Saturday, April 9, 2011

Aggies hire Mark Trakh as new women’s hoops coach

I thought the Aggies did good by hiring Mark Trakh to be their new women’s basketball coach.

Trakh has been in the head-coaching business for 16 years, at Pepperdine from 1993-2004 and USC from 2004-09. He has a 289-187 career record and has been to postseason play eight times — five of which were NCAA appearances.

The point is that Trakh understands how to win as a head coach. I thought NMSU would go the assistant-coach route with little experience, a rookie in a sense. I have nothing against that, but it’s also nice to have someone in that position that has been through the wars.

Perhaps Trakh is suited for a mid-major program like NMSU and he’s had success at one before as well.

Trakh has recruiting ties in California.

The one question I have about Trakh are his assistant coaches. For a number of years he leaned on ace assistants Jody Wynn and Derek Wynn, a husband-wife combination that are now at Long Beach State, with Jody as the 49ers head coach and Derek as an assistant.

Trakh will need to find adequate people for those jobs. If anyone is wondering, the Aggies will have three assistant coaches on staff, with the top making between $60-$70,000 and the next two making between $30-$40,000.

Trakh will make $135,000 annually for five years, with bonuses and incentives to be determined.

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Anonymous said...

mark is a good guy and a good coach. but look how the run at usc went down hill in the later years. he better quickly realize he isn't recruiting to Pepperdine or USC. there is HUGE difference between those places and recruiting to NMSU. so he is getting $35,000 more than the previous coach who came in here and took over a MESS and poured his heart and soul to build the program and make it better for those to follow. thats a joke. the assistants are now going to make more than the past assistants. that just shows you how he wanted spence out from the day he got here. here is the reason why. spence did it his way, sure we all wanted more wins, but he wasn't going to kiss the behind of boston like all the others. spence did it the right way and fought all the battles. i am a bit upset at the idea this new guy knows how to get the community involved and he is begging already for fans. spence slept in a tent to sell tickets, he built a strong summer camp program, attendance grew each year and he is was good to the kids in town.
how about someone stopping to thank him for all he did and wish him well. he has earned that. boston disrupted his family.
lets just hope the new coach can fight through all the crud here, because this isn't Pepperdine or USC. good luck.