Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Local QB recruit

Hatch Valley senior quarterback Alex Carson will meet with the NMSU coaching staff in early February. He visited Western New Mexico last weekend and Eastern New Mexico this weekend.
The Aggies are obviously set at the quarterback position with Chase Holbrook and JJ McDermott, but at Hatch Valley, the Bears threw the ball a great deal, so Carson’s ability to pick up on spread offenses at the next level should be just fine. Carson is 6-2 and has a good arm, but he is probably better suited for the Division II level, but he could potentially develop if given the opportunity.


Anonymous said...

It be nice to have a few local players to draw some extra fans.

National signing day is on 2/6. I'm really curious to see our next class.


Anonymous said...

I don't understand why LC feels they need local players on the team to support them. Are the kids that CHOOSE to come to NMSU not worthy of their support because their not from here? These guys are representing our school and city and I feel they deserve our support. NMSU can't control the decisions of local talent, if they opt for UNM then so be it, but I get sick of everyone holding this against the rest of the team.

We had a handful of local talent the last few years and still no one showed up to support them. There are players that want to be here and we should let them know we appreciate it, even when we lose.

Anonymous said...

I'm from New Mexico, and we don't need to recruit all New Mexico players to win. UNM did that, but how many MWC have they won. I think Hal Mumme is doing a great job getting recruits from other states. UNM can have all the in-state players, but I would put any money that NMSU will win a WAC Championship before UNM ever does.

Anonymous said...

Alex is better suited for WNMU, ENMU or Highlands.

Anonymous said...

Did we get a kicker yet? Did Gerela get fired? We need a coach who can coach a kicker to get the ball down to the end zone on kick offs!! The last 3 years under Gerela coaching have been an asbsolute joke!!