Friday, July 8, 2011

Aggies hire Tony Delk as assistants move on

I want to say this right now: I think Tony Delk was a good hire for the Aggie basketball team. He was a fine college player and had a solid career in the NBA. It helps having a guy with NBA pedigree on a college basketball bench.

Is it concerning the Aggies lost two assistants this offseason? I think so. Assistants move on in the college game, but the Aggies have had too much turnover and not enough consistency during the last four years. Their leading scorers don't come back. Two assistants leave this offseason. I think the team will miss Mick Durham, who's shining moment was leading the team to a comeback victory at UTEP two years ago when Marvin Menzies was thrown out of the game in the first half.

And what do the Aggies really need on the bench? First off, they need a tough coach who's hard on the players and garners their respect. Good coaching staffs have a good cop and a bad cop and I don't think the Aggies have had a bad cop on their bench. They also need a coach who has technical expertise when it comes down to X's and O's. Perhaps Delk can bring one of these traits to the table.

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Anonymous said...

Tony is a good hire. But then again, why didnt his former coach hire him when he had staff spots open this spring?
Doesn't matter who is in that spot cuz Marvelous Marvin is only going to listen to Paul and now that clown Tom Lewis. Go sit and watch a practice some day and see how out of whack that program really is. Sit by the water cooler and hear what the players all say when they go get a drink. There is zero respect for Marvelous from the players and it is a direct result of how he handles his coaches and his program. He has little clue.
Paul does Defense, well, at least they put in time on it. There is no real committment to playing defense and Paul is in charge of it and attempts to run drills while Marvelous just stands there and watches.
The guy who did know what was up; Mick Durhan, was never allowed to help or use his great experience to help that program. What a joke. Go Aggies.