Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Aggie men’s hoops schedule

Wrote a story on this for the paper and wanted to get people’s thoughts.

Coach Menzies’ first year here it was too tough — at Duke, at Louisville and in a neutral-site tournament against Texas and West Virginia. Tennessee was also present but the Aggies didn't face them.

This one is a bit too light — Western and Northern New Mexico on the home schedule? Of course the SWAC is coming to town. Arizona here is very exciting — clearly one of the highlights. Bad timing on the two rivals visits — UTEP right before Thanksgiving break, UNM three days after Christmas. How many fans will come to the UNM game on Dec. 28th?

The Aggies need wins and more fans in the seats. Sometimes these things go hand-in-hand, other times they haven't. It seems like fans generally get up for the UTEP and UNM games and depending on how the Aggies fare dictates a lot on attendance from there on out.

The question is — what would be your ideal Aggie men’s hoops schedule?


2011-12 NM State Men’s Basketball Schedule
Date Opponent Location
Nov. 2 Eastern New Mexico (Exh.) Las Cruces
Nov. 12 at Northern Colorado Greeley, Colo.
Nov. 16 at New Mexico Albuquerque, N.M.
Nov. 19 UTEP Las Cruces
Nov. 24 Central Michigan% Anchorage, Alaska
Nov. 25 UC Irvine/Southern Miss% Anchorage, Alaska
Nov. 26 TBD% Anchorage, Alaska
Nov. 29 Arizona Las Cruces
Dec. 4 at Southern Miss Hattiesburg, Miss.
Dec. 11 at UTEP El Paso, Texas
Dec. 14 Western New Mexico Las Cruces
Dec. 19 Southern Las Cruces
Dec. 21 McNeese State Las Cruces
Dec. 28 New Mexico Las Cruces
Dec. 31 Arkansas-Pine Bluff Las Cruces
Jan. 2 Cal State Bakersfield Bakersfield, Calif.
Jan. 7 Louisiana Tech* Ruston, La.
Jan. 12 Utah State* Las Cruces
Jan. 14 Idaho* Las Cruces
Jan. 19 at San Jose State* San Jose, Calif.
Jan. 21 at Hawai’i* Honolulu, Hawai’i
Jan. 26 Nevada* Las Cruces
Jan. 28 Fresno State* Las Cruces
Feb. 1 Cal State Bakersfield Las Cruces
Feb. 4 Louisiana Tech* Las Cruces
Feb. 9 at Idaho* Moscow, Idaho
Feb. 11 at Utah State Logan, Utah
Feb. 14 North New Mexico Las Cruces
Feb. 18 ESPNU BracketBuster Las Cruces
Feb. 23 Hawai’i* Las Cruces
Feb. 25 San Jose State* Las Cruces
March 1 Fresno State* Fresno, Calif.
March 3 Nevada* Reno, Nev.
March 7-10 WAC Tournament Las Vegas, Nev.
% Great Alaska Shooutout
* Conference game


Anonymous said...

Menzies rivalry record will be 4-16when 2012 rolls around.

Bad timing on the rivalry games. Yes, it will hurt attendance but, let's be positive.
No one will be around to see our rivals kick our tails, again!

Anonymous said...

Menzies has the talent and the depth to work with. This schedule seems workable. How Menzies coaches the Aggies when it comes game time is a whole different story. Oh well.


JD said...

This schedule is a joke. I would rather see NMSU lose to Texas, Duke and Louisville than dominate Northern New Mexico. Is Boston kidding himself? How do you compete for a conference championship and a trip with a schedule like this? There is absoulutley no chance of an at-large bid this this schedule. Might as well throw our RPI our the window at tip-off.

Anonymous said...

the self titled "marvelous" marvin menzies and his daddy boston have no clue. they talk, throwing out all these big words like they are the only ones around here who know what is going on. its a sham! i keep waiting to see some name teams on the schedule, but keep seeing soft money buy games; southern, pine bluff, mcneese, a d2 etc... year after year after year. there is NO at large bid with this stuff. "marvelous" and his daddy boston still don't understand the rpi formula, like they don't understand the apr and gpa formulas. the rpi formula is changing heading in to this year with a different point system. this is yet another joke for this program. but........"marvelous" will COACH em up baby. i can't wait until daddy boston and his lazy markting guy; macy advertise for season tickets for this crap.

Anonymous said...

Call down JD.

At this point we're trying to get wins and build confidence. The WAC will not get an at large bid anyway. Utah States 30 wins per season over cupcakes, and eventual first round exits from the tournament had sealed the WACs fate as a 1 bid league for years to come.

I would love to see the Aggies win 20-25 games regulalrly. Sad to say, but that's what this has come too. NMSU is just looking for a winner at this point.

And don't respond with the "I will not pay to see them against these cupcakes", because you will. Once everyone else in Las Cruces does, you will follow. We are all hungry for a winner in either football or basketball.

Anonymous said...

How about some football news. Teddy, you are the most horrible writer that NMSU has ever had. Please quit.

Anonymous said...

This is a good schedule the 4 rivalry games are quality opponents along with Arizona and Northern Colorado. Half our games are against above average opponents probably better than us and the tournament in Alaska, and than there is the WAC

Anonymous said...

NMSU was kicking UNC's behind so bad (no offense J Gro) in the previous meeting that the Aggies sort of lost interest. This is bad news for the Bears that they agreed to play the game this year.