Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Two key games for the Aggies

When I look at the Aggies 2011 football schedule two games come screaming off the page.

Hosting Ohio and UTEP are the most critical contests of the year, in my eyes. And neither game will come easy.

The Aggies home opener against Ohio is as close to a must-win as you could have in Week 1 of the season. The Bobcats are a solid MAC program and went to a bowl game last year. They’ll play a tough, gritty style under head coach Frank Solich.

But nothing would be better for the Aggies than a Week 1 win at home. It would create a positive buzz that the team desperately needs and would get the 2011 season off on the right foot — which is also of critical importance.

And NMSU needs to beat UTEP in Week 3, pure and simple. The Miners have beaten NMSU soundly the past two seasons and it’s time the Aggies respond. Getting blown out isn’t the answer.

Both games are tough, but they’re also winnable. I really think the Aggies can win four or five games this year, but they have to win these two above.

Both will give Aggie fans an idea of where the team stands right out of the chutes in 2011.


Anonymous said...

Don't know about Ohio, but UTEP had the more veteran squad the last two years, especially at quarterback. This year, they break in a new QB; their record-setting QB from last year having graduated.

We should have the edge versus the Miners and Lobos this year is our new offense can get off to a good start.

Anonymous said...

Teddy, if anybody gives you a hard time for spelling "miners" incorrectly, just say you were trying to be funny by putting down our rivals and calling them the "minors".

Anonymous said...

doesn it even matter? that fool boston and the clueless president will still keep throwing money away on this program. the marketing guy who pretends to know it all and who has the little man syndrome will keep trying to push all these specials on us and steal our money from our pockets. it doesnt even matter. how about if football doesn't go to a bowl game, boston offers up his own salary? fool.