Thursday, April 30, 2009

LaVorick Williams back with Aggies

LaVorick Williams' return to NMSU is a big deal for the Aggie football program.

First off, lets go over some background. Williams, a Hal Mumme recruit, left school after Hal was fired. Williams has size, speed and the ability to catch the football. He has talent. He was one player in an Aggie uniform that I was excited to see down the road. It seemed like he was gone.

Obviously, the new NMSU coaching staff didn't hold a grudge and will welcome LaVorick back for this season. The receiver position is thin this year and you have to think that, even as a sophomore, if Williams continues to progress he will get an opportunity to perform.

Marcus Anderson will be a starter. After that, it's wide open. The Aggies have two newcomers making their way in for fall camp — Marcus Allen and Williams Bullock. They're big targets and I think they'll get every opportunity to contribute. Still, who knows what we're getting here.

One thing about receivers: They need a QB to get them the ball. Still, that doesn't take away from the re-addition of LaVorick Williams.


Anonymous said...

He will have to prove himself. He looks at TTech for track, a football program that is pass crazy, but doesn't try out?

I hope he gets off the fence and just concentrates on playing ball.

Anonymous said...

He's missed some quality practice time. If he ever had doubts about transferring he should have stayed through spring practice, then decided what he wanted to do during the summer.

If I was Coach Walker, this kid, although welcomed back would have to be at the bottom of my depth chart. He has shown no commitment to the program. He is not his recruit and didnt even give the staff a chance. Meanwhile Marcus Allen and Williams Bullock, the other kids are his recruits and are coming to play and learn the system that Coach Walker and his staff runs.

Anonymous said...

Yes the kid will prove himself. The kid prolly wouldnt let if ttech didnt tell him that he could do both sports. once you sign a track scholarship you cant go on the football field unless you forfit your track scholarship. So before you start sayin the kid didnt try out get the facts straight.

Anonymous said...

This is a big deal in Aggie Nation!

LaVorick has Michael Crabtree potential! Unfortunately, with no spring practice, he is behind the curve.

There is no substitue for talent and good hands...this kid has both and will be a HUGE contributor.

Anyone holding a grudge on a 20 year old better get over it. Wendell McKines did the same thing a year ago and now he's one of the most popular players on the BB team and in recent history.

The same will be said about LaVorick. Welcome back, son!


Anonymous said...

Dude, we have QB's the receivers just need to adjust to the system and catch the ball! Have you watched how many times the balls are dropped?????

Anonymous said...


I agree that this is a big deal, but dont you think that if this kid was the next Crabtree, Coach Leach would have found a place for him on the roster in Lubbock?

Now he could be our Crabtree, but not actually the 2nd coming of Crabtree. I do agree with 8:08, in that he'll have to do a heck of a job on the field in order to ingratiate himself with the staff.

Teddy said...

It's about winning games, not holding grudges.

If this kid has talent to help the team on the field, then he should be out there. If he doesn't match up, he doesn't match up.

Anonymous said...

I remember watching him last spring and the kid was just oozing with potential.
Coach Walker likes tall/ fast receivers and LaVorick is the perfect player.

If he buys into the new system...this kids going to give headaches to a bunch of D-coordinators around the league.

I said Crabtree potential, not the second coming.
Everything is just speculation right now but, no one is going to be stacking the line with him, Anderson, Allen, Fleming, Lee and Bullock running 4.3/ 40's!!!


Anonymous said...

I think the starting WR will be Marcus Allen, and Lavorick Williams at the wide outs, and Marcus Anderson at the slot, and Julius Fleming will be the 2nd slot when we go with 4 wide-WR. I think Bullock, and Quiroga will back up at the wide-out, and Todd Lee will be the back-up at slot. We can't use this short WR at Slot, because we need big WR to be able to block since we are going to be doing a lot of running this year.

Anonymous said...

The slot was made for smaller WR. See Wes Welker.