Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Favorite lineup?

So now that the Aggies have their best players eligible, I think the possibilities are endless when it comes to potential lineups Menzies could put on the floor.

I think for the most part the Aggies have played their best ball when going small. Having said that, I hope to see Herb, Hawkins McKines, Peete and Gibson on the floor at some point.

Any thoughts?



Anonymous said...

I would like to see Peete, Gibson, Hawkins, Pope, and Passos start. Young, Cole, Luster, McKines, and Iti coming off the bench. I would have McKines get mintues from Hawkins, and Pope, since Pope, and Hawkins both can play the 3.

Anonymous said...

A lot of it depends on the actual (not potential) play of our big men. If Iti and MacKines (sp?) want to show up, then I start them, with a front three of Hawk, Peete, and Gibson. You are right though, sometimes small ball is the best for us. I'm still hoping that Pope is everything we've been dreaming, and if he is, then small ball might be our game.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see gibson peete hawk mckines and pope. Mckines has been awesome and can rebound with the big guys. I think the aggies are going to start rolling by getting most of their players back!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The goal now is to work a bunch of different line ups and be a well oiled machine by the WAC tournament. At best we are looking at a 13 seed if we make it. However we would be a very dangerous 13 seed with alot of momentum.

Anonymous said...

I can't really say which is my "dream team" but, I would like to see Iti, Pope and Passos dominate the inside more.
Dominate the inside and everything else opens up!

I see the WAC is getting tough on chants. Utah St. "sucks" and our, "nice shot A-hole" will get technicals.
I've been very critical of this years students of being dead weight for us.
Now, I'm not sure they are creative enough to start a new "non-vulgar" chant.

We'll see what happens on Saturday...if the students decide to show up!

Ganga Boy

SM said...

Fred Peete
Jonathan Gibson
Justin Hawkins
Wendell McKines
Hatila Passos

I'm sure Pope is all he is cracked up to be, but he hasn't played in an official game since high school. I think he, like Young and Luster, should come off the bench, at least for a little while. After getting a few games under his belt, I think he will be able to start for the latter half of conference.

Maybe too early to talk about the future, but how about this lineup the next two years:

Gibson (or Luster)
Young (or Gibson when Luster running point)

Anonymous said...

Everyone seems to be missing the Point, as in Point Guard. None of the starting lineups have listed a true point guard. You have to get the ball to these aggressive scorers. For now, I would say Cole should start and if Luster can cut down the turnovers, he would be quite effective with all these big guys up front. Cut down the turnovers, increase the assists, and we are good to go!

Anonymous said...

Iti is a beast if he gets on a roll he should continue to start. Passos is beast in the post. Mckines can rebound with the best of them. So why would they go small teddy? Did you forget that a WAC championship was won on interior play by the big men and getting the open shots from the inside out. The bigs open shot for the smaller guys outside. Our size is our advantage. Go small and lose or Go big and win a WAC championship is the way i see it.

Anonymous said...

Forget the small line-up. We will not win the WAC if we play a small line-up. Pope, and Passos need to be in the starting line-up by the time conference play comes around.

Anonymous said...

For now I go:
Fred Peete, Jonathan Gibson, Justin Hawkins, Wendell McKines,
Martin Iti.
With Pope and Passos splitting the 6th man. That will probably change once they get into the swing of things. Passos will probably be able to work himself into the lineup sooner having missed 6 games, I think Pope will eventually get into the starting lineup, it might just take a little longer. Either way things are looking good.

What's up with the WAC specifically targeting NMSU with this new technical. What's to stop other fans that come in for the WAC Tourney to yell Nice shot a**hole, when they play NMSU to try and draw the tech. There were a lot of fans from other schools here last year, and imagine it will be the same this year. Not to mention the inclusion of the "spanish version." I don't imagine that there are many spanish speakers in Moscow or Boise. NMSU got hosed with this rule, the wac should just come out and call it what it is, the NMSU rule or the Pan Am. rule.


Anonymous said...


can you please explain to me how pope is going to be elgible since he spent so much time in PA this semester with the trial and dui thing. Is there any risk to him or others on the team (hawkins) losing their elgibility based on the semester's grades?

Anonymous said...

Passos and Iti are beasts inside, but we need athletes that can position themselves, rebound, catch the ball and make layups. The WAC tournament was won in the end of the final game with a small lineup.

David said...
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EVL said...

Hey let's discuss the recent ban on "vulgar" (whatever that means)remarks at Aggie games. Apparently, Utah state fans cannnot say, "you suck" after a made freethrow, and of course our student body cannot say their traditional chant. Maybe someone can help me with this. When did the "nice shot as whole" chant start? And, What is the freethrow percentage of the opposing team since the chant?

Regarding the favorite line-up post. All I can say, there are no more excuses coach! You have a great team, so make it work!

The Buss said...

Evl speaks the truth! Our lineup doesn't matter, we now have the capability to go big or small, so the burden of responsibility rests on Menzies, he has to make it work. There are no more excuses, the team is at full strength finally, and this Aggies team we've all been hoping to see is together. I still have personally never seen Herb Pope play, so I'm plenty excited about Saturday night's game. Any predictions there, because La Tech pretty much sucks.

Anonymous said...

I read somewhere a while back that the origin of the Nice Shot As Whole started back in the early
90s. Apparently a UTEP fan threw a paper cup at coach Neil McCarthy and hit him right in the back of the head. Coach McCarthy turned around and yelled at the Miner fan "Nice shot asshole." Apparently a few students heard it and started it up and it has seemed to hang around ever since.

That said, I have no way to confirm or deny the origin, but I remember having read that online somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Putting Herb pope into the mix, along with getting Passos back will give the Aggies the ability to get as big as any team in the country. This could be a major factor if they go on the tear that every fan in here is hoping for.

**Gibson can bring the ball up.
**Hawkins is border line quick enough to play the two.
**SF is the position Pope most fits naturally
**Throw in 6'10" Passos at 4, and 7'0" Iti in the middle.

You end up with three athletic wings, with any one of them able to create offense. Passos & Iti get most of their numbers off of offensive rebounds and put backs.

Pope & Hawkins are probably quick enough to play man on most 2s & 3s, but you don't even have too if you don't want. A zone with Iti in the middle makes a whole lot of sense.

Peete, Young, Luster, Cole, & McKines become plug & play options, and you slide Hawkins between the 2 & 3, and Pope between 3 & 4.

Im getting excited. Minutes wil be at a premium. Maybe that will give some of these kids some incentive to keep their noses in the books, and out of the hands of the law.

rayray said...

This is offtopic but I wanted to be reach Aggie hoop fans:

USAToday is conducting weekly reader polls to name the alltime top 5 players for each NBA franchise. This week it is the NY/NJ Nets. Former Aggie superstar John Williamson is on this week's ballot.

Please honor John & NMSU by voting for him at usatoday.com/sports/basketball/nba/high-fives.htm

A vote for Super John only helps him the most.

Typically, readers are slighting players from that era which is not suprising since many are too young to remember.


Anonymous said...

The nice shot a-hole chanted is nearly a 20 year tradition. I was in school from 1988-1992. It probably started in about 1990. I am not sure about the cup thing though.

KSH said...

I was @NMSU from '89-'93 and I agree, I think the "Nice Shot" slogan came about around the 1990 season. UNLV trounced us but it was great telling them off with each free throw.