Friday, July 22, 2011

Aggie football media guide released

The New Mexico State football media guide has been released. Click here to view this year’s guide online.

The depth chart is on Page 6 and one thing stood out — on the defensive side of the ball.

With head coach DeWayne Walker entering his third season, many of his recruits look to play bigger roles on this year’s defense.

Stephen Meredith is listed as a starter at defensive end, a raw and athletic freshman. Sean Brown is listed as backup defensive end.

Walter Taumoepeau, David Mahoney and Augafa Vaaulu are all in the tackle rotation.

At linebacker, sophomore Anthony Joyner and Dylan Davis are listed on the two-deep as is Alexander LaVoy. I believe all three will have to make an impact at their positions.

And three of the four listed starters in the secondary — sophomore Darien Johnson and safeties George Callender and Donyae Coleman — have been recruited by the current coaching staff.

For the Aggies to be better there defense will have to be the backbone of the team. It will start up front — on the defensive line and at linebacker. The front-seven is going to have to play better than a season ago. Mahoney will have to play better along with Pierre Fils and Donte Savage. The Aggies need a better pass rush and have to be able to beat one-on-one blocking up front.

I think at linebacker that LaVoy will push for a starting job and that B.J. Adolpho has the potential to be an impact player on the defense. And, again, it would be nice to see Joyner and Davis play well.

I think it takes longer to build a quality defense and it will continue to take time. But as the coaching staff enters its third year the personnel continues to fill out.

And, yes, I will continue to break down the depth chart in the coming days.


Anonymous said...

In new Media Guide, wasn't Joe Psarchik (sp) drafted into the NFL?

Anonymous said...

Here we go again Teddy. If the freshman DE is starting over Savage. I really doubt that he is raw.

Anonymous said...

I know Walker does not have an easy job, but I'll be happy and consider this season a success if the Aggies can win more than 3 games.


Anonymous said...

I doubt we will win three games with the schedule we have and the listed starting QB. Matt Christian proved to be a huge upgrade last season. If he were to stay healthy this entire season he would be a difference maker in games against teams on our level. Give the Sophomore a lot of playing time this year but don't start him against the WAC teams if we wanna win.

Anonymous said...

The thing that concerns me is how small the defensive line is. It's going to be tough getting through the much bigger offensive lines they will face.

Anonymous said...

The D line seems to have some depth and so does the O line. What got my attention is that both Grady and Fakalata are listed as centers.

Wasn't Fakalata at tackle last year and should we have both on the field at the same time?