Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Paris Carter

It's not official yet, but the return of Paris Carter is bleak. I was told that the university declared Carter ineligible on Tuesday, but by NCAA rules he has until Saturday to rectify his situation. If not, he is ineligible for the Spring semester. Students have to meet their credit hours requirements by the first day of class (Wednesday) and their GPA requirements by the first contest of the semester (Saturday's game vs. Louisiana Tech.) It could still work itself out, but it seems like it would take a lot.

No other basketball players are facing eligibility issues for the upcoming semester.



Anonymous said...

He was gone after the season regardless of his grades. What Reggie saw in him is a mystery to me. We have a committment from Faisal Aden to fill that spot for next year anyway. What I am really excited about is Chris Gabriel. I coach high school basketball here in so cal and I saw him play at the Ocean View tournament over the holiday. He has lost weight from his previous year and looks good. He is averaging 18 points 12 rebounds per game and this is against top teams here with lots of D1 players. There is also a former Californa point guard who had originally signed with Arkansas who got out of his LOI and is looking at NMSU. Menzies is an animal!

Anonymous said...

I was never really big on Paris. I hope he gets his grades in order and eventually graduates.

Menzies inherited a gem and is 9-10! Yes, a new coach/ system takes a time for the kids buy into it and yes, we have not been 100% until now.

The team is playing really good ball and with the addition of Young, Pope and Passos. I say we are ready to go on a tear!

Ano. 8:45,
I've heard of Chris Gabriel and Faisel Aden on paper. I'll take your word for it.
Menzies is a good guy and deserves more "W's" and lot more love than what he has gotten.

Ganja Boy

The Buss said...

I've had some issues with Menzies this year, and thought that the team could've been playing better early on. BUT, some of the clouds are finally lifting, and I'm convinced that we're now solidly the second best team in the WAC, and now Menzies can prove his worth by beating Utah State. As far as Paris Carter, I think the team can be solid without him. Passos and Pope are necessary for the Aggies to win the WAC, but it seems like there's enough talent there to do without Carter. I'm probably wrong, but at least I didn't misspell any words.

Anonymous said...

Carter has been a non-factor. I don't view this as a big loss.

I'm one who has been critical of Menzies. The only NMSU game I've seen live was at The Pit. We were clearly the more talented team, but we looked unorganized and undisciplined. And losses at the PAC to UTEP and UNT cost us our home court edge and likely contributed to apathy in LC about this team. So I feel criticism was justified.

But I do have to give Menzies credit. To my surprise, statistically (both defensively and offensively) there is not much difference from last year, and that is with a much tougher schedule! The one area of concern is 3-pointers: We're talking nearly four more per game, but our percentage is down from 39% to 34%. I hope that is due to playing w/o Passos and Pope, and not a style Menzies wants to employ. Some have written on this post they don't like our bigs and we should go small. I couldn't disagree more. We need both line-ups to perform well. I feel we were very lucky to beat Boise - JY goes off for 33 and we only win by 3?? But it was a conference road win nonetheless, and we'll take it. Positively, our turnovers are way down the past three games. With Pope playing significant minutes, i expect that go back up, but hopefully only temporarily.

All in all, a nice start to WAC play and we finally have our team complete. Well, sort of. If Hawk's injury truly did limit his production at USU, then we desperately need him healthy. I don't think he should play tonight unless we need him. We might struggle some with a rusty Pope, but we should easily beat La Tech. Things will get interesting when Nevada and USU come to LC. Sure hope the students and fans turn out. Go Aggies!
-Aggie Glare

Anonymous said...

One other thing - Andy Katz wrote a story yesterday on Pope finally playing tonight. It's on ESPN's Mens BB page for anyone interested.
-Aggie Glare