Friday, July 15, 2011

Interpreting Lieberwirth’s departure

What does golf coach Scott Lieberwirth’s departure mean for the Aggie athletics program?

This is how I interpret it: he had a better opportunity — a better working situation, perhaps — at UTEP.

How do I come to this conclusion? Because who leaves NMSU for UTEP? Only if it’s in the best interest for himself and his family. It’s a personal decision to leave. Nothing more, nothing less.

Lieberwirth left money on the table to join the Miners — he will make a base salary of just over $50,000 at UTEP. But there will be other avenues to collect money — incentives and a strong booster club to name a few.

It should act as a wakeup call for NMSU. Right in line with Mike Dunbar deciding to “retire” and the football team asking for snacks a few years ago.

It just doesn't look good. Obviously.


Anonymous said...

Hence your Is NMSU hobbled by lack of dough commentary? If you drive to El Paso for $50K, leaving NMSU for UTEP, ... let's just say that's a personal decision - - one not a lot of people would make.

UNM and UTEP burn through a lot of there cash without too much to show for it. So what if they can beat NMSU. Mike Price and Steve Alford don't pay off for those school by winning any conference championships. That's just shoveling good money into the furnace. NMSU doesn't need to operate like that in the WAC, SunBelt, Big West or whatever conferences they've historically been in. Yeah, Fresno State made money by spending money but then their Bulldog image and red colors became gang insignia all over town. Would you trade money for the good quality of life north of El Paso and south of Albuquerque - two cities that fully qualify as armpits of their respective regions? Thanks Teddy, for asking hard questions but the answer is easy in my book.

Anonymous said...

The answer is easy.....Boston treats people like dirt! Why is everyone stepping around what the real issue here is? We have an AD who continues to show no support, especially to those who he did not hire and believes he is smarter than the rest of us around here. He is not. What has he done for this community? Seriously? What? He adds nothing to this area and is holding us all hostage as he robs us blind but gives nothing in return. He makes poor decisions with coaches, having to hire new ones for more money than he paid the previous and he brought in a sport when the overal budget could not handle it (don't give me the Title IX excuse for that). He doesn't care about Title IX or gender equity at all. He is never held accountable for anything he does here and is always given a free pass.
So, Tedddy, why don't you get busy and start writing the real articles with the real issue?
He hired a marketing asst AD who does nothing and pays him $120K, while Boise State is bringing in a new person in that positoin at for much much less than that. Come on man, do the research, talk to the people who really know the answers and not all the "long time Aggie fans" you always find. Get to work.

Anonymous said...

NOt sure why Boston is running around telling people Scott took a pay cut to go to UTEP. Doesn't that just make Boston look even more the fool than he really is? Sure it does. If a guy would move for less money, there has to be something in the leadership of Boston. Check that out.
Good luck Scott.

Anonymous said...

I'm on my third wife, change is good .

Anonymous said...

Maybe because he was commuting all these years from El Paso!

C'mon Teddy, do a little homework before writing these things!

Teddy said...

He hasn't been commuting from El Paso, he lived in Las Cruces.

Anonymous said...

So, lets further explore the great wisdom of the all wonderful athletic director that is named Boston. I just saw on where the U of Nevada is looking for a new Assoc AD for Marketing and the max salary is $63,000; give or take a few dollars. Nevada is up and running and moving forward and they can pay this important position in the $60's while the almighty Boston had to pay Macy $120,000 and he does nothing? wow. So when will the ding bat President wake up, along with the board and realized Boston is costing NMSU big time? Come on now.

Anonymous said...

Liebrwirth's wife and child lived in El Paso, while he lived in Las Cruces.
I'm glad his family is under one roof!