Saturday, April 23, 2011

Davon House, NFL bound

Former Aggie cornerback Davon House will be selected at some point in the NFL Draft.

Davon has the size — 6-foot-1, between 190 and 200 pounds — and speed — a 4.35 40-yard dash time — to run with NFL wide receivers.

He needs to work on his strength and physicality in order to tackle your Andre Johnson, Calvin Johnson and Brandon Marshall’s of the world.

I spoke with Davon today and he said he expects to go somewhere in the third round this weekend. It gives Aggie fans further reason to watch the Draft.


Anonymous said...

I saw where some ranking service was saying that he was the 6th best front of some big college names.

Anonymous said...

I hope he get's a fair shot.
He's a real good kid.

jd35 said...

Wow. I knew he was good, I really hope he's successful at the NFL level (particularly if he plays for the Raiders).

Anonymous said...

really? come on now. lets get real. who is telling you this stuff? lets hope for the best but no way.

Anonymous said...

I saw something on ESPN. Showed House at no. 6. It was pretty cool since he was in front of a CB from Texas and Oklahoma.

Anonymous said...

Here are a few links. Showing him No. 7 CB

Rank 8

An article featuring him: