Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A look at the Aggie offense

The other day I touched on the Aggie football team and its defense. Now, lets take a look at the team's offense. As a side note, the Aggies media guide came out the other day. You can view the media guide by clicking here. A depth chart is available on Page 6.

OK, I've been saying it since the spring — the Aggies have some talent on offense and a lot will hinge on the health of their offensive line.

Last year the line was ravaged by injuries — guard Sioeli Fakalata was injured early with a broken leg; tackle Dwayne Barton had an injured back never played; reserve guard Robert Rodriguez had a busted ankle.

This year the unit goes six deep. Fakalata is listed as the team's starting center, in front of Mike Grady. I think this is debatable because I like Grady as a player — a four-year starter, smart player and potential leader of the line. He was out during spring ball while recovering from right-foot surgery to remove scar tissue. Either way Fakalata is the Aggies best lineman and should shine at guard or center. He's hard working, agile and a power-blocker in the running game.

The guards are Maveu Heimuli and Andrew Kersten while the tackles are Davonte Wallace and Aundre McGaskey.

If Wallace puts on weight from this past year he has the potential to be a special Aggie at left tackle. He was solid as a true freshman a season ago.

McGaskey is good enough and has a pedigree — he was originally recruited by Texas and was part of a National Championship team at Blinn Junior College.

If this unit stays healthy, it will be fine. If guys go down — like last year — it's going to be tough.

Sophomore quarterback Andrew Manley needs time to throw the ball — he has a big arm but won't be able to avoid the pass rush. I like the quarterback position though — Manley supplies intrigue and upside, while senior Matt Christian is a solid player, a leader and someone who I believe knows how to win ballgames. So there.

Running back Robert Clay looks to be in for a big year — Robert looked good late last year as a starter. He's tough, hits the hole hard and has just enough speed.

H-back Kenny Turner will get carries and catches. He has a lot of talent and ability and can rip off the big play.

Taveon Rogers and Todd Lee return as starters at wide receiver. Rogers looked good during spring ball.

Trevor Walls is an inspirational story at tight end and has the right attitude to succeed.

But it starts up front. I've been saying it since the spring.


Anonymous said...

If aggies care about win, then there is no alternative to Matt chris for this season.

Anonymous said...

i'll put money on Manley over Christiansen any day of the week.

Anonymous said...

What happened to the third QB for the team. Rust? What is his status?