Friday, April 3, 2009

Fox hitting the road

The news of Mark Fox leaving Nevada has to come as good news for NMSU fans. How could it not?

Love him or hate him, Fox put good Wolf Pack teams on the court year in and year out. They were chief rivals with NMSU for some time. From a basketball standpoint, it actually might hurt, simply because Aggie-Wolf Pack games were always filled with piss and vinegar and Fox had something to do with that. Hopefully, his departure won't put out the fire that comes with the annual clashes.

David Carter could be in line for a promotion on the Wolf Pack sidelines which I think could be a good move. Carter was hired by current LSU coach Trent Johnson as an assistant for Nevada in 1999. Finding a good replacement for a program with high expectations is easier said than done. Fox leaves the team with a career 123-43 record as coach of the Wolf Pack.

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Anonymous said...

SEC referees beware! The rabid FOX is on the loose!