Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Aggie quarterbacks

Considering the question marks in the New Mexico State Aggie football team’s lineup, the quarterback position provides depth and upside.

I think the team would do fine with either guy in there and could certainly do worse than either Matt Christian and/or Andrew Manley.

But who should start? Certainly if Manley develops and can play, he should.

He’s the younger of the two and has a ton of potential. Andrew has a nice arm and could be a difference maker for Aggie football in the present and future.

And he’s the people’s choice. I think most fans would want to see Andrew get the starting nod, simply because he provides hope and intrigue. He’s a reason to go to the stadium, just to see how the young QB develops.

It’s not a knock on Matt — he’s a serviceable player and wasn’t a weak link last year. He could play and be fine.

In all actuality, the Aggies will probably need both anyway at some point this season. It never hurts to have two guys at that position. But you do want a clear-cut No. 1 as well.

Before I wrote that the Aggie pass rush is the key to the team’s season. Well, it is, and the development of Manley. Both of those are the No. 1 keys, as it stands now.


Anonymous said...

I think the O-line and the development of decent blocking schemes is a priority.

Anonymous said...

What about the third QB Teddy? Is he still playing?

Anonymous said...

hey teddy. are we all fired up at the new offense that was the old offense when mumme was here? it wasn't good then but now all of a sudden are supposed to like it. very interesting.