Thursday, July 21, 2011

Worth noting....

The list of players to attend the WAC Football Media Conference next week in Las Vegas came out and who’s representing NMSU?

One is Pierre Fils, a senior defensive end. This isn’t a huge surprise.

The other is sophomore quarterback Andrew Manley, who will enter training camp with the label of starting QB.

The Aggies need identifiable players for the fan base and program to rally around and Manley is the ideal candidate.

He’s one of just a few underclassmen to be representing their respective programs at next week’s conference. Here’s the full list of players....

Fresno State, Logan Harrell, Sr., DT
Hawai‘i, Bryant Moniz, Sr., QB
Hawai‘i, Corey Paredes, Sr., LB
Idaho, Brian Reader, Sr., QB
Idaho, Tre’Shawn Robinson, Sr., LB
Louisiana Tech, Matt Broha, Sr., DL
Louisiana Tech, Lennon Creer, Sr., RB
Nevada, Tyler Lantrip, Sr., QB
Nevada, James-Michael Johnson, Sr., LB
New Mexico State, Pierre Fils, Sr., DE
New Mexico State, Andrew Manley, So., QB
San Jose State, Noel Grigsby, So., WR
San Jose State, Keith Smith, So., LB
Utah State, Bobby Wagner, Sr., LB
Utah State, Robert Turbin, Jr., RB

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Anonymous said...

Teddy, we need more football coverage. The sun news could certainly do their part to get the community involved and excited about the program. I know Las Cruces wants a winner, and I definitely know that we have horrible fans overall, but its time for everybody to rally around the program. Maybe daily bios on some of the top players (or projected top players)would help. I know it shouldn't be the Sun News job to promote the football program, but what else do you have to cover?