TW 24 @ 7:00.
LIARS! I want my Aggie Vision!

Angry Aggie

Aggie'94 said...

You know Teddy's job is to report about the Aggies, and he brings us information in a timely manner and does a great job. It does not matter if he is from New York, Egypt or Kalamazoo. I graduated in '94 from NMSU, live in Phoenix and drive 3-4 times a year to see the Aggies play football and 5-7 times to watch basketball. His reporting keeps me up to date with what is going on with the program. He is allowed an opinion and is closer to the program than any of his readers. I love the Aggies and I like Las Cruces but the city has done a poor job of filling the stands to support this team. Dr. Boston has done an excellent job of cleaning up the basketball program (I lived through the Coach McCartney years and surprised that NMSU didn't get the death penalty for all the violations that was committed under his regime) and the AGGIES put a pretty good product on the floor. Show up at the games, support the AGGIES and let Teddy report the facts which is what he is doing. GO AGGIES!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Pope is back But why didn't he get suspended? Yeah, I know he was suspended from the Utah game. That's a crock of BULL! How can you be suspended from a game you weren't playing in anyway. He wasn't playing in that game. Think about it..He hadn't practiced with the team in months. Menzie pulled a fast one. No consequences suffered that's why they are out of control.

Anonymous said...

Think about this. Pope has missed already 19 games, so think its ready for him to play.

Anonymous said...

So, you choose to question his one game suspension for DWI. Talk about selective memory.

What about his 18-game suspension the NCAA imposed on him because they questioned the validity of an alternative class he took in his junior year of high school? And, this was even after he passed his college entrance exams and successfully completed a semester of college. Now talk about over kill.

I think the accumulation of the two suspensions is a more than sufficient punishment… And I think Menzies does too.

Anonymous said...

Menzies is a liar and a fraud. How can a recruiting coach expect to know how to run plays. Dam he seems to love some kids on the team then down plays their preformance like Jamar Young's 33 points. He acted like that was a fluke on the pre game show. Wow who would ever want to play for this guy? He was handed a talented team and turned them in to amateurs. This guy is horrible!!!!! Go back to Patino's camp and actually learn some basketball basics. Like how to win with conference champs. Menzies needs coaching for dummies 101!!! The team just needs to go out and play hard and hopefully they can recover in wac play to be champs once again.
Go Aggies (Forget Menzies)

Anonymous said...

The blog of the year is at it again. The Aggies played a tough team on SATURDAY, and here we are on MONDAY, and we're yet to hear anything. If there's not any more proof that this is nothing more than a 9-5 for our man Teddy, there you go.

SM said...

Keep it up Teddy, you are doing a good job. Aggie frustration is pretty high right now and any misinterpretation can bring out the worst in people. Plus, the anonimity of blogs in general allow zero accountability for irrelevant comments.

Regarding the Aggies, I like how they are playing as of late. A 1-1 split on the road against two top WAC teams is all we can ask for. While I think the Aggies are generally better without Passos, the deficiency on the boards was due in part to his absence. I would have liked us to keep it closer down the stretch against the UTags, but the effort was there, and the shots did not fall.

We need to win almost all our games at home and continue to split on the road. If we can sweep teams like Idaho, La Tech, and SJSU (looked good against Nevada), we should finish in the top 2, and be in a good position to win the WAC.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:52-

Check your eyes brother. Menzies is a heck of a coach.

Az Aggie said...

(uh...aggie94...that's Neil McCARTHY!!!now may we never have to mention him again!!!)

Anonymous said...

I think all Aggie fans are happy that Herb Pope will play Saturday. The only people mad are Utah State, and Nevada fans, because they know their shot at the WAC title just got harder.