Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Offensive line

The Aggies have six offensive lineman that they think are reliable players.

That being starting tackles Aundre McGaskey and Davonte Wallace, starting guards Andrew Kersten and Sioeli Fakalata and center Mike Grady.

Backup Maveu Heimuli is also in that mix.

The key for NMSU will be getting two more that can be adequate backups.

Players like Jake Swenson or Dejuan Yates.

They also have a handful of freshman who could develop.

Last year the Aggies were injury riddled along the offensive front.

The general belief is that if they get better play along both lines of scrimmage than they should be an improved team in 2011.

I think the offensive line will be better. The bigger question in my eyes is the defensive front four.


Anonymous said...

The line will be the best unit and the key unit to getting the offense going.

My only question is center. Mike Grady is out for some minor surgery and Sioeli Fakalata, guard, is playing center right now.

Why is a guard playing center? Don't we have a backup center that should be getting reps right now?

Anonymous said...

How is the offense progessing in the Spring? Had to be worried losing OC so late in the year?